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Enjoy was the sequel to a trio of perfumes from 2001 that launched Jean-Michel Duriez as in-house perfumer at Jean Patou. Pan Ame, Hip and Nacre were all fruity-florals centered on a pear note. Of the three, I’ve only smelled Pan Ame, which was clearly a precursor to Enjoy. 2001 was a tough year to re-launch a traditional house and reframe it as modern and accessible. I doubt it helped that the three perfumes were all in the same genre and shared the same uncommon note of pear. I imagine it was an attempt to create a signature house accord in one fell swoop. An unsuccessful attempt—all were fairly quickly discontinued.

Enjoy was an early version of the so-called “nouvelles-chypres” of the time like Miss Dior Chérie (2005) and Narciso for Her (2004). These perfumes substituted a musky patchouli base for the verboten oakmoss of the traditional chypre. The style now seems dated and era-specific, but Enjoy was one of the more successful iterations of the style.

Enjoy builds on Pan Ame’s unripe pear, grounding it in a clean patchouli base. The grainy pear note is balanced by crunchy blackcurrant on one side and an acetone musk on the other. The floral notes, jasmine and rose, have a high-piched synthetic tone that give a tinny quality to the heartnotes. The kicker is an unripe banana note that falls in line with the blackcurrant, tracing a starchy green line through the duration of the perfume. It’s a note that Duriez would set in a tropical floral, creamy woody setting in 2006’s Sira des Indes.

Compared to the syrupy fruity-florals of its time, Enjoy was considered a bit unsmiling and tight-assed. Even from the perspective of 2016, it seems a bit prim, if balanced. There is a sweetness to the perfume, especially in the drydown, but it has a saccharine quality that keeps the fruit from having a three-dimensionality. Enjoy doesn’t hide its artificiality. It molds the high-pitched florals and grainy fruits into a crystalline configuration that suits the perfume’s sharp edges.

Duriez authored the fabled Yohji Essential and Yohji Homme at the end of the 1990s, the same time he made Un Amour de Patou and Patou For Ever. Yohji Yamamoto’s perfumes were made by Jean Patou and his work for both houses were the launch pad for his taking on the in-house post at Patou that Jean Kerléo was to relinquish in 1999.

All of Duriez’s perfumes for Patou have all been discontinued, wiping the Patou pears from the market. Coincidentally, this means that none of the perfumes from Proctor and Gamble’s ownership of Patou (2001-2011) remain in the line-up. After Duriez left Patou, the company took a different direction under perfumer Thomas Fontaine and owner Designer Parfums Limited, recomposing nine Patou perfumes originally released from the 1920s-1980s. The current line-up consists of this Heritage Collection, the seminal Joy, and two perfumes from the Kerléo era, 1000 and Sublime. However it came about, the Patou brand turned away from creating new perfumes and made itself into a museum. It is an open question what direction the brand will take in the future.
23rd February, 2016
I really like EnJoy . It's a really ,really pretty rose scent on me. Yes it IS a bit synthetic but I find it to be within tolerable limits. The opening is lovely fresh roses ,after awhile it either is more skin scent on me or more probably my nose is tired . But when I walk around shopping I'll get a whiff of something that's just BEAUTIFUL and wonder what it is . Until I realize that the scent trail I smelled was my own. I have a FB and a mini and lotion( true to the scent and well scented , penetrates well but doesn't moisturize all that much) and shower gel ( haven't tried it yet). I may back up EnJoy a bit as it appears to be getting axed from the lineup ( or up for reformulations due to EU over regulation ) .
23rd June, 2014
Do you wear it well? In the end your body chemistry decides and if you wear it well you should charge through the hordes like Boudica, head high, trailing sillage. I may well buy this again as it is the most complimented perfume I have ever worn. I thought it was a bit young for me and I quailed. Tonight, in an Italian restaurant, a woman close to my age arrived in a thermonuclear cloud of, I think, Agent Provocateur. I think I will enjoy Enjoy and do my best to wear it well
27th April, 2013
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A soapish beging but in a few seconds
dries to a scent of black current tart
and suble sweet banana it's refreshed
with cassia and orange to make it zesty
and the pear makes it smooth. for me
in perfumes i'v always have a hard time
detecting eather the rose or the jasmine
notes. the drydown is with the usual
mix of amber and musk with an occasional
09th October, 2010 (last edited: 12th December, 2010)
too much patchouli...
08th April, 2010 (last edited: 26th January, 2011)
A synthetic fruity floral mess. Too bright, astringent... rose and a cloying musk in the drydown makes Enjoy not so enjoyable. I really don't like it.
24th January, 2010

Another fruity - floral: not my favorite category so that should be taken into consideration. Enjoy opens more fruity than floral and there’s a somewhat synthetic feel to the pear and citrus that take prominence for a short time. But a few minutes into the opening, the accord becomes more true… more natural: The accord evens out with the florals establishing more of a presence than they had in the very beginning. The movement into the heart level is smooth and seamless. The middle is a beautifully mixed floral with rose and jasmine presented in a soft but solid accord: By now the fruity elements of the opening are gone and I can enjoy Enjoy. It takes a long time to get to the base – this is a substantial fragrance and it claims its own with no problem. The base is beautiful, too: patchouli for wood combined with musk, vanilla, and amber for sweet and breadth of olfactory emanation.

I like the floral heart the best, but even that seems to be missing the special greatness of the usual run of Patou fragrances. Enjoy is a beautifully competent fragrance, but it doesn’t rise above competence. I expect more from Patou, but, compared to most fragrances of this sort, and considering my usual standards, I have to admit it probably deserves a thumbs up. Strong fragrance… strong sillage… lasts forever.

21st October, 2009
I think this is a greatly underrated fragrance. I put it in the same fun, bright, confident and slightly vulgar category as Gucci's Rush. It's very fruity with tropical overtones but anchored by a welcome blast of dry earthy patchouli, which makes it an instant confidence booster suited to bare skin and hot weather. Enjoy is just short of loud on me and, surprisingly, given the alpha nature of its components (banana?), never cloys. it has excellent lasting power and a nice slightly smoky caramel drydown. I emptied a bottle a few summers ago and will probably buy another. (Joy fans be warned: apart from the name, there is no discernible relationship with that grande dame.)
02nd August, 2009
Poor red-headed stepchild! I think EnJoy is unfairly being rated against big sister Joy. I like it. It's very well blended and complex. More "modern", less "perfume-y" smelling than Joy. I find it sweet without being cloying at all. I definitely recommend you give it an honest try before dismissing it.

The notes came out backwards on me. I smelled the floral heart notes first - but that may be because I adore rose and jasmine, and instinctively seek them out in any fragrance. The florals lasted about 45 minutes. Now, an hour later, I smell the top note fruits balanced on the patchouli/musk base. Florals mostly all gone. I get more of a "peach" smell than anything else. Otherwise, I can't really single out a particular fruit, but I don't find any "bananna" note at all. This is a good thing as far as I'm concerned as I was rather dreading that note. Hints of nice vanilla.

I love a perfume that evolves well on me, and this is definitely one of them.

This is my second try, and I'm hooked. While I like big sister better, EnJoy is lovely enough that I'm now looking to buy a bottle. 2 thumbs up!
02nd August, 2009
There is a loveliness to "Enjoy" that's hidden beneath blankets of hedione and cloyingly synthetic berry---you can almost feel the tart and creamy green banana note, struggling against hyper-dry aldehydes in order to reach the surface. I can't help but think "No! That's my favorite part of 'Patou' blends---the banana paste undertone that adds just the right hint of jammy-cream sweetness and honey, without the syrupy-stickiness of it! Don't drown that banana in 'Windex' !" Patou stands apart from other brands by integrating leisure, luxury and lazy-day intimacy into all their blends---"Enjoy" has less of that than the others, conjuring up images of "Victoria's Secret" sensibility and characterless worksuits of the 90's. However, it is, at moments, of a crystalline, chypre quality, reminding me faintly of "Miss Dior Cherie". Other times, "Enjoy" invokes the cool mustiness of a smoker's air conditioned home. Overall, "Enjoy" is pretty, astringent in a vintage face-powder, lipstick and nylons sort of way and not a bad option for people who find the sunshine-baked carnality of other Patou blends, a bit too much to carry off. I can't offer it as a total "thumbs up", as Patou's recent "Sira des Indes" is sensationally delicious and more in tune with the aesthetic sensibility of Patou; Crisp, preppy sportswear with art deco lines, against the hedonistic lushness of exotic destinations and their gourmand delights. If it dosn't smell like an olfactive interpretation of art deco sunbeams or conjure up images of 1920s-30s travel posters, it isn't fully Patou. Thankfully, dry oil and pasty tartness of green banana saves "Enjoy" from being deemed counterfeit.
04th May, 2009
I consider this my signature scent. The first 1-2 minutes the fragrance is almost cloyingly sweet, but the base notes are gorgeous, subtle and lasts all day. It's a great everyday perfume for me, and I get tons of compliments from both men and women when I wear it. However, I've heard it reacts very different on different people (my friend tried it when she was visiting and had to scrub it off after a few minutes. It smelled like mildewed cedar on her), so I would definitely sample it on yourself before purchasing a bottle.
18th January, 2009
ENjoy opens as a generally harmless floral, then hints at a heart of richer florals with fruit, but quickly transitions to a drydown that surprises, in a very bad way.

To preface what I'm about to write, please let me first say that I'm quite the fan of animalic notes, even ones that others consider too rude for modern day consumption. however...

The drydown of ENjoy smells dirty. That's right, I said it - DIRTY. It smells of human sweat, and not in a good, sexy way. It smells of human sweat in a stale, covered-up-with-cheap-deodorant kind of way.

The fruit notes that make Sira des Indies so enjoyable are but a mere hint in the opening of ENjoy, and the floral that comes into play is not distinguished, not memorable. Surely this esteemed house could have done better. The drydown fails altogether, with the stink of synthetic musk, really failing to blend. There is no harmony here.

Now I normally adore the "dirty" scents, with Shalimar being at the top of the list, but this - this is just wrong. Done well, animalic aromas whisper "come hither." ENjoy simply mutters "eeuw. go bathe."

Ah well, as they always say - test first, test first, test first.
29th December, 2008 (last edited: 06th January, 2009)
The smell is anoying during the first 2-3 minutes but after that it makes me enjoy every minute i wear it. Not appropriate for the summer but Enjoy lights up the winter cloudy days in my mind.
13th August, 2008
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Enjoy is a light floral perfume with a hint of amber, patchouli and *I think* grapefruit. It has the same warm smell as its tomboy sister, Eau de Patou, but none of the rosy lushness that characterizes its girly sister, Joy. Enjoy is perfectly pleasant but while sniffing and re-sniffing, I kept thinking that it just lacked the vivacity and punch that one gets in say, Robert Piguet's Visa. A final thought I had when smelling Enjoy is that given its drydown to basenotes of patchouli, musk and amber, Enjoy might be better suited for a man. Good luck, though, trying to get your he-man husband/boyfriend past the girly purple color of the juice!
30th April, 2008 (last edited: 04th May, 2008)
Well, although when I first tried it on my skin, it was OK, I really regret having bought it. It literally gave me a headache, a cloying smell and way too synthetic for my taste.
11th December, 2007
Nice fresh perfume that smells rich, classy and expensive, but I can't get pass the headachy smell of the aldehydes.
12th February, 2007
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United States
This is NOTHING like Joy to me. Enjoy is:
1. Underrated
2. A fun, sexy tropical floral that can be worn anytime, anywhere.

If you're looking for Joy-Legere, this is not it. If you're looking for a sultry, tropical top-note, sexy woody drydown scent - do give this a try. It's wonderful!
21st December, 2006
I received this as a gift and loved it at first, but it just does not work with my becomes very floral and astringent on me and gives me a headache. I have this problem with most florals, I've given them up for good. It's a nice scent, just doesn't work for me.
23rd March, 2006
Great new fragrance in the Jean Patou range. It is soft and floral and pretty! More for daywear than evening.
27th December, 2003