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Negative Reviews of Enjoy by Jean Patou

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A synthetic fruity floral mess. Too bright, astringent... rose and a cloying musk in the drydown makes Enjoy not so enjoyable. I really don't like it.
24th January, 2010
ENjoy opens as a generally harmless floral, then hints at a heart of richer florals with fruit, but quickly transitions to a drydown that surprises, in a very bad way.

To preface what I'm about to write, please let me first say that I'm quite the fan of animalic notes, even ones that others consider too rude for modern day consumption. however...

The drydown of ENjoy smells dirty. That's right, I said it - DIRTY. It smells of human sweat, and not in a good, sexy way. It smells of human sweat in a stale, covered-up-with-cheap-deodorant kind of way.

The fruit notes that make Sira des Indies so enjoyable are but a mere hint in the opening of ENjoy, and the floral that comes into play is not distinguished, not memorable. Surely this esteemed house could have done better. The drydown fails altogether, with the stink of synthetic musk, really failing to blend. There is no harmony here.

Now I normally adore the "dirty" scents, with Shalimar being at the top of the list, but this - this is just wrong. Done well, animalic aromas whisper "come hither." ENjoy simply mutters "eeuw. go bathe."

Ah well, as they always say - test first, test first, test first.
29th December, 2008 (last edited: 06th January, 2009)
Enjoy is a light floral perfume with a hint of amber, patchouli and *I think* grapefruit. It has the same warm smell as its tomboy sister, Eau de Patou, but none of the rosy lushness that characterizes its girly sister, Joy. Enjoy is perfectly pleasant but while sniffing and re-sniffing, I kept thinking that it just lacked the vivacity and punch that one gets in say, Robert Piguet's Visa. A final thought I had when smelling Enjoy is that given its drydown to basenotes of patchouli, musk and amber, Enjoy might be better suited for a man. Good luck, though, trying to get your he-man husband/boyfriend past the girly purple color of the juice!
30th April, 2008 (last edited: 04th May, 2008)
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Well, although when I first tried it on my skin, it was OK, I really regret having bought it. It literally gave me a headache, a cloying smell and way too synthetic for my taste.
11th December, 2007