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Negative Reviews of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

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EDP = vile. I tested the EDT in a duty free shop while traveling, loved the clean, shower-fresh feminine vibe of it. I either grabbed the wrong one, or must have thought that the EDP would be the same fragrance, just more concentrated with better longevity. Boy was I wrong. Others have pointed out that the EDP is a totally different animal; I would argue a stinkier, less desireable animal at that. If I had to sum this scent up in one word it would be sour. Sour, boozy spoiled fruits with acetone, cheap talcum powder, and a healthy dose of synthetic musk.

Picture this: you're primping yourself up for a night on the town, don some powdery feminine perfume, douse your head with hairspray, laquer your nails, apply some sticky, powder fresh antiperspirant. Scene 2: you're at the club, grinding with some sweaty men overdosed in cheap musky colognes, your sweat combining with your perfume, your pittstick, and those man-scents. You have two many glasses of red wine, followed by too many cosmopolitans. The rest of the night is a black out punctuated with some dry-heaving, too tired and sick to care to brush your teeth afterwards. The next day you wake, head pounding, sticky limbs marinated in sweat and god knows what else, mouth dry & noxious. Take a deep breath - inhale the myriad of scents. This is what Classique EDP smells like to me. Sound appealing?

I've given this so many tries, hoping that someday I'll end up with a different result but each time it has been a total scrubber. Every once in awhile I drift past a department store counter and sniff the bottle of the EDT - it still smells lovely - shower fresh as I remember it. I am tempted, but daren't give it a shot - I don't think JPG 'fumes are for me.
19th December, 2010
Hideous, confused, cloying and utterly shapeless vanilla floral mess with a bizzare curdled milk note. Great bottle though.
16th October, 2008
This smells old, musty and decrepit on me. I was given a bottle by a friend who assumed that because I loved Gaultier's clothes, that the perfume would be perfect for me. Instead I smell like a mouldy piece of old clothing that was put away slightly dirty in layers of tissue paper 50 years ago, and have now been taken out of the box, only to have the owner realise that the garment wasn't worth keeping in the first place. This is the only perfume I have ever worn where friends have actually told me how awful a fragrance smelled on me. Enough said.
21st December, 2007
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Lots of vanilla with the sweetness blunted by spices and aniseed(?). This was a favourite for a good few months until I realised that my wearing Classique was coinciding with a "not so good" time in my life. I subsequently ditched the fragrance and things got a lot brighter, honestly! Perfume karma? I wonder...........Needless to say I won't be wearing Classsique again. I do find it very cloying now anyway but my opinion of it will always be coloured by negative factors.
25th April, 2006
As a designer, Jean-Paul is one of my all-time favorites - the few pieces I have of his are exquisite beyond words - but this signature scent has sadly never worked on me. I always get the dreaded "eau de nailpolish" thing and an oppressive blast of sandalwood (not an "official" note but it must be in here somewhere - it seems to be hiding in plain sight). It's an extremely severe fragrance, very sharp and commanding, highly defined, perhaps like the fit of Gaultier's classic corset silhouette. I've only used the EDT, by the way; one of these days, I need to try the EDP and see how it differs, as the lineup of notes appears to be quite different. It goes without saying that the bottle and the metal "drum cannister" container are genius.
08th September, 2005