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Absolutely gorgeous. I would wear it more often, but everyone else seems to be wearing it too.
07th June, 2017
A very confident fragrance. Not too feminine. A floriental for summer evenings. It's nutty, creamy, slightly heavy, and alluring. One of my favorites.
27th May, 2017
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United Kingdom
Rose, anise, orange and all this with a fruity undertone of ripe peaches - a rich and satisfying opening reminiscent of visits to an old-fashioned pâtisserie. The fruitiness continues into the drydown, with imoressions of prunes and ginger mingling with a pleasant floral sidekick - mainly iris-based.

A rather nice scent so far, which loses in richbess and originality in the base, where On my skin it mainly emanates generic expressions of vanilla and white musk - a finale that is a tad disappointing after such a good start.

As far as the performance goes, I get strong sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity. Good, in other words.

This scent for cooler spring days is letting me down towards the end, but otherwise it is overall deserving of a positive score, albeit just by the skin of its teeth. It is richer than many other scents and -
ignoring the end phase - lacks any major thinness, wateriness or superficiality. 3/5
22nd July, 2015
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United States
A rich floriental with a star anise edge, this is sexy yet ladylike, new and yet old fashioned. Classique is a heavy scent, rather formal and evocative of the days when ladies wore the rigid foundation garments and garters represented on the bottle. But wait, this is not your grandmother's scent, womanly though it is--this is Gaultier at his best, with a wink and a nod to the past but with a kinky boot firmly planted in the here and now. You can tell that his heart and soul went into this one. Probably a love it or hate it scent, I think that it is much less polarizing than Le Male. Classique has a wonderful, musky dry down that is really beautiful and reminds me of many of the great French classics. Like Le Male, this has brilliant packaging and marketing and seems to be going strong all these years and multiple flankers later!
03rd June, 2015

CLASSIQUE by JPG is A Seductive Intoxicating fusion of Oriental ingredients combined with a Sensuous, Magnetic floral.You know a Perfume is Amazing when after 17 years it still darling. Unforgettable,Exquisite, Sweet,Classic,Romantic,Soft Floral, Feminine and Absolutely French Style.

It is a Oriental floral fragrance meant to Express the Emotion of Love at first sight.Pretty Spicy with a Rose hint in the Top notes,Soft Floral in the Middle and Lovely Vanilla in the End That Result is the kind of perfume that makes a Lady feel Like a Seductress.

It leaves people always wanting to Know what fragrance you are Wearing.Sweet without being Girly.Surely LADYLIKE in a Subtle Way.Appropriate for Evening wear and Special occasions in AUTUMN/ of Those Fragrances when your bottle is Empty you will be buying another one.


Longevity?Another Great part this one as it is Superb On my skin.

Thank You JPG.

23rd April, 2015
I LOVE this scent: it's unique, original and very womanly. The opening is floral, fresh and spicy, the gorgeous vanilla drydown is warm, sultry and slightly powdery.
The lasting power (for an EDT) is excellent.
Perfect for an elegant, confident and alluring woman.
19th December, 2014
Pleasant rose-floral scent

This is so nice! I keep smelling my hand. It doesn't fit in any category I can think of, except maybe "daytime wear." I barely smell the anise (thank goodness); on me, the rose takes the floor. This is a nicely made, unusual rose perfume. I honestly don't smell anything like an Oriental side, though - it's all sweetness and flowers on me. I could wear this when I want a perfume I don't have to think about much. A nice "background scent." Definitely would be good sprayed on clothing.

Pros: Develops well, nice combination of notes
Cons: More floral than Oriental (if that's a con)"

15th October, 2013
To clear up any confusion that this review may bring about, I have tried the EDP concentration of Classique, in a woman's torso shaped bottle with intricate, lace-like detailing. From what I've heard, the EDT and EDP are two entirely different scents.

This fragrance is a warm floral. It speaks to me as the essential feminine scent, one that is indeed very classic in its appeal. It does have a rather oriental feel, possibly due to the anise, ginger, plum, vanilla and amber.

Classique is often difficult to describe. It's recognizable in the sense that it's a popular scent, however when worn on the skin it stirs up so many different opinions. I enjoy Classique, I also find it worthy of its acclaim.

This fragrance is heavy, but show me one fragrance that has lasted decades which isn't. It's a mixture of rich floral accords, subtle spices and an interesting creamy sweetness. While I do love this composition, I must admit that the sweetness doesn't work too well with my chemistry.

A wardrobe classic but also perhaps a little overworn, Classique is in my opinion, a love it or a hate it. The same could be said of its male counterpart, Le Male. It's thankfully everything I hoped it would be; sexy, rich, floral and feminine. The perfect fragrance to represent a true woman.
04th April, 2012
Gorgeous, magnetic, powerful, sensual, animalic...all you could wish for in a scent...

Fantastic longevity and sillage...

Can you beat it?...not really...

Double big thumbs up...!!!
14th May, 2011
Wow, I love JPG Classique edt! I purchased it when it first came out in the early 90s (before it was called Classique, just Jean Paul Gaultier), and am still on my original bottle. I remember trying it at Nordstorm for the first time - that warm, spicy and slightly nail polish scent - it was so different! I find I can only wear JPG Classique in cooler weather, and I do have to be in the mood as sometimes it can be too strong and cloying for me. (hence the reason I'm still on the original bottle) But, when I'm craving JPG there is nothing else that comes close or can satisfy that warm feeling that it brings as it envelops me in it's rich spiciness. It's so beautifully balanced that I don't notice any one note, and it doesn't come across particularly floral, just a fab oriental!
25th March, 2011
This perfume is made for a woman who is strong AND feminine, elegant AND powerful. It is so unapologetic, so feminine, so sultry, so voluputuous and so bold. I love this scent and when I wear it, I am transformed.

I feel like Bettie Page in my pink satin lingerie, or maybe Etta James singing "A Sunday Kind of Love" with that deep soul voice, or maybe Mata Hari on a mission.

This scent transforms me into a woman who isn't afraid to use what she's got to get what she needs or wants; a woman who is is well aware of the power of her femininity and uses it as a cherished asset. A woman who is young enough to be playful and to enjoy the fun in life, but old enough to know the exact depth and breadth of her passions. A woman who whispers the secrets of the universe into your ear, while wearing black Christian Louboutin pumps and bright red lipstick. She's got you right where she wants you and you're a pawn in the chess game of her life. She could either choose to love you as you've never been loved before, or play with you like a cat plays with a mouse before it eats it, but either way, it's going to be her way......

This is definitely the scent to wear on a date, but only after several months of dating - when you want to make something magical happen, when you want him to be eating out of the palm of your hand.
12th February, 2011
This is a nice soft scent, if a bit sweet. I agree that come summer it will probably be heavy, but now in the dead of winter I'm really liking it. It won't be my everyday thing, but it's nice for going out to dinner or to a party.
02nd February, 2011
What a lovely scent, so feminine, sexy, powerful, self confident, provides woman some sense of self confidence, very addictive, it's not a light sent, maybe a bit heavy, but not in a bad way. Although, I would not advise it, for warm days wear, it brings me some very nostalgic memories of warm afternoons in Brazil...
Definitely a must have on every classy, sexy woman perfume's collection! No questions about it!
27th January, 2011
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Sexy scent in a God-awful bottle but a
big warning to all of who wants to purchase the E.D.P apply on small doses
because this is an siliage monster J.P.G
in almost of his perfumes his motif is his
signature sinuous curvy female torso like
he's paying homage to the John Singer Sargent once scandalous portrait Madame X Like the portrait Classique is bold
sexy and Shocking.

It opens with Tuberose almost in a tradition of amarige but classique is
creamier muskier and amberish drydown
which is pervasive and the main basis
for this is scent the only thing that is
standing in the way into becoming a masterpiece is the tacky flacon and the
cloyish aspect of the scent, for a while
to does to get overwhelming and and gives headaches but way better then the other J.P.G Creation Ma dame that smells
like dish soap so Jean Paul Gaultier
is a flawed genius.
12th December, 2010
The first perfume I bought for myself, strangely enough, is one that I rarely wear. Right as I was getting into perfume I was also heavily exploring the career of Jean Paul Gaultier and found that he was linked to practically everything that I love: Madonna, Almodovar, Peter Greenaway. I loved the brilliant, Fassbinder-esque commercials for his perfumes- particularly the one with the sailor that turns out to be a woman- and eagerly anticipated the day I'd have enough money to buy them. I thought the baked bean can packaging brilliant and loved the homage paid to Schiaparelli Shocking, which I'd known about long before I got into perfume. So, when I got enough money, I purchased the refillable Classique EDT in the cone-bra corset similar to Madonna's Blond Ambition "Like A Virgin" one. I played with it like I played with my sister's Barbies as a little boy. Yes, I bought it entirely for the bottle and packaging and was completely satisfied with my purchase. Eventually I bought all the other Gaultiers for the same reason.

Classique is a strange beast. I wear it perhaps once a month out of curiosity, to see if my opinion of it has changed. I'm never entirely comfortable or happy when wearing it, but I do find it to be continually intriguing. It's unbelievably shrill and artificial, but I've always believed this to be the point and it's completely in keeping with Gaultier's aesthetic. His cone bras and dresses for men were never EASY TO LOOK AT per se, so his perfume shouldn't necessarily be EASY TO ENJOY. It is hyper-feminine to the point of parody, but its sweetness turns sour and has an aspartame-like quality. There is nothing natural about it except for the fleeting early impression of ginger- it's contains all the accoutrements of femininity without the woman- the hairspray, nail varnish (as Gaultier proudly announced upon its release), and face powder. It begins as cloying, artificial fruit and flowers and dries down to a bizarre (one BN reviewer described it as "mottled milk") vanilla musk. It doesn't necessarily smell good but it is compelling.

I often like to spray perfume on my armpits in lieu of wearing deodorant, often achieving pleasantly dirty results. It works well with the animalic perfumes I generally wear- KOUROS, BAL A VERSAILLES, etc.- but with Gaultier my armpits literally smelled- and this is disgusting- of Doritos. The Cool Ranch flavor, specifically. I've learned my lesson and now know that Gaultier must be worn with a reasonable deodorant to avoid this effect.

I find it silly that a perfume this experimental and strange only gets one star in THE GUIDE. Turin and Sanchez just seem prejudiced against all Gaultier perfumes...I'm happy that they liked the brilliant MA DAME, though- easily the most wearable Gaultier this side of LE MALE, and probably a better masculine than LE MALE as well. I also like that the entire Gaultier line has a definite unity about it- all have an abrasive, toxic waste chemical spill effect that is perfectly in keeping with the tin cans they come in.
16th November, 2010
i used to dislike the classique EDT but this is a real improvement!! better and longlasting,less sour too, i love it
28th August, 2010
Jean Paul Gaultier is soo out of this world as his fragrances.. You can love him or hate him but everyone know he will give us perfumes so different from what we usually smell..

Intense, Femenine, provocative for girls with sooo much personality and self confidence..

I remember seeing an advertisement image of this perfume, with a beautiful siren calling a shipwrecked sexy sailor.. and i think this is the power of classique..
20th May, 2010
A stunning blend of high quality elements both synthetic & natural,
I have this fragrance in all three concentrations with the Parfum my first choice followed closely by Edp and lastly the Edt that I could quite easily live without.
The Edt seems to be of a different formulation with very little staying power and equally poor sillage.
Some prefer this presentation as it's so much more muted, the nail varnish / hair spray effect is more pronounced in this form.
The Edt. has a slightly more insipid Orange top note without the opulence of the other two formulations.
The 'Parfum' is a rich creamy confection containing compounded fruit salad elements of Mandarin, Plum & Orange marinating in a Ginger and Anise spiced liquer interspersed by floral notes of exotic Rose, Rare Orchids and Iris butter.
A seamless drydown finishing with tenacious fixatives of Vanilla, Musk & Woody essences..
A superb Oriental / Floral best used for evening wear and special occasions.
The 'Parfum' flacon editions are becoming more difficult to source although the extract is highly concentrated and therefore keeps for ages if stored correctly.
Bon Chance in the hunt for this classic offering by Gaultier.

Merci, Monsieur Jean.Paul.Gaultier ............
24th February, 2010 (last edited: 20th August, 2011)
This is a warm, rich and inviting fragrance which reminds me of Organza. The difference being that on my skin this perfume cast a more bitter, rougher and rawer edge. I tried the formulation in the pink canister with the scrolled bodice. This may have been the EDP as it was very dense even though I sprayed cautiously.
16th January, 2010
Makes me feel like a big fat tabby cat, full of rum and raisin fudge, slinking my way over to a roaring fire, to lounge lazily on the fur rug beneath it.

13th August, 2009
Beautiful, soft, feminine fragrance. Reminds me of all the good things about childhood and fond warm memories of the women in my family, mother, grandmother yet remains sexy enough to be worn out as a romantic perfume. Soft enough not to be intrusive, definitely does not smell cheap although it's playful and romantic. Just beautiful!

(Definitely more a winter than summer fragrance, though - and personally I prefer to wear the body lotion - more than the EDT even as that is fairly strong if not lightly sprayed...nice as a light hair or bra spritz though), keep it light, warm and soft, I say...
14th December, 2008 (last edited: 17th August, 2011)
Beautiful, Nice, Great !!!!!!!! I didn't like it at the first sight but after a couple of tries I loved it. They are so nice , so permanent and so classy. You can smell them for a few hours and the fragrance is developing in very nice, interesting way. I found very similar fragrance to this one it is Rochas in the brown bottle and it is cheaper byt The Classique is the class and very famous. I really like them.
13th October, 2008
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United Kingdom
The EDP is different than the EDT and I’m referring to the EDT
Rosy, unique and mature scent
It is an Oriental - Floral type of perfume
Not having this perfume almost makes me cry, hopefully I will get it soon
This perfume got my attention when I saw that it is one of the best selling in more that on shop for more than once
So I tried it to check it out and that is when I knew I had to buy it.
They made an Intelligent combination of notes (Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang, Ginger, Vanilla)
Love it
24th April, 2008
I have to say JPG is one of the best fragrance houses out there. Yes, their stuff is popular and overworn, which makes it a bit less special, but I cannot blame those who enjoy this. It is designed to appeal and that , it does exceptionally well. It is a better formulation when compared to Le Male, especially the EDT which is not better than the EDP just more loveable to my nose. Long lasting, semisweet, can be addictive.
If you like Organza by Givenchy and Weekend by Burberry, you will like this as well. Or if you dislike the 2 mentioned, you might like this as it is similar but different enough to maybe hit the right notes for you. Excellent.
11th December, 2007
To those protesting the packaging. The can is actually a pretty clever idea. Lemme tell you why. Aluminum is one of the best ways to keep fragrance from getting skunky, losing its original smell. Perfume loses its chemical stability and breaks down even after just one year from air, light, heat and bacteria. So....aluminum, original box, dark linen closet or fridge will all help out. But my review of the fragrance is this. Its a wardrobe classic, its a show-stopper clubbing smell. Its hard to pull off wearing this during the day. I have always always always had some guy that comes up to me telling me that I smell yummy and wanting to get closer. Thank You Classique. Its warm, sensual, dark, mysterious, erotic. A+++
10th December, 2007
I ABSOLUTELY agree with a reviewer here that the EDP is TOTALLY different than the EDT!!!!
I am sOO glad I did not rush and purchase the EDP!!!
I fell in love with a sample of the EDT. It was instantly warming and sensual, I just wanted to cuddle up with ME!!
I even apply some before bed!
The notes for the EDT are rose-iris-and soft vanilla as opposed to the EDP with different SHARPER notes of rose-daffodil- and absolute of bourbon vanilla, much sharper and spicier and woodsy.
The EDT is smooth as opposed to the EDP which is bold and screams out at you.
I will definitely purchase the EDT.
But beware the EDP is NOT the same. I don't know why he did this, it's very confusing, usually the EDP is just more oils.
Sample first before you buy!
26th November, 2007
I was surprised at how tame this is. Having briefly come into contact with the male version, I was expecting excessive, gaudy, and over-the-top for this one. Fortunately that didn’t happen. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique opens with a smooth, refined citrus, anise, liqueur accord that already has florals and ginger rising from the mid notes. It is expectedly sweet but not excessively so. The floral slightly spicy –fruity middle is very balanced and continues the sweetness of the opening. The dry down is pleasant—woody, ambery, and musky, with just the right amount of vanilla. As CoL says, so much better than Le Male.
15th October, 2006
All I can say about this fragrance is that, I absolutely love it! There was only two times in my life when I JUST FELL IN LOVE RIGHT AWAY WITH A FRAGRANCE, and I smelled/bought millions of them perfumes. The first time was when I was 14 and fell for Alchimie by Rochas, the second time was about a year ago when I smelled Classique, the parfum. It was a schock to me, for years of being interested in perfume I could not find anything that would amaze me as much as Alchimie BUT I found my classique. The smell is so mysterious, so rich in ingredients, long lasting but not too strong. The thing that makes classique the best perfume ever is that You can't say it smells like just one flower, or it reminds of something particular (for example baby doll by YSL smells like blackberries to some people). Classique smells like classique and there is no other perfume that could ever replace it. This scent has so much power, so much mystery and feminine harmony that I am so addicted to it. I love oriental perfumes, as well as woody ones. But I guess at the end of researching and trying new perfumes, I always come back to my floriental group. Classique is absolutelu on top of that - not only floriental but has some spicyness to it, however the perfume itself is not "too spicy". It's long lasting & powerful but the fragrance itself does not smell too strong. Somehow powdery but not too delicate, feminine and glam but also dangerously mysterious & addictive... This perfume is so much and not too much at the same time... I don't know but it smells like a million bucks on me, love it, love it, and one more time: LOVE IT!
15th August, 2006
What a delicious smell. Warm, seductive, sensual, exotic. You can't go wrong with this scent. Wear it when you go out with your man, he'll love it. I use this when I go out to nice places, more of a night time scent. Definitely not casual. Perfect for dates.
05th August, 2006
Delicious! I prefer the edp. I agree with a previous reviewer; this has a tobacco quality on my skin as well, but I enjoy it. Warm, lush and sexy...I wear it for day and night. I will always have a bottle.
27th July, 2006