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Neutral Reviews of Jovan Musk for Women by Jovan

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I bought this blind on a quest for an everyday musk I enjoy and find wearable, being unable to tolerate Body Shop White Musk because it has strong associations with a particular person for me. I have the Musk Oil EDT version, which apparently lacks the loud top notes present in the mens' and womens' EDCs. The opening blast is cheap alcohol over something sickly, but it fades fast into musk; it's that particular type of musk that has a distinct soapy edge about it, which alas is not wat I was hoping for. Essentially this is a bog standard "laundry" musk, and on myself I find it synthetic and pretty bland. Prada Amber Pour Homme is a nicer and slightly more detailed take on the genre.
14th December, 2017
I think there's something wrong with my nose: all I get is a mild smell of perming lotion. Not dreadful though. (Oh dear - I've been smelling too many CDGs if I think perming lotion is an ok perfume.)
20th May, 2008