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I used to wear this a lot in the mid-to-late 80’s, and loved it. I found a bottle going cheap, so for old time’s sake, I picked it up. It seems a bit weaker than I remember – the version I had way back when seemed a bit heavier on the musk and the staying power seemed to be better as well. That said, it could just be that it’s one of those scents that you think has disappeared, but seems to bloom whenever your body warms up a bit. I’ll feel like it’s gone, then go outside in the sun for a bit, and the scent drifts up. This is a very soft, floral musk, pretty and clean-smelling. I remember this being marketed as a totally sexy scent, which amused me – it never struck me as being particularly sexy then (nor does it now), it was just a lovely soft musky scent. Certainly not the big, bad, man-slayer, totally-irresistible, reeling-them-in-in-droves and beating-them-off-with-a-stick fragrance it was marketed as. This is a great one for layering though – I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with this. It works with spicy (Tabu), chypre floral (Aromatics Elixir) and oriental vanilla (Serendipitous, Vanille and Love, Hope, Denim).
08th October, 2016
nice, clean fragrance! Doesn't give me a headache or allergic reaction. Very comfortable and wearable.
22nd July, 2014
Old Reliable !!! Same formula, affordable,stable.Doesn't smell cheap or I would have to scrub it off. Smells the same on everyone.Simple, clean,the only "cheap" perfume I can wear.I travel with it, not a disaster if it leaks.

23rd April, 2014
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It reminds me of being a student and wearing an affordable perfume that didn't smell cheap. My husband compliments me when I wear it.
31st January, 2014 (last edited: 10th June, 2015)
MrsC Show all reviews
United States
This is my favorite "everyday" perfume. I have been wearing it for years as it is light enough to wear to work and not over-powering at all. I always get compliments on it!
24th February, 2013
I recently picked up bottle of the oil at Wal-Mart just for nostalgia. I couldn't believe they still make it. It's definitely worth the $10 even though it is reformulated from the original. It is not as intense or long-lasting, but I'm going to keep it in my collection from now on. I've noticed that whenever I wear it my hubby becomes a "snuggler." He wraps me in his arms, nestles his face into my hair at my neck and inhales me. For a long time.
02nd November, 2011
My mother wore this perfume in the 1970s, and continues to wear it today. I have only worn it a handful of times so far but it has left quite an impression on me.

It is subtle, without going unnoticed. My favorite aspect of this perfume is that if I accidentally apply too much it is not overwhelming. Where other perfumes have failed me in the heat of the summer this perfume has stayed with me without changing its smell. After a long day at work, that is certainly impressive. I love that the smell does not fade throughout the day.

This perfume is quite simple and delicate. I have never had an allergy attack while wearing it. For those who are a bit sensitive to certain perfumes this may be the solution you have been looking for.
13th September, 2011
My favorite "cheap and cheerful" find thus far, the oil version of Jovan Musk. Stetson is too powdery and bland, Wild Musk isn't nearly, and Vanilla Musk is too cloying. Jovan's original musk does the trick when I'm in the mood for something subtle (which doesn't strike often) but still substantial. I recommend the oil over the cologne or body spray because of its longer life on the skin and its lack of obnoxiously powdery/aldehydic top notes. The oil just sits on your skin and permeates it, the fragrance is denser, and the sillage is minimal. And yes, it's great for layering, but no slouch on its own, either. For those days when you don't want to broadcast to the world what you're wearing, but don't want to resort to a sheer NonScent, give Jovan Musk Oil a try.
06th July, 2010
What the HECK is going on with all these Jovan fragrances that have been discontinued?!?! I've never seen a company create and destroy so many different and fabulous fragrances! They seem to keep only the mediocre fragrances and instead discontinue all the original and exquisite signature fragrances such as Andron, Gambler, SportScent, Monsieur Jovan, Ginseng (in black bottle), etc. ALL of these were true signature fragrances. Now, all they're left with are generic musks and florals. Whatever happened to the creativity and daring of Jovan/Quintessence?! It seems they would like to play it safe and appeal to everyone instead of having a nice variety of fragrances from which we can pick and choose. In my opinion Jovan=Generic, old Jovan=Creative/Individuality. In this instance, old wins over new. Just like the original Clairol Herbal "Essence" shampoo (the BEST) was replaced by Clairol Herbal "Essences" shampoos (all of which, in my opinion, are NOT HERBAL AT ALL, but more sickeningly sweet florals). I avoid companies like these who can't seem to satisfy their long-term customers who use their products religiously, only to be disappointed when they decided to discontinue items that people have used for years. Anyway, my "favorite" current Jovan product is the White Musk for Men, which, I suppose, will be discontinued very shortly if they follow the same course as in the past. What a world!
16th November, 2009
I absolutely love this scent. I am usually not a fan of musk scents but this is a simple, clean fragrance with a beautiful dry down. It almost has a soapy aroma to it but in a nice refreshing way. This is a wonderful fragrance for a warm summer day because it is not a sharp, over-powering scent.
10th August, 2008
A nice musk. Not as good as my signature, Jovan's White, but it is nice. Better than that funky Wild Musk. Don't like that one too much. This is a much cleaner musk, a more true musk. Thank god for musks, otherwise I would wear never wear perfumes.
20th April, 2008
In South Africa, this has been (as far as I've seen) unavailable for years. But now it's here, and I adore it! Smells so much more expensive than it is, and for the very first time, a stranger asked me to write down what perfume I was wearing. I do not find it skanky at all, and get lots of flowers, and some clean, clean whiteness. I don't think I'll ever willingly be without it again! (My boyfriend got thoughtful when I let him sniff it, and said "I think I'm starting to get what musk is..." I'm taking this as a good sign.)
07th April, 2008
kate13 Show all reviews
United States
oh this is so good! When i fist put it on, it reminds me of chanel no. 5 (which i don't really care for too much) but after wearing it for a while it smells fabulous.
Very soft and "round". Nothing sharp, strong or artificial about this fragrance. Try it! the oil version is on my christmas list.
17th December, 2006
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A genuinely warm clean musk that can be worn anywhere anytime. Both men and women regularly ask me what I'm wearing when I have it on. I would agree with calchic about layering it. I occasionally layer it with Charlie Blue when I want something clean and floral but still sexy for evening.
06th December, 2006
I've bought this off and on since girlhood and it's still one of the nicest, simplest and freshest musk scents around. Kind of a staple. Layers well with so many things, too. Good bargain as well.
20th August, 2006
My favorite drugstore musk if not favorite musk in any segment. If you love the smell of Breck shampoo - heck, if you even remember the smell of Breck shampoo - then you must, must try this musk. (Some feel it's more like Flex shampoo from Revlon - and I can see, or smell, where that's coming from though I find/found Flex to be just a little spicier than Breck or the Jovan Musk itself.) It's clean and balsam-y sweet and a little honeyish; I've read that there are flowers among the notes and I'd have to guess they were of the white floral variety. You can wear this alone - I use the oil version - or with other fragrances or layered with scented lotions, what have you. There's very little it doesn't smell good with and on its own, it's just glorious. No musky noxiousness, no heaviness or oiliness whatsoever - honest. A musk among musks.
30th September, 2005