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Safe choice but nothing special

I recently got this because my default travel scent (Vanilla Fields) was running out. There was nothing decent at the local drugstore under $20 except this. I like Vanilla Fields better, but this has a powdery scent that reminds me of the 1980s (not in a bad way, just scent memory). I have smelled this on men, and I agree that it smells great on them. It tends to be a little bit stronger (more "aggressive") on women, but in a stereotypically sexy way rather than overwhelming. I agree that it's hard to overdo this scent. Unfortunately, it has no staying power on me; maybe that's because I got the cologne strength - scent disappears on me, so I usually get parfum, but it wasn't available. Overall, this is a safe buy unless you really hate musk. It's nothing special, and I wouldn't give it as a gift, but if everything you try is too strong on you and you like powdery scents, you should try this. One thing I have noticed over the years is that I absolutely adore this scent on other people - whether male or female - but it does nothing for me personally when I wear it; this is one of those that blends so well with skin that you might not notice it on yourself, but others will. Since I wear perfume for the experience, this is not my thing, but it's okay layered with a compatible body spray or some other clean-edged smell. I agree that this is reminiscent of that "fresh-from-the-shower" smell. If anyone has any success stories with wearing this (or just layering ideas!) please reply; I got a big bottle, so I'd like to try something interesting with it.

Pros: Clean, not cloying
Cons: Boring, doesn't last long"

23rd August, 2013
I have no problem as a man saying I wear this fragrance. I believe it is more of a unisex scent. It works well with my body chemistry and gives off the more masculine side of this cologne/perfume. I have to admit I was a little bit fooled when I picked this up in the men's cologne section when it is actually meant for women. I prefer sweeter colognes as it is and I get more compliments when I wear them. Don't be afraid to pick up a bottle of Jovan White Musk... Especially because of the low cost. This fragrance is inexpensive, not cheap.
27th May, 2012
This one to me is definitely a thumbs up. The scent is a soapy powdery out of the shower type scent. This is a scent in my mind that could last 8 hours easy. You don't have to put a lot of this on for it to last either. This is also a scent that is not too floral and could work for both men AND women.

I own this and when I run out, I will be buying more.
23rd March, 2012
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Stacy Show all reviews
United States
I started wearing Jovan White Musk when I was a teenager in the late nineties. My older sister had a friend over who was so exotic looking, she was half Japanese and half Caucasian with chestnut colored hair, pale ivory skin and hazel eyes that were delicately slanted. But her beauty wasn't the only thing I'd noticed! She was wearing this scent that I'd NEVER smelled before. It was almost like what an angel would wear. It wasn't sweet smelling, it had the distinct scent of white mallow blossoms and the perfect mix of musk - just enough that I thought it was just the smell of her skin. I've been wearing this perfume ever since then, and I haven't looked back. I get compliments all the time, people stop me in the grocery store to ask what I'm wearing, but a lot of people already know the scent now that it's been around for a while, so they stop me and let me know how good it smells. Love this. Delicate, warm, not invasive, light, everyday fragrance, day or night. Smells like heaven.
01st June, 2011
Straightforward, simple and cheap as chips - a beautiful white musk that shimmers with delicate citrus and vanilla. Made me want to put on a cotton skirt with scalloped edges and let my hair fall down.
19th July, 2010
I first started using Jovan White Musk when it was new on the market. It is my comfort scent, and the one I return to over all others. I have seasonal allergies, and this is the ONLY perfume that never bothers me, even during allergy season. I think this cologne contains mallow, and read somewhere that mallow is sometimes used as a remedy for coughs and bronchial problems. Interesting, if true.
14th May, 2009
moxie Show all reviews
United States
In the early (very early) '90's I had a best friend named Tamsin with flowing, billowing large curls of chestnut hair. She wore it down her back and spritzed it with Jovan White Musk. While this is a drug store perfume, it wears clean and sweet. It is heavenly in the crook of the elbow, soft on your clothes, and does speak of clean youth...when your skin still glows...when lipgloss is ever present. It used to make me feel adult, and musky sexy.
10th March, 2009
A quick spray of White Musk after my shower and I feel dressed, I like the way the lower scents hold on through the evening as the younger floral notes fade. The florals appear quickly and vibrantly but settle in as the deeper scent dominates. Very comfortable on my skin, confident but not pushy. I'll buy more.
07th August, 2008
I like to layer this with Bath and Body works fragrances. Works very well.
10th July, 2008
Drum roll please! I've finally found the perfume for me! I've thrown out the trash only to keep returning to this soft, clean, floral musk. I love it! And you can't overdo it with this like the others. People know me by this wonderful stuff. Alot of people have said it smells cheap, but not on me! It smells refined and elegant for a musk. My sis wears this and it's a bit too floral on her that I don't like it, on her, that is! Now on me, it's a much different and better story! I smell just like what's in the bottle! Never have I had that happen! Finally, a scent that's not deceiving. I love musks, so I knew this would work. But this is more soft and feminine than the other musks, like the Wild Musk or Jovan's Musk. This is much nicer in my opinion. So soft and pretty! Never offensive. Love, love, love it! All fingers up on this one!
20th April, 2008
Definitely pillowy and baby powdery. I always get compliments when I wear this fragrance. A bit young, perhaps, but steady.
09th January, 2007
Another fabulous musk from Jovan! While the regular "plain" musk from Jovan is my favorite from this brand, the white musk runs a tight second. This is soft white musk, pillowy and a teeny bit baby powdery and sweet - much different from a fresh white musk, which is often more sparkly, zippy, not sweet at all, tending more toward soapy-fresh. The Jovan version is full of honeyish florals - jasmine, honeysuckle, ylang ylang - and this bouquet rests on a base of amber, woods, aldehydes and, yes, musk. And the complexity comes through in the fragrance, too; it amazes me sometimes as to how some of the really inexpensive drugstore scents out there seem to be so much more thoughtfully blended that much higher-end products. We all hear that from time to time and Jovan White Musk really takes that point home. Where this musk truly shines as as a layering scent with vanilla - either another vanilla fragrance or a vanilla body lotion, anything from a drugstore brand (St. Ives is nice, as is the one from Body Fantasies) to something like a Molinard vanilla. It's so incredible smelling a combination that it must be tried to be believed.
30th September, 2005