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Spicy and a bit animalic in the first half hour, I could see why this is called L'Elephant. But this changed drastically, becoming a rich, full bodied flowery scent, quite sweet and a bit powdery, clean and with a subtle fruitiness. After this change, it stays pretty much linear and the words that would suit it are sweet, creamy, floral, powdery, vanilic. This would be quite nice on a woman.
09th March, 2018
If three wrong spices
Don't make an amazing scent,
Try four, five or six.

"What is it?" they cried.
"I know not", I told the men,
"But it rules this place."

And thus Queen Fan'ti
Welcomed my admiration
In lieu of my love.

25th November, 2017
Passing through airport today I liberally applied Jungle (Elephant - well it's the only Jungle now that Tigre has been discontinued - I've never tried that one). The spicy (but so unlike other spicy perfumes!) opening and middle kept me cheerful through the ever more tedious security checks and waiting around to board. On the 7 hour flight, I very much enjoyed its spicy (clove, cumin, caraway) and aniseed envelope insulating me from the world. I may have oversprayed a bit, but the woman beside me was having her own little affair with Jameson so I don't think I bothered anyone!

It's still going strong 12 hours later waiting for a connection, the spice is still there over some amber-patchouli when snifffed up close.

I really should get a bottle of this, but I think my fondness for it is magnified by our sporadic encounters in airport duty free shops... It's a fantastic brief encounter but I don't know about everyday wear.
19th July, 2017
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I had been wanting to try this for ages. It was even on my wishlist, unsniffed. It just sounded like what I'd be into.

In 2009, I saw a tester at duty free at the airport. I was delighted to finally try and maybe buy it. Now, this may have been the problem - and the only reason I am giving a neutral instead of negative to one of the worst fragrance experiences of my life: In my enthusiasm, I may have used too much. I sprayed once on my wrist, and before thinking, 1-2 sprays my neck/cleavage area...

Oh my lord! Migraine-threat and nausea came at me fast! I seriously had never reacted to a perfume with such intensity. I left the store to wash off as much as I could, as I was literally about to be sick... I washed my wrist off with soap and water many many times, and even washed my neck/chest as much as I could. Although I did this within minutes of applying, I couldn't get the scent out of my skin. It had also settled into my clothes so I had to sit with this smell on me for a few hours (on the plane, then train, then bus home).

It was 1 am when I got home but I immediately went and showered, and washed everything I was wearing, including my scarf and jacket.

I know, it may be my fault for spraying it on without thinking... But it's not like I sprayed 5-10 times! I think the point of this review is, even if this seems like it will be your dream scent, don't buy this unsniffed! Try it. And if you do try it, spray once into the air near your wrist and catch some of the mist with your wrist type of thing. Very very light. At least start with that.

Of course it's possible that I simply do not like this perfume but I am trying to be fair and gave it a neutral since maybe 2-3 sprays was too much and the disaster was partly my fault. Maybe one day I will dare to try it again... Clearly it works for a lot of people. But for me, worst perfume experience of my life. :(
05th July, 2017
Ultimate. Olfactory. Perfection.
04th May, 2017
This was love at first sniff. I'm addicted!

The caraway, clove and cardamom create a really interesting spicy blend with noticeable cinnamon even though it isn't listed. This is one of the few fragrances I've tried where each note is very discernible and yet still in beautiful proportion and well blended. It's unique and stunning. This is one that I'm not sure I could ever be without now!

Longevity and projection are both excellent.
29th September, 2016
Clove; bright and SPICY. A little sweet, but there is a cinnamon bite to even it out.

This is unisex for me. On my skin it smells like a bunch of holiday potpourri, which sounds terrible but I like that sort of thing. In the air its sharp and all clove, with an animal depth to it, not unlike musk.

I would wear this every day, I enjoyed this in the bottle and right out of it.
24th July, 2016 (last edited: 23rd July, 2016)
Holy moly, clove and licorice just teamed together to smack me over the head with a baseball bat! I blind bought this thinking it would be the warm vanilla spice I was looking for. I really shouldn't have. Testing first would have been wise. I'm not saying this is a bad perfume whatsoever, but for me I have a questionable relationship with these particular two notes. I feel like a dummy for not paying attention to the note pyramid before buying. Well anyway obviously clove, licorice, and vanilla are the key players on my skin. My skin amps clove so much that it becomes unbearable, that's part of my problem. Plus I just do not like the smell of black licorice/anise. I also get the cardamom, the caraway, the hint of patchouli, and I sense the "cashmere" feel of a sort of furry fabric scent underneath it all. I get barely any hint of the florals or fruit. This perfume comes off as Christmas spices rubbed against a really expensive luxury fabric worn by an exotic mature woman. This is not a "safe" scent, so let's assume she might be wearing a dagger somewhere under that cashmere.
27th June, 2016
This perfume is I think the only one I've given five stars in every category to; this is an amazingly great perfume on every level. The sillage, longevity, and projection all elephantine, though about an hour in the foghorn of projection dims somewhat and softens. I love all of it, the huge nature of it, and the comforting and familiar Christmas smell of it. I actually like it best in the summer, though most seem to feel it's only a winter perfume. Whenever you wear it you'll smell beautiful, edible and dark. The spices and vanilla are very warm and golden, like you've been dunked in a vat of creamy eggnog, or powdered lovingly with cloves and cinnamon. The only place I wouldn't wear it is the office, but not because of worry about the sensibilities of my coworkers, rather because this, to me, is an eyes rolled back in my head scent. I literally wouldn't be able to concentrate on my work wearing this gorgeous perfume. I would just float in an olfactory euphoria to the point of termination. I don't just love this perfume, I also respect and admire the beauty and audacity of its composition. This was a brilliant job of perfumery, and I am in awe of its creator. Perfume done right. Perfume as perfume, and not some nebulous hint of scent. This is a huge, elephant of a love for me.
11th July, 2015

A definite attention getter.there's something about it that provokes compliments and questions everyday you wear it,especially from men.caraway,vanilla and patchouli emphasize it's oriental character and the uniqueness of this addictive perfume,which comes in a interesting bottle. Spicy,Sweet,Thrilling,Powerful, Sensual,Classic and Oriental.

Succulent with mango and vanilla under the caravan of spices(cloves and cardamom in the opening).it also offers a modern and provocative hue from a heart of caraway and licorice.supremely warm base,including notes of woods,patchouli and vanilla create it sharp and clean at the same time and taking you away to an exotic land of luxurious nature.

The confident lady will wear this perfume and feel the magic.KENZO JUNGLE L'ELEPHANT is a spicy great Evening perfume.if you are shy you feel bold with this one and people will envy your beauty.Anyway if you are a fan of Oriental-Spicy you can not go wrong with this one.wear this EDP to be noticed and remembered.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

24th April, 2015
The opening of Kenzo Jungle Elephant is really peculiar and intriguing (as all its evolution will be): it’s quite sweet but with a dusty, almost sandy texture, and played around an odd and playful concoction of mild notes, somehow gourmand-fruity on the “exotic” side, but quite more bizarre and fascinating than the usual “exotic” clichés. I almost don’t get any note precisely, as this scent is really thick and harmonic; I get more just a sort of psychedelic talc-spicy gourmand blend permeated with a warm, ambery, culinary sweetness and scented with spices (ginger and cumin, to me), a floral-soapy-pollen breeze comprising mostly heliotrope, cardamom, tonka, a fresh green head accord, on a base of sweet notes with a more substantial and shady texture (like white musks with something woodier or earthier underneath). Hallucinogen and totally fun, but it works great: take the world of Teint de Neige by Villoresi or Boucheron’s Jaipur, that kind of “clean”, cozy, slightly formal Oriental powderiness, and bring it upside down, colouring it with a crazy sci-fi jungle/tiki feel: wet flowers, crunchy branches, shades and bright beams, odd sweet flavours of someone cooking God knows what psychotropic candies somewhere deep in the forest. Lively, playful, shameless, raw... but at the same time perfectly solid, pleasant, elegant, cozy and versatile. Just a tad tacky perhaps, but that's part of the fun. Not sure if my review makes sense, but L’Elephant is worth a try for sure – another cheap, under-the-radar designer scent easily overpassing recent niche fragrances to all extents (creativity, uniqueness, quality).

28th December, 2014
Even if I had hated this scent, I would have given it thumbs up for originality alone - water in the desert of perfumery these days.

This is a totally unique spicy oriental. The vanilla, heliotrope, mango and cardamom blend beautifully into a "new" scent experience. I am totally delighted.

What is even more exciting is the fact that this is totally affordable ($30-50 range) with a unique square bottle topped by an elephant figure.

This is as well balanced as Opium and as classy and subtle. A total surprise and one I would not have known about had it not been for Barbara Herman and her book.

If you love orientals, you will be mad about this one!
20th June, 2014

I appreciate a lot this modern spicy-oriental concoction with a "retro deja vu" power. Jungle L'Elephante is effectively a wild and exotic combination of diverse elements with a dark spicy side, a mellow/fruity (intense and almost animalic) type of "backward" and classic elegance, a solid patchouli backbone, an exotic (i crave for the ylang/ylang) combination of spices (caraway, cardamom and notable cloves are not a joke) and a final almost incensey sombre side. Really courageous, a bit Cacharel Eden (but better appointed) and a bit Diva Ungaro with nuances of Arquiste Anima Dulcis (cocoa apart) and Noir Patchouli Histoires de Parfums (spices/patchouli/vanilla, but in a less fruity/spicy way). The extremely spicy/fruity final (oriental) olfactory "melting pot" is articulated and bitter/sweet with its slightly potpourry mash-up of citrus, patchouli, mellow fruits, cloves, licorice and other spices, more than vaguely conjuring spicy juices a la Cinnabar. The note of mango, in its combination with the elements (in particular cumin, eliotrope and the key bitter/sweet note of licorice) is kind of deliciously stuffy and almost plummy (or better apricot type) element in the final perception. I smell a secret smokey side in the background with its bitter/sweet, almost culinary and "burnt sugary" vibe, all aroused by the interaction between spices, licorice, oriental elements and probably a touch of tobacco. Effectively the ambery/vanillic dry down is a bit tamed in comparison with the boisterous wild opening, is oriental in a "salty"/mild fruity/stuffy way. Such types of fragrances reinforce in me the belief that we don't need necessarily to spend a lot of money or to run along the niche side in order to wear glorious scents. Elegant, bold and mysterious are the words to describe the women loving this spicy/exotic powerful beast.
10th May, 2013
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i love the dry down of this scent, this is one of the extremely potent perfumes, very heavy oriental, smells like vanilla musky base, with loads of sweet, sickening clove notes....which become nice feminine to my nose only the day after :) then its gorgeous!!

but thumbs up for composition , originality! this is full opulent rich frag
22nd March, 2013
One drop of this perfume is enough to reveal its nature. The sillage is huge. The opening is filled with spices and is both sharply bitter and sweet. Too much of it would give me a headache in minutes. Though, when smelled from a further distance, it has surprising softness, possibly thanks to ylang-ylang. A coconut note is often mentioned but I'm not really able to detect it myself.

Spices (clove, cardamom) and vanilla are the most prominent notes after an hour. When smelled close up, the fragrance does not soften too much with time but it keeps the pungent smell of spices. I can't wear l'Elephant often but it does have something addictive to make me keep on returning to it time after time.
12th February, 2013
I have 3 favorites and kenzo elephant is one of them! Is is very unusual, so different from other contrmporary fragrances and its even different from other spicy perfumes, but i wouldnt say that elephant is too strong, it calms down after one hour and disapears after about 4 hours, maybe even less:(
02nd January, 2013
The reputation certainly preceded the scent for me on this one. It sounded like a bold statement scent. I was so excited to try it, this is actually the scent that started my true fragrance fascination.

I must say that while L'Éléphant is really lovely, it lacks the power that everyone seemed to attach to it. It's actually very soft. For me, it's the kind of scent that's lovely but gentle and I stop being able to smell it on myself. Still, very nice and something I definitely want to keep in my collection.
28th November, 2012
Lovely statement fragrace which smells a lot like EsteeLauder's Cinnabar. There is nothing shy and retiring about this fragrance! It makes no excuses for being up front and in your face. I love it! It smells gorgeous from the moment it is sprayed to the last lingering remnants of the dry down.
Other reviews have said that this is a Christmas perfume, I say if you can wear this fragrance, you can wear it anytime and I certainly would.
Rate 5/5
Sillage: go on I dare you!
longevity : all day long
Wonderfulnes: the Halle Orchestra.

05th August, 2012
I see L'Elephant as an escape; an escape from the common and predictable fragrances of today. Not everyone will love L'Elephant, as in some instances the spiciness and boldness can prove to be too much. However, despite the fact that I'm not a lover of this fragrance, I do appreciate its uniqueness.

The fragrance opens with huge intensity. One is almost blown over backwards with its rich spices and citrus undertones. I wouldn't say that the top notes are offensive in any way, just shocking and vastly different from anything you've ever tried before.

The spices in L'Elephant are quite stunning in a dark, wild and exotic sense. The cloves, cardamom, caraway, licorice and patchouli gives this fragrance character and a somewhat smokey/incense quality.

What I find incredibly appealing, and in some ways sensual, is the contrast between spiciness and sweetness, which is brought about by the mango, ylang ylang and vanilla. It's a guilty pleasure that you experience, like adding a spoonful of sugar to a spicy Indian cuisine to send your tastebuds on a confusing yet enjoyable journey.

The drydown is very mild compared to the opening. The sweetness from the vanilla is more prominent here, as is the amber and the woods. I find it a delicate and comforting end to a rather wild olfactory experience.

The L'Elephant woman, in my opinion, is either a charismatic extrovert or a dark, mysterious introvert. On the right person, this fragrance is unforgettable.

30th June, 2011
My girlfriend's signature fragrance.

When she wears this, I can smell her from the next room. The juice on her smells "warmed up", like what you get from a pie in the oven. It has a particular note, which I can't pinpoint (may be heliotrope), that leaves you wanting to smell more.

The licorice and vanilla are perfect for a cold day; the woman who wears it must have a mystique to her, and must have the right aura to match the huge sillage this gives, which is like a 60 foot train on a wedding dress.
17th May, 2011
I had to wear this on my skin three times before I really fell for it...the first time, I wasn't sure about the spicy opening. I smelled some notes that reminded me of hay! Second time, I picked up more of the clove and cinnamon notes and began to appreciate it more.

Third time (today) and I am completely snowed several inches last night and this was perfect for a brisk snowy winter day! I usually find it difficult to enjoy fragrances that are mostly spices, but something about this makes it honeyed and creamy enough to really ride it out.

Very unique and definitely not for everyone, nor for every day. I can't think of any other fragrance I could even begin to compare.

28th March, 2011
There are so many positive views here, I don't feel so guilty about my less enthusiastic assessment. This is a very linear does its one thing persistently. That thing is a kind of rotten plum/clove overlay on a powdery cinnamon. It's a kind of concept scent, I guess.
06th January, 2011
orrisboy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I just put some of this firewater on to sit and write this. Suddenly I’m Jungle James, draped around my treehouse, languorous in birchcloth briefs, waiting for my man to come swinging home on a vine. It’s hot, hell I’m hot. Sandalwood leaves and spices burning up a scented storm. I smell plums. Steady now. Sticky fruit, oh when will the rains come? I am dying here.....I pick up a banana leaf and move to the window, stare out over the forest canopy, wafting warm sweet air over my skin. A crack of thunder, an echoing cry. I see the leaves parting below. I’ll apply some more...just in case of rain.

09th September, 2010
Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant is not for the timid or demur; thankfully i am none of those things, so i can happily wrap myself in it's bold spicy warmness and enjoy it for many hours.

Wearing Jungle L'Elephant is the equivalent of wearing a blood red dress to funeral, you will stand out!
16th August, 2010
Yeah... vanilla mixed with MUD and spices (cardamom, mostly), with sillage of a bugspray.

26th March, 2010
This is one of the most potent animals out there. Dare to overspray and it will trample you to a sorry pulp. To me it's linear with nuclear fallout parading as sillage and a halflife measured in weeks. It's spice mecca. It's Coco's streetwalking elder sister who refuses to retire. Enjoy.
23rd March, 2010
I LOVE this one so much ,i hate it . I LOVE it so much ,i can not wear it . When im wearing Elephant, i literally need someone to take care of me because im feeling blind , mute and deaf , i can not focus on what i have to do ,im just inhaling , sniffing , devouring , consuming this evil scent . I LOVE it so much , im feeling sorry for every drop that i spray on me , im feeling like this perfum is coordonate my mind , heart and feelings .Its plain and simply possesing me ! Im so jealous about its beauty and the power that have over me ,i started to collect perfumes hoping i can find another one that will make me forget about this pervert juice , hoping i will find another one that will make me say " I'm done with you " . But NOPE , not yet at least . Elephant its still ruling and dominanting my all senses . Elephant is my number one , my number two , my number three , my number four ... it is still sitting FAT on the THRONE . Even i might sound psycho i will say it : Elephant I LOVE YOU lol
12th March, 2010

The spices cardamom and cumin are immediately prominent to my nose and don’t get much of a clove note, and together, the cardamom and cumin give me pretty much of a rerun of Secretions Magnifiques. Of course the unique combination of notes in the heart level of Jungle L’Elephant also contribute to the fragrance’s special character: I don’t get the mango note but the ylang-ylang, licorice, and heliotrope work together to provide quite a bit of a tropical jungle feel to middle notes. The base is a warm patchouli, amber, and vanilla which carries with it some of the floral sweetness from the middle level.

Kenzo’s Jungle L’Elephant is certainly unique. It is also creative and energetic. The notes, though interesting and very nicely put together, do not perform very well on my skin so I am hesitant to vote it a thumbs up. Good sillage and very good longevity.

19th January, 2010
As discreet as a 3-ton elephant, this scent cannot be ignored. Cloves, cardamom and caraway (fennel) combine delightfully with licorice, mango(?) and ylang-ylang to give this oriental a lushly tropical yet raw sensual feel. With a generous amount of patchouli blended into the mix, a man can wear this fragrance as well as any woman. And proudly will he wear it for this is a majestic oriental, a tour de force from the house of Kenzo even if it comes across a little too loud for some. Fans of Annick Goutal's Sables should give this a sniff.
05th January, 2010
Cherry Chapstick. At 99c a tube, a worthy purchase, seeing as it also prevents chapped lips.

Jungle L'Elephant? Smells the same, but x100 price point, and does nothing to keep your lips kissably soft.
23rd December, 2009