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Negative Reviews of Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

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There are so many positive views here, I don't feel so guilty about my less enthusiastic assessment. This is a very linear does its one thing persistently. That thing is a kind of rotten plum/clove overlay on a powdery cinnamon. It's a kind of concept scent, I guess.
06th January, 2011
Yeah... vanilla mixed with MUD and spices (cardamom, mostly), with sillage of a bugspray.

26th March, 2010
Cherry Chapstick. At 99c a tube, a worthy purchase, seeing as it also prevents chapped lips.

Jungle L'Elephant? Smells the same, but x100 price point, and does nothing to keep your lips kissably soft.
23rd December, 2009
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United States
There's something I find disgusting in this one. I don't know what it is and I don't really care (because I swapped my bottle off). The clove is strong, but there is a creamy quality to it, which I don't mind, and often enjoy, but this one has something nasty in it. I enjoy a strong clove note and don't mind wearing fragrances like Jacomo de Jacomo once in a while, but this one is stomach turning. Obviously, sample first !
04th December, 2009
Whoa, slow down there cinnamon. Don't get too close to those cloves... ah damn see? Now you two... argh stay away from that licorice... argh! Now you three smell really bad. Guess we need to wash you up in some vanilla. This is very unbearable to me. Don't get this if you dislike cloves.
03rd December, 2009
The notes looked wonderful on paper, but on my skin? Yuck! What a stinker! I smelled like stinky feet sititng next to a cheap clove candle from a discount store. Jungle L'Elephant was too much spice and way too synthetic-smelling to be pleasant on me. I found someone who loves it and can wear it well, and I passed my bottle on to her. This is definitely one to try a sample of before purchasing. I suspect it just may not work with some people's chemistry. It certainly did not work with mine.
08th March, 2009
Gourmand oriental? This stuff is a huge let down. It's a super synthetic mess. Every note has a hard plastic edge. It smells exactly like an upscale sunscreen.
The drydown does have a nice clean river water note that works well.
The only time I would ever wear this is going to the beach or river, or any time I had to be covered in sunscreen.

It could be so much better, it's a great idea, I was so excited to recieve it, but it was terrible.
11th September, 2008
I was intrigued by the distinct cardamom note I got on the paper strip. I love cardamom and find it is used way too sparingly in perfumery. I realised the scent would be too sweet for me, but hoped that maybe the cardamom would balance the vanilla sweetness and make it into a spicy Indian dessert or something. Alas, no. On skin, this is a synthetic, sickly sweet vanilla bomb with no trace of cardamom or other spices that lasts and lasts and LASTS. I wished I could get it off my skin because it made me rather nauseous. I won't apply it again.
13th August, 2008
I have not smelled a more distinctive fragrance ! strong, powerful but not overwelming, I really liked is one of the best fragrances I have ever smelled...warm, enveloping, yet not heavy or synthetic...I use it in is a top ten in my list!
04th June, 2008