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Neutral Reviews of Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

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Spicy and a bit animalic in the first half hour, I could see why this is called L'Elephant. But this changed drastically, becoming a rich, full bodied flowery scent, quite sweet and a bit powdery, clean and with a subtle fruitiness. After this change, it stays pretty much linear and the words that would suit it are sweet, creamy, floral, powdery, vanilic. This would be quite nice on a woman.
09th March, 2018
I had been wanting to try this for ages. It was even on my wishlist, unsniffed. It just sounded like what I'd be into.

In 2009, I saw a tester at duty free at the airport. I was delighted to finally try and maybe buy it. Now, this may have been the problem - and the only reason I am giving a neutral instead of negative to one of the worst fragrance experiences of my life: In my enthusiasm, I may have used too much. I sprayed once on my wrist, and before thinking, 1-2 sprays my neck/cleavage area...

Oh my lord! Migraine-threat and nausea came at me fast! I seriously had never reacted to a perfume with such intensity. I left the store to wash off as much as I could, as I was literally about to be sick... I washed my wrist off with soap and water many many times, and even washed my neck/chest as much as I could. Although I did this within minutes of applying, I couldn't get the scent out of my skin. It had also settled into my clothes so I had to sit with this smell on me for a few hours (on the plane, then train, then bus home).

It was 1 am when I got home but I immediately went and showered, and washed everything I was wearing, including my scarf and jacket.

I know, it may be my fault for spraying it on without thinking... But it's not like I sprayed 5-10 times! I think the point of this review is, even if this seems like it will be your dream scent, don't buy this unsniffed! Try it. And if you do try it, spray once into the air near your wrist and catch some of the mist with your wrist type of thing. Very very light. At least start with that.

Of course it's possible that I simply do not like this perfume but I am trying to be fair and gave it a neutral since maybe 2-3 sprays was too much and the disaster was partly my fault. Maybe one day I will dare to try it again... Clearly it works for a lot of people. But for me, worst perfume experience of my life. :(
05th July, 2017

The spices cardamom and cumin are immediately prominent to my nose and don’t get much of a clove note, and together, the cardamom and cumin give me pretty much of a rerun of Secretions Magnifiques. Of course the unique combination of notes in the heart level of Jungle L’Elephant also contribute to the fragrance’s special character: I don’t get the mango note but the ylang-ylang, licorice, and heliotrope work together to provide quite a bit of a tropical jungle feel to middle notes. The base is a warm patchouli, amber, and vanilla which carries with it some of the floral sweetness from the middle level.

Kenzo’s Jungle L’Elephant is certainly unique. It is also creative and energetic. The notes, though interesting and very nicely put together, do not perform very well on my skin so I am hesitant to vote it a thumbs up. Good sillage and very good longevity.

19th January, 2010
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If I sit with my nose pressed against my wrist, I can smell the potential- but when I wear this it's like I'm a gigantic walking clove leaf. It's very distinctive, and I wouldn't call it strictly "feminine" until it's been worn for about 30 minutes and a teensy bit of the clove has worn off. Though it doesn't work with me, so I wouldn't wear it out- I occasionally give myself a squirt when I'm sure I'll be home all day because it's reminiscent of something in my past that I can't pinpoint, but I find cozy and comforting.
11th January, 2009