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Negative Reviews of Bois Farine by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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BF is an anisic and honey-toned sandalwood that is simultaneously dusty and creamy. The combination of all of these facets is likely the reason that it is reminiscent (at least to some, though not me) of the aroma of peanut butter. Unfortunately, the dusty quality in particular turns the sandalwood rather cloudy, murky, and ultimately unpleasant. Nevertheless, my biggest problem with BF is that it is outright insistent and incessant. I put about a QUARTER of a drop of it on a test strip, and I could EASILY smell it from 10 feet away, and that's not a good thing to me. BF makes for an interesting creative exercise (that should have been limited to the perfume lab) but not for a good and wearable finished perfume. Instead, I would opt for the likes of Guerlain’s Samsara or Chanel’s Bois des Iles when reaching for a feminine-leaning sandalwood.
18th January, 2013 (last edited: 19th January, 2013)
An unpleasantly musty, sweet doughy fragrance with undertones of booze and Play-doh. I can't fathom why I tried this. It smells fake, like a gourmand scented candle of the worst quality. It might smell exactly like the tree in question, I don't care.
04th May, 2010
Whoa. Now woodsy fragrances I like but this just not sit well with me. Nice woods but the iris heart smells like flour.
22nd May, 2009
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Cloying sweetness, uncooked honey noodle wetness. Unwearable. Made me and my boyfriend think of raw honey, straight from a beehive for some reason. He was repulsed by it, and it is pretty strong especially the first few minutes. Lucky for us it started to rain so he could wash it off his wrist.
13th September, 2008
OMG, this smells of dentist's rooms! Must be the powderiness of the talc on their gloves and the minty-powderiness of mouthwash, or something, but I HATE this so much! Awful.
07th April, 2008
It is what it says: Flour and woods (mixed with peanut butter). It gets thumbs down from me because it is the only fragrance (at least up to this day) I am allergic to. I couldn't stop coughing as soon as I spritzed a few times on my chest.
31st January, 2007
I bought it blind because of its consistently wonderful reviews from reviewers I trust—this turned out to be an unfortunate investment. Bois Farine is a total disappointment—raw dough! Raw peanut butter cookie dough for about an hour then nothing. Six times I tested it and six times I got an hour of raw peanut butter cookie dough—then zip, zilch, nada.
The seventh time I sprayed the back of my hand with five sprays (I’m normally a one spray person). My hand looked wet and Bois Farine dripped from between my fingers, but with that I smelled something like what others seem to be experiencing: a warm doughy smell (yawn), then powder, and then a kind of wet cedar / sandalwood (yaawwwnnnnnnn). Ah ha! So that’s it! I have to swim in it for this fragrance to partially work. I’ve worn it, heavily applied, about a half dozen times now, and I have found that it’s a nice fragrance but absolutely nothing special—call me crazy, but I just can’t get excited about raw peanut butter cookie dough.
I don’t know if the problem is a weak fragrance, or my inability to smell the scent, or my skin’s inability to retain the scent, or all of the above. In any case, this is not a scent for me.
17th September, 2006