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Reviews of 24, Faubourg Eau Délicate by Hermès

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I had a difficult time engaging with this flanker. It had very little connection to the original (no surprise), and the hairsprayish air didn't waft agreeably on me, instead making me feel somewhat flat. I should perhaps speak more of the separate notes, but what's the use? I was much too ambivalent. Such was the effect it had on me. I see this though, as a good office fragrance if it likes your skin. It has that non-invasive, mid-tone quality which works well in professional settings.
04th December, 2013 (last edited: 05th December, 2013)
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United States
This Hermes carries their signature austere, yet classy smell all the way through. It is a beauty of a light orange blossom scent - airy enough for summer heat and classic enough to pull off a more formal event. It is short lasting and soft, but that is exactly what it was designed for.

A wonderful spring or summer scent if you like orange blossom fragrances. A little sharp white floral, but rounded out well for everyday use.
01st July, 2011
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United States
I'd been meaning to try 24, Faubourg Eau Legere for the longest time, since I thought the original 24F excellent, if not a little too “big” and “hot” for me. Eau Legere is somewhat like 24F and vaguely similar to Yves Rocher Desire de Nature. It smells French and old-school style. The orange isn't sweet as it is in Boucheron Femme. If it were sweeter, I might be tempted to own more than a vial’s worth.
04th March, 2010
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24 Faubourg Eau Delicate is a dry and understated floral bouquet. The flowers here are delicately arranged and lightly dusted with a pinch of spice. An excellent choice for the heat of summer. This Hermes fresh floral is so polite, a man interested in a sheer summer floral could pull this one off with ease.
23rd May, 2009
Orange blossom is the note that stands out for me and the packaging reflects exactly how is smells. It's a warm, happy fragrance that suits spring and summer. Although not overly complex, it's sophisticated. I can't imagine it offending any nose, accept for perhaps the mature-type that enjoys heavy, dry woody & mossy scents (which I also like, but I think I am an anomaly).
24th November, 2008
This is definitely one of my favourite summer fragrances! Fresh, light, yet elegant, sophisticated, sensual and not too flowery. Matches my skin wonderfully well. Which unfortunately I can't say about the original 24 Faubourg... Smells gorgeous on a friend of mine, but doesn't seem to match my skin at all. Smells like a heavy old fashioned soap on me... So I stick to Eau Délicate in the summer. Only downside: fragrance only lasts for a couple of hours, which can't be said of the original.
19th May, 2007
i have both 24, Faubourg and this fresh version and i don't like this at all. It feels "sticky" on me - not very summer-y i'm afraid. This pales into abysmal insignificance when compared to its original version which I LOVE but can only wear in winter.
21st April, 2007
I found it in an airport in Paris and then Harrods and so perhaps environment made it special but it made my top 5. I own it and I wear it when I want to feel unique EXPENSIVE. All of Hermes fragrances have a trademark scent 'ribbon' running through which just creates words such as costly and precious and head turning. It's got a wobbly square bottle of clouded yellow glass as if it contains a smell. Which is does. Imagine a beautiful French shopgirl with a hidden aristrocratic lineage. Like that. it's definitely a clean, created smell, but it has a richness and a weight that commands attention and respect, all without overpowering one like a heavy Oriental idea of class.
24th February, 2007
It's very fresh and i agree that it might be unisex as well. The citrus here seems a bit less pronounced and the middle and basenotes are a bit on the soft creamy side but still fresh. Very good version of the original as it feels that they respected the relationship between the two. Light and nice.I still prefer the original but i will buy this one too.
12th April, 2006
Very similar to the original, but not as ambery in the base, perhaps replaced with a light white musk note? Like a fresh eau de cologne, this could have been marketed as it's own unisex scent...
30th October, 2005
Smells a lot like Cabotine.
15th September, 2005