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Glorious rose and iris.
A powdered sugar cloud.

What the mane of a unicorn would smell like...
29th October, 2017
Hmm. Cashmere woods, you say? Could be, but to my nose it's straight up cedar and lots of it. Pepper, patchouli and rose make a nice trio, but unfortunately they become lost in the "cashmere" woods.

04th March, 2017
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United States
Official notes according to Lalique:
Top Note: Bulgarian Rose, Orris
Heart Note: Bourbon Pepper, Patchouli
Dry Down Note: Cashmere Woods

My experience with this scent tends to be like Way Off Scenter's. I get a very transparent scent, most of the time. The initial blast smells like cedar and rose. It is apparently heavy on Iso E Super. It then settles into a slightly powdery but sweet, fruity rose. I have noticed that weather affects this scent more than any others I have. On a rare occasion when something drastically different is going on with the weather I will smell more wood or a spicier rose which is more my normal taste, but I like this scent overall.
21st July, 2015
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Genre: Woods

The descriptions I’ve read don’t quite do justice to the experience of wearing Perles de Lalique. Yes, it’s an incense-seasoned woody rose scent, and yes, it has a pleasantly prickly black pepper top note. But Perles de Lalique doesn’t really fall in with the style of other peppery incense-and-rose scents like Parfum Sacré, Lyric, and Paestum Rose. Where each of those are to some degree dark, mysterious, and exotic, Perles de Lalique feels comparatively light, sunny, and cheerful. Part of this is due to the quality of its rose, which is more bright and fruity, in the manner of Une Zeste de Rose or Drôle de Rose, than languorous and heady. The rest stems from a very cool melony aquatic top note, borrowed directly from masculine fruity fougères and “sport” fragrances, and a much lighter hand on the woods and incense.

The fruity aquatic-tinged opening is as surprising in a feminine scent as it is banal in a masculine, and the rose steps up too quickly for the modest shock to get old. The pepper, woods, and fruity rose accord is very subtle and transparent, so that Perles de Lalique works primarily as a close-wearing skin scent. Its understated nature renders it more gender-neutral than its description might imply, and as a man I’d find it very comfortable to wear, especially in warmer weather. I smell nothing of the earthy, mossy classic chypre accord here, nor even much of the modern patchouli-fruit-and-iris chypre alternative that surfaces in scents like Chanel’s 31 Rue Cambon.

Perles de Lalique’s greatest liability is its drydown, which leans heavily on a abrasively chemical cedar-like base note that ironically parallels the opening in its suggestion of a commonplace masculine. Luckily, this bare drydown is much less potent or obtrusive than most of its masculine counterparts, and hence doesn’t ruin the entire fragrance. I confess to being baffled by all the references to chypre style in conjunction with this scent.
23rd June, 2014
This is for the perfume strength

This is a beautiful, rather transparent, modern chypre. It opens up with a peppery rose, softens slightly with the inclusion of Iris and settles into a soft warm woody accord with Cashmeran and patchouli.

If I have one complaint, it is that there is more than a pinch too much pepper, which makes it a little too sharp. The overall effect is however a warm, somewhat masculine scent.

The EdP is similar and much more affordable, so if you are not into gorgeous Lalique crystal bottles, you should go for that.
02nd June, 2014 (last edited: 04th June, 2014)
Initially, I get lots of (too much, really) patchouli with a much lesser blushing rose and violet-ee orris butter. The overall effect reminds me a lot of Diane by Diane von Furstenberg. It's fine, I guess. I don't know. There's just so much out there like it employing the patchouli-rose accord (e.g., see Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, Coco Noir, and Chance, Dior's Midnight Poison, Yves Saint Laurent's Elle, etc. ad nauseum).
18th January, 2013
PERLES DE LALIQUE – Lalique – 2006 [floral chypre]

I have only been able to learn three of this scent’s ingredients and indeed it may be that simple. This is a chypre that makes a statement, but never overpowers. The blend of Bulgarian rose and patchouli creates a dry, earthy rose scent, richer than Penhaligon’s Hammam Bouquet, sharper, but owing a good deal to this nineteenth century staple. Bold and masculine, self-assured. One of my favorite chypres.

Top Notes: ?
Middle Notes: Bulgarian rose
Base Notes: Bourbon Pepper, Patchouli

01st May, 2012
It is no secret that for a long time I've been searching for the perfect rose scent. I knew I wouldn't love a rose soliflore, there had to be other components, but who would have thought that pepper and patchouli would be its perfect counterparts.

Perles de Lalique is like heaven to me. It's a rich, tarty red rose amidst darker, masculine accords of pepper, patchouli, incense, woods and a hint of soap.

It's dark yet angelic, with a touch of strangeness. It smells like something you'd expect from Andy Tauer, just perhaps not as strong and bold. Both Perles de Lalique and Incense Rose share some similarities.

Lalique isn't entirely mainstream, yet it's not niche either. The quality of this scent however, begs to differ. It's just so warming and unique that I can't help falling head over heels in love with it.

It can be spicy at times, and a little sharp but I like that about it, it has presence. The scent is also dry, reminding me of rose potpourri. There are so many different dimensions to this fragrance.

The longevity and sillage are to die for, sending wafts of it around you like a cloud for the whole day. Another bonus is the rather affordable price tag which definitely took me by surprise. I managed to find a giftset with the large full bottle for around $80 AUD.

It may be early days, but this fragrance is full-fledged love.
14th April, 2012
Perles de Lalique presents a beautiful pepper / incense opening accord with a quiet rose for augmentation. The initial accord lasts through what would be the heart level and reaches into the mossy, light-woody, slightly powdery drydown that is first enriched by a soft orris that gradually turns into a translucent collection of oakmoss and light woods. I don’t experience a middle level in the progression of the fragrance… it seems to go directly from opening to base, both of which are more olfactory texture than strong, traditional accords. The clarity, sophistication, and discretion of this texture are impressive. Perles de Lalique becomes a near skin scent with lasting power suited to its character. Beautiful fragrance.
06th April, 2011
Subtle, smells to me like a new Cedar bench in a rose garden. Yes, there is pepper, but quiet and demure. Lasts. Lovely.
12th November, 2009
A fruity, transparent rose is joined by distinct notes of pepper, vetiver, iris, and patchouli.

Sweet, yet somehow reserved; cool, despite the oriental accord. It's classy; undeniably modern, but not at all my style.

29th September, 2009
Wow. Yesterday I sprayed this on a card and wasn't all that impressed.
Tried it on today and wow it is SO comforting and beautiful.
18th September, 2009
Lalique Perles de Lalique

With the new restrictions on the use of oakmoss no style of scent will undergo more change than the chypre. It is and will be a challenge for perfumers to create something in this style without using the signature note. Nathalie Lorson's take on a modern chypre came out in 2006. I was introduced to it by picking up a card I thought had something else on it and being struck by this beautiful pepper note. When I asked what this was I was told it was Perles de Lalique. The top comes off very fresh this could be the start of many current bestsellers. Quickly this fresh accord is joined by a delicate rose. This is applied lightly allowing the fresh accord and the rose to complement each other. The heart is where the pepper note which so intrigued me on the card resides and it is paired with a note-perfect iris. This combination works so well on me and this phase lasts a good long time on my skin. The transition from here is a smooth ride to the base which is a light application of patchouli combined with musk. My favorite chypres show off different facets as they develop and this makes for a memorable olfactory trip. Perles de Lalique certainly qualifies on that score and Ms. Lorson begins the discussion of what constitutes a modern chypre in fine form.
28th February, 2009
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A beautiful modern Chypre with an aura of its own. The dried down is just wonderfuly sweet. I feel wrapped in a soft blanket... It remind me of the dermophil Indien.
02nd December, 2008
A cold, peppery rose. I own only 2 rose perfumes, this one and YR Rose Absolue. Both stunning in their own way. This is a unisex chypre with rose and pepper the dominant notes. Yummy woody drydown. Unique!
16th July, 2008
fabulous! this is, in my opinion, actually a unisex chypre scent. it's was created by nathalie lorson (firmenich). fresh, cold as ice. oak moos, patchouli, vetiver, orris, bourbon, black pepper, bulgarian rose... a unique scent that's make me happy! and my wife too.
29th June, 2008