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Neutral Reviews of Sikkim by Lancôme

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Barbara Herman says it all: “From juicy to lush floral to dry leather/moss. Use of Thujone which resembles Artemesia. Green, lush Gardenia. Spicy, mossy, amber, animalic dry down.”

So much is going on all at once in this unusual bright, lushly green floral that
it’s hard to pinpoint the various notes, none of which were available. There is a slightly edgy herbal quality to the green that might be basil or tarragon.

That said, it strikes me as being perfectly competent without being in any way special, such as Jacomo SILENCES is. It also quickly fades which works against it.
07th August, 2014
I found these notes on the internet:
"ylang-ylang, jasmine, galbanum, oakmoss, leather, patchouli".
It seems there is an original version from the 70's and a modern (re)release. No idea what I am sampling as it a mini edt (I'm guessing it's oldish). It opens in a dry lemony (maybe petitgrain) swirl. And then there is a fresh greeness. In the mid notes there is the faint suggestion of toast (?) or I am possibly crazy. In the EDT there are no basenotes to speak of. A faint suggestion of the dry green and white floral notes remain.
12th October, 2010