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A bitter fruit and flower opening that softens with time into something sweeter, powdery and attractive. Very “nice”, gentle. And good, all in all.
19th March, 2018
This, I believe, is an extremely similar scent to Skintimate Shave Gel (the one in the pink can). It took me a minute to remember, but all of a sudden I was transported back to my youth when I was beginning to shave my legs and test out the waters of womanhood.

It's a soft powdery floral (rose, jasmine) with a hint of peach. A tiny bit of sandalwood gives the warmth to allude to the end of Summer. I'm not normally fond of fragrances that have powder as a considerable portion, but this is really lovely.
05th December, 2016
This is gorgeous. I bought it for my mother -we should all be tested on why do we all relate this fragrance to our mothers- five years ago and I grew fond of it; it was my grown-up aspiration.

It's peaches and apricots, jasmine and roses, and vanilla and amber; a dreamy blend of sophisticated, sweet, and strong notes. Starts with golden radiance and unfolds beautifuly into a nice powdery scent. Lasts +12 hours on my skin and has reakky good sillage.

I always get lots of compliments with Tresor. This one hits the "fun and flirty" cathegory of my wardrobe; daytime casual or evening event appropiate, ideal for warmer months. I feel dressed whenever I wear this one, whether I'm wearing a little black dress for a fancy dinner or jeans and blouse for an evening downtown.
03rd April, 2016 (last edited: 08th April, 2016)
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From the Unique Elegance the Bottle design to the Long Lasting Amazing scent This Characteristic is only for some Brands Like DIOR,LANCOME,GUERLAIN and... while Some People only Like a Enjoyable scent Without spot It scents Lack of Character,Style and Class while These are Determinant factors for make a Personable and Everlasting fragrance.

And TRESOR is One of those Everlasting Fragrances. The name definitely fits the product. A GORGEOUS CLASSIC fragrance. SOPHISTICATED and ROMANTIC at the same time. Heavy but not in a Cloying Way. Pineapple,Peach,Rose, Jasmine,Vanilla,Amber and Musk Creating an Elegant,Exotic and Exciting mix of scents. In other words Generous,Sweet, Ladylike ,Charming,Complex, Floral and Very LANCOME.

Mysterious Warmer base notes make This the Fragrance of Choice for Smart Coquettes for AUTUMN,WINTER EVENINIGS. Perfect for the Lady who wants to be CLASS. This Supremely ROMANTIC and Seductive fragrance is presented in a Lovely bottle. However It gives me Headache but I still Love it. A Treasure Indeed.


Longevity?Noticeable on my skin By EDP.

14th December, 2014
This is everything Barbara Herman and Luca Turin claim it to be - powdery apricot rose with a musky vanilla dry down, worthy of Turin's 4 stars.

The sandalwood, violet and iris combine to give it a dry green opening and structural support but the gourmand effect of the rose, heliotrope, orris and apricot is its delicious

A fruity floral scent that works due to its restraint and balance.
23rd June, 2014
Lancome - Tresor
This is a true Arc de Triomphe of modern perfumery. A modern classic with an unrivaled radiant moist softness and a smooth powdery tone with a dark soil-like and smoky tobacco-leaves undertone; being held together by a honey-like apricot/rose sweetness and a warm green-like oily sandalwood base, avoiding the vanilla-amber trap. Somehow it takes a long time before developing a decent projection on my skin that convinces me of its true quality. It bares a fatty wool-like warmness through its structure that gives it a magical twist. A very sincere and convincing perfume with a very elegant, honest character and a inviting woman-like quality to it - somehow it smells like who soft the skin of a woman can feel. Great overall projection with a lively, unforced and slight modest and introvert side to it. Truly wonderful stuff, that is so good I wish I was born a woman… Tresor is a monumental treasure.
01st June, 2014
This is for Eau de Perfume. Do not recommend the EDT.

I got this as a Christmas gift several years ago. Didn't think I would like it. Totally forgot about it.

Then for Basenotes Synchronized Fridays I had to come up with something that was given to me and I remembered Tresor.

Wow! I really like it. I don't get much of the rose from it as others do but I certainly do get the peach. This is a lovely scent and I have now worn it 3 days in a row. Since I was given a gift set I also used the body lotion and it was more then just perfume. It actually works and makes my skin soft. It lasts for 12 or more hours on me. It does have a lot of silage so just a couple of sprays will do.

This has taught me not to be a perfume snob and give everything a try. You just never know what you might like.
11th January, 2014
There is something about this perfume that puts me under some sort of a spell. What's confusing is that I normally don't go for sweet fragrances at all, but this one is the big exception for me. I wore it twenty years ago as a young teenager and I'm still wearing it now. Sometimes a couple of years go by between bottles - the last time even up to five - but then the urge for it becomes almost overwhelming. When I bought the last one, I ended up smelling it with a dreamy smile on my face at least twenty times in one day. I simply couldn't get enough. I'm sorry for straying Tresor - let's never be apart again :)
18th March, 2013
One of my all time favourites. I love rose fragrances and this is a delicious one. I always have a bottle around.
24th August, 2012
If ever there was a have your cake and eat it fragrance...
Tresor indulges sinful sweet fruity-floral notes without a hint of distracting spice and then covers its tracks by a stained-glass winey emanation that affects sophistication. There's also something reminiscent of posh face cream about it, which possibly explains its wild popularity.
The peach-apricot note is squarely from the perfume world – neither real nor candied, but something mellow, bright and powdery that suggests the idea of those fruit. The cuddly, cashmere-like heart is given radiance by a liquerish rose and the hint of something green, all coated in a soft, unguent, creamy haze. Reader, I wallow in this one in sheer hog bliss. Difficult to explain but the colour of the juice captures its mood perfectly.
The latest version is lighter – which, in this rare instance, is actually a good thing.
30th May, 2012
This rating is actually for the one that was launched in the nineties. It was waaaay better than the current one being produced. Back then it was powdery and a little sweet but not like the sugar/candy perfumes now. There was something magical about the old one.
05th March, 2012
I got this as a sample. I think I will probably buy it. It really reminds me of clove cigarettes. It does have a smokyness, as some people mentioned, but like all the good smell of cigarettes without the bad part. I dunno, I LOVE IT. Some people might not if they don't like darker scents. But this is a big winner here!
05th June, 2011
This is the only Lancome scent I have ever liked but that is because it is by Sophia Grojsman, whose style I love.

I was surprised to read in the Perfume Guide that it is described as a 'rosy vetiver'. What I smell is an elegant, grown-up version of The Body Shop's Fuzzy Peach bath gel.

I never smelled the vintage Tresor so am not disappointed in the current version; I really love it and spray it with abandon when I am home alone (but it is so vibrantly intense that one must practice self-restraint if going into public, of course.) Lovely!
13th April, 2011
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I have been in the cosmetic and fragrance industry for over 13 years, and I have likely smelled 90% of the fragrances that are offered in department stores. Aside from that little tidbit of information, I wear Tresor and love it!

Tresor isn't the best when it is first sprayed; but within a few minutes, the feminine, sexy, warm, and fresh scent comes alive. This isn't just my opinion; I get complimented on Tresor quite often (most recently at the security checkpoint in the airport).

I am 30 years old, and even when I go out, people ask, "What are you wearing, you smell so good?!"

Many individuals will comment on a fragrance based on the fact that they sprayed it on a card in a department store or based on how it smelled on someone else. Keep in mind, fragrances will change based on the varying acids/alkalines and oils in our skin, which also vary from person to person.

A fragrance that you may love and may smell great on you, may smell terrible on someone else. So while these forums on a great way to express opinions, keep in mind that if you like something you must certainly have your keep wearing it! Equally important, if you want to try a new fragrance, do not let bad reviews keep you from trying it..after all, it may smell great on you!
28th March, 2011

Ah ,how I love Tresor- it's peachy - apricot fruitiness, sweet ,ambery muskiness. It's very distinctive ,a little smokey -syrupy . Fabulous tenacity . I think you either love this or hate it. Either way, it invokes some kind of reaction. A couple of sprays is all you need- don't overdo it or you'll be right back in the 80s.
26th September, 2010
It was one of my first scents. I was fifteen or so and received a so called travel package of 5 mini french perfume bottles. One of them was anais anais by cacharel, which was my favourite at the time, and tresor was the one that I left to lie on the shelf for the longest time. Recently I gave it a second chance and I loved it, it's a real lady parfum. I suppose I had to grow up to like it.
16th December, 2009
At first I hated this. When I first tried it on it smelled exactly like a dark corner of Home Depot's lumber section. But 2 tries later something changed. I finally was able to smell the warm, sweet woodiness and now I really like it. My husband in fact says I smell like pastry!
17th September, 2009
I gave this one a miss first time around, but after seeing the drydown reviews I gave it another try.


I was able to hold out that long because of the green note in the opening, it's like an air tube that lets you walk just underwater and still breathe. Then, about 45 minutes in, the green is gone and this great worn leather smell comes up, faintly, like an outfielder diving for a fly ball and instead coming away with a mittful of hay and flowers. There's not enough of it to get the better of the confused floral (darn), but it's a really excellent scent.
18th August, 2009
Cannot believe that none of the other reviewers have picked up the opening note of violet sweets (maybe they are a UK speciality) anyway they are called Parma Violet and are one of the enduring memories of my childhood (still available though) After the sweeties comes the grown up warmth of a bouquet of scented hothouse flowers in a warm room. Enticing and sensual without vulgarity. One of my favourites.
01st August, 2009
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United States
I agree with other posts that the initial scent of this perfume is a little displeasing to the nose, but after about fifteen to twenty minutes on me it softens out to a very light, pleasing scent that keeps its compsure for many hours.

I have worn this perfume for over a year now, and I disagree with the opinion that it can't be worn in the work place. The scent can be over-powering if sprayed liberally, but by those women that wear uniforms or suits, simply spraying it once on the back of the neck and under the hair, or on an undershirt or the skin before donning the uniform works very well. I have only ever received compliments with this fragrance and it has never been pointed out as an offending or overpowering scent. In fact, I work in a very high-stress environment in extremely close confines and people are very quick to point out strong perfumes and colognes as a distractor in the working environment, yet I have still never received any negative feedback.

In my experience, this perfume goes well when on a romantic date but can also be worn in a professional setting if applied correctly.
11th April, 2009
Tresor is one of the only rose based fragrances that I like, although I have not tried Nahema yet. It is a little "victorian" in nature (what else could a true rose fragrance be?), but it is not old fashioned in any way. I compliment people when they wear this and people compliment me when I wear this. So why don't I buy another bottle to keep around? I guess the reason is that I just don't LOVE it. It doesn't inspire me in any way. It lacks the brightness of No 5, the almost Gothic moodiness of L'Heure Bleue or the sheer joy of Insolence. But it really is a very nice rose scent...if you like that sort of thing.
28th August, 2008
It is romantic and lovely; like a powder colored French lace and silk dress and a big smile of affectionate lady in it. Apricot and rose makes a dreamy soft new thing that makes you ask "what kind of rose is this?" But the real artistic scene begins after the rose steps back to a even up the musk and vanilla. The sweetness may be tiring in repetitive usage but i have to try and see.
01st August, 2008
I was reading The Shipping news in the early nineties and Tresor was the signature scent of the doomed party girl wife of the protagonist. The description of the scent sent me straight out of the house and to the department store for a sniff. I was hooked. What is probably apricot smells like peach to me and the rose is subdued. Then the peach fades and the rose really comes out. Soft sweet rose. Then the lilac blends in. Wonderful. The drydown though on me is not floral nor fruity, it is warm sweet almost musky. It lasts a long long time and a little goes a long way especially in the warmer months. I wore it a lot back then, then got hooked of all things on New West...and that is another story entirely. Anyway I have circled back to Tresor and begged the Christmas pixies for a bottle and have been happily wearing it day or two every week. Very comforting to me and the grandkids love it.
31st May, 2008
I was given this as a gift by a former boss while living in London 15 years ago.Probably I was too young to wear it those days but you can´t imagine how elegant and mature it made me feel ( I was in my early twenties then). I used to love Isabella Rosellini´s style and even today when I think of a face for this perfume , it is hers.Romantic , natural, sweet like a walk along kew gardens.
03rd April, 2008
Tresor is one of my favorite perfumes --it smells heavenly on my wife--she wears it well and the rose apricot combination are divine. Now my sister in law tried to wear it and it smelled terrible on her--bitter fruit. but then, different skin types, different reactions anyone knows that! --of course she is going to say the scent is a failure, simply because it fails her--well, it works wonderfully on many others, so it is something to try --on my wife it is a soft seductive perfume. The perfumer is a genius, as they created a scent that works for most people. I feel sorry for those that this scent doesn't work for, but please realize you play a role.
10th January, 2008
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United States
I have worn this for years. I notice the increasing ads on TV this x-mas season.

It has wonderful sillage and lasts all day and then some. I love when I come home after a long day and can still smell its basenotes lingering in the house.

Can be sweet at first, but drydown is excellent.
19th December, 2007
I remember this from waaay back in the day, it is sweet and warm, very sensual peach with some honey and a flower to temper it. I never knew it was Tresor, until my wife turned me on (no pun intended) to it. I don't smell it much anymore, and I think this is best in colder weather and once in a while. I would not recommend it for a signature scent, because it can get tiring very quickly if you smell it day in day out.
11th December, 2007
One of my first perfumes as a young(er) girl. I kind a lost the idea of wearing it years ago, but lately I'm longing to wear it again. They have this nice eau de toilette version now, without he sharper (sometimes overwhelming) side of Tresor, which is very nice on a summers day.
26th June, 2007
I smelled Tresor recently on one of my professors - or rather, I didn't know what she was wearing until I asked her. Her response, Tresor, blew me away. I remember Tresor from years ago, but I don't remember it smelling like THAT! Sweet, warm, honeyed, and incredibly enticing. Like a musky mead. I tested some at a Lancome counter the other day, and I like it on me, too. I suppose my chemistry has changed, but I like it much better now than I did when I was younger. It was the edp. Huge thumbs up and it will be my next purchase. Not cheap smelling to this nose at all, but a lovely and sexy frag.
22nd May, 2007
Plastic-like peach notes or not, Trésor has become a classic. It reminds me of Eternity (another Sophia Grojsman rose classic), but where Eternity is clean, Trésor has a "flesh-like" quality (charnu in french)... more naughty. Tresor is like a woman who wears a strict suit with sexy La Perla lingerie underneath, not what it seems at first sight (or first smell).
14th April, 2006