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Poême opens with sweet white and yellow flowers accompanied by a sort of dirty earthiness. With the time, the dirty scent dissipates and what's left is a perfectly blended sweet flowers. I can sense some tuberose, some peach; otherwise I can't really pick these many notes within. The sillage is moderate on me and it lasts quite a long time.

If it's a poem, it certainly is not a melancholic one. It's sweet, bright, and speaks of the cheerfulness and joy of life. It's shining, just like the gorgeous golden bottle.
30th December, 2018
La Sargantaine portrait of Júlia Peraire by Ramon Casas 1907
11th July, 2018
Aaahhhhh! This is another one of my long-term favourites that I have been re-visiting. I’ve “broken up” with two of my old faves recently, which I was a bit sad about, so I was curious to see how this one would go. I still love it as much as I ever did. There is something about this one that just feels so warm and comforting. I get a lovely tang from the bergamot and mandarin, and I can pick out the black currant. Then the vanilla and amber and musk all start to drift up, with a hint of rose and cedar. It’s beautifully balanced – what with all the fruit and the flowers, it could easily topple over into one of those sickly, annoying, cloying perfumes, but it doesn’t. It’s a gorgeous scent – I always feel relaxed and peaceful and comfortable whenever I wear this one. Sillage and longevity are great, and it also makes whatever you’re wearing smell lovely too. I’ve got a scarf that I wore last week and I wore Poeme that day, and I can still smell it on the scarf and it smells fantastic – I kept burying my nose in the scarf just to hoover up the scent! This one is definitely staying in my perfume stable.
12th August, 2016
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An irrational anthem...

This giantess of a perfume is quite a difficult case to me. I guess that it's as hard to understand as its most profound namesakes, cause I'm sure that Lancôme didn't have Humpty Dumpty on its mind when "Poême" was chosen as a name. I was struggling with it since it was launched 20 years ago, and it took me nearly half of them to finally decide that I love the way it burns my olfactory receptors with its datura and narcissus mayhem, as opposed to its mimosa and vanilla comfort. And maybe this is the reason why its bottle always reminded me of a blasting machine, which of course would make a totally inappropriate vessel to contain a poem written with liquid gold. Unless this poem was a revolutionary olfactory manifesto. Well, was it? I'm not sure yet. Maybe Poême was never really meant to be thoroughly understood. Or maybe I was never able to handle its truth.
Poetry is one of the most subjective forms of art humankind has ever created. Because it's just words, and this makes it just a fleeting whiff of air. Because you can't see, touch or hear it (unless someone is reading or reciting it to you, but this subtracts the personal connection). All other arts require one or more senses to be perceived, and they depend on senses to reveal their true form and meaning. Poetry requires just reading, and reading is not a sense. Yes, it also requires vision, but vision here is only the mean. It's the most private of all arts. But on the other hand, it's the only form of art that can quietly make you see, touch, hear and smell the things it deals with.
Yet this befuddling elixir feels more like an incantation than a poem. But what it actually summons still remains a mystery. It's like a shapeless pulsating mist, which every time you take a step closer to it attacks you with such vice that makes you wanna run away, but when you turn your back and take the first step offward, it engulfs you with the most alluring and promising fantasies.
Just like when you desire something with all your heart, but you're scared to death by what it'll take to have it.
And all its qualities, whether good or bad, have a certain escalation.
Like a poem which starts in a seemingly indifferent or incoherent way, making you think that it's not going to be anything more than yet another babble, and suddenly you find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat, enthralled beyond words, trying to understand what has happened and why you're crying.
I have a very old bottle of this beauty, coming from the late '90s, and it has a deep amber colour, not unlike red gold. Every time I remove its cap, its olfactory assault hits me with full force, to the point of rendering spraying uneccessary. And in the rare cases of finally deciding to spray some on me, 24 hours is the minimum period it grants me its magnificent contradictions. Like stealing a full day and night of my life.
I'm still wondering why such a successful and popular perfume does not have even a single flanker launched. And I have no answer to offer, except that some strange conjuncture may have decided that it will remain one of a kind till the end of time. I believe that it's the last truly great piece of high perfumery created by the once mighty Lancôme. And this makes it a landmark on the edge of "old world" perfumes. A last, yet perpetual reminder of a time when the most important asset in any perfume house was the lab and not the marketing department.
16th July, 2015

Everybody who is familiar with LANCOME fragrances knows this fragrances are extremely ROMANTIC&LOVELY and POEME is not exception too.It is like a Romantic poem for quick falling in love and to make this statement:To be in your arms i can not wait any longer. Ladylike, Rich,Classy,classic,Exquisite,Floral,Sweet, Exciting,Heavy but in a Exclusive way.

Like a previous bouquet adorning a beautiful Bride POEME smells of wisps of Mandarin Orange,Orange Blossom,Rose, Jasmine and Tuberose connected with supremely warm base by Vanilla,Musk, Amber and Tonka Bean to make an Irresistible Harmony and an deeply Romantic scent.

In fact it has a combination of sweet and floral that i love both.the sweet is not too sweet to overwhelming and the floral is strong enough to compliment the sweetness.It is perfect for a Dreamy Evening in AUTUMN/ WINTER and any Special Occasion. if you are looking for a Distinctive Floral scent, Romantic yet a head turner this one might Interest you.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

21st October, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is quite unique on my skin, with the mix of rose, poppy, freesia and other flowers, resulting in a voluptuous, rich and and dense aroma. The drydown adds a honey-vanilla note that fits in very nicely. Very good silage and projection, with a longevity of over four hours on my skin. Very classic and traditional with a subtle twist. Very nice.
23rd February, 2014
I sadly agree with Passionscent, this perfume is beautiful yet sickly.

I have a funny history with this perfume starting with the gorgeous handcream by Nuxe.
I loved the scent of this hand cream so much I wished for a perfume that smelt like it. One day Lancome's Poeme was on offer in Boots and I decided to smell it, and there it was, the smell of the Nuxe hand cream in a beautiful liquid fragrance amber format! I proceeded to spray it on me and walked away to test before undoubtedly coming back the next day to purchase a bottle.
Unfortunately though, I proceeded to feel slightly sick and headachey from this powerful fragrance. I wish it wasn't quite as strong as it is. Maybe I sprayed too much? Suffice to say I didn't buy this perfume.
Anyway, it's now about 2 years since all this occurred and i'm having massive urges to go back and try Poeme again, and just spraying a little and seeing how that sits on my skin (and head and stomach I suppose).

This will be the final decider.. fingers crossed.
09th May, 2013
Quite honestly, I love this fragrance, but it gives me a nauseous headache. A woman with whom I work wears this and at first I love it and then after a while my head starts to ache and I feel like throwing up. Anywhere that she has been even after she has left, I can still smell it. As I said, I do like it but it makes me sick.
The chances of me purchasing this are slim and none.
15th April, 2013
Another fragrance I can't seem to put my finger on what I am smelling. The first blast is kind of overwhelming, but then it dries down to a wonderful floral, kind of heavy, but I liked it.

All I can tell you is the next time you pass a Lancome counter, give this a try, but don't sniff it immediately, give it a little time to develop. Maybe then you can help me figure out how to describe this.
08th September, 2012
Not my favorite, but it's wearable. Horrible topnote blast of something, but much better at the end.
07th April, 2012
I was intrigued by Juliette Binoche's sponsoring of this scent so purchased a .14 oz sample bottle.

I can hardly smell it, even generously splashed about my neck, arms and wrists. On me, it is extremely faint and when I actually get a whiff, it is a nondescript floral with an unusual, almost cloying basenote.

At least my curiosity has been satisfied. For value there are thousands of perfumes far more worthy at the price.
27th July, 2011
Poeme is a heavy, syrupy sweet white floral, and I absolutely love it!

I can't stop smelling this one. It's a bit like Dior's Poison but much lighter, not as dark and more casual.

I sense a lot of plum, tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla, tonka bean and mimose in this fragrance. The white florals are quite honeyed. I picture Poeme as a thick liquid, trickling off my skin, it is in no way light, this fragrance is thick and intense.

It has a definite oriental feel, which makes me conclude that this is an oriental floral with class. Seeming that the opening is rather strong, it's probably best to apply this fragrance lightly or spray the scent into the air and walk through it. It could easily become headache-inducing and cloying if over-applied.

The scent lasts for ages which is really wonderful. Poeme appeals to me because I like fragrances of this nature, however for people that tend to dislike strong, heavy florals with a classic feel, this probably isn't for you.

26th June, 2011
Amazing! The more I wear it, the more I love it. At first I've thought that it's just another nice floral I'll soon be bored with, but with my body chemistry (strange one, believe me) it works wonders. It's heavenly floriental, not too sweet, not too strong (noticeable but not cloying) Every note has it's place in this wonderful simphony. And it's so well composed that I can't even tell what notes are dominant (if there are any). Pure perfection!
21st March, 2011
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One of my beloved and flamboyant girlfriends wears this..I love the complexity of it, it smells delicious, and there is a hint of incense, but it is very sweet, bold, strong and thick, so I wouldn't wear it.
21st March, 2011
Mimosa and vanilla are clearly perceivable at first sniff. Poeme is romantic, gentle and almost edible with its milky, silky mellifluence. The ethereal touch is impressed by rose, element (the latter) notable few hours later the first spray. Amber, musk and may be eliothrope give support to the velvety vanilla. I detect a sort of bitter undertone of neroli at the beginning may be provided by a tonka- orange blossom link. The poppy exudes a touch of mystical dust while the final development smells like creamy zabaione blended with vanilla and marmelade of flowers. Unique and poetic.
26th January, 2011 (last edited: 24th December, 2013)
I can absolutely understand why people find it cloying. I like it but even I sometimes get a little sick of it. But overall, is a beautiful and sweet fragrance. Not for the faint of heart.
21st January, 2011
If color had a scent Lancome Poeme
whould represent Dark Blue although the
liquid from this perfume is Gold and the
box is bright sunny Yellow.

The top notes/Opening note starts off
with hardiness of Leather a few seconds
later dries to an softer femenine note
of Blue Himalayan Poppies Succulant
Plum i can detect a note of sweet Blueberries and peach.

The Middle Notes. Turns a bit more floral fist of the leafy green notes what i also forgoten was the note
of orange blossom on the top notes after the harty leather comes the sweet
scents of freesia & Heliotrope the shy and Ellusive Rose and ylang ylang drifts
quitly though the scent.

The Basenotes dries to an dry woodsy
texture of Sandalwood with an musky
accord of the fire of the Tonka Bean
note Vanilla and the finishing touches
of Warm Amber.

this is an warm inviting scent i recomeneded for the winter months
it will be too heavy for summer and humid condidtions perfect for sitting
around the fireplace snuggling with a
good book kind of an perfume
a conforting scent.
15th December, 2010
Cloying, synthetically sweet-smelling. With a longevity that matches that of original Poison.

Mellows to a wet-towel scent after 15 hours.

But it's ability to lift spirits means it avoids a thumbs down in my books
20th October, 2010
This is a very powerful orange blossom scent- it reminds me quite a bit of Serge Lutens's Fleurs d'Oranger-

It is so potent that I smelled it 24 hours later, after having showered and applied a different fragrance- wow!

29th August, 2010
kitsch Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The weirdest scent memory occurred to me today. I put on Jil Sander Style Pastels Soft Yellow for the first time and it immediately called another scent to mind. After racking my brains - the other scent's name was nearly on the tip of my tongue but wouldn't fully emerge! - I finally hit upon it. It smells like Poeme after Poeme has mellowed down for a few hours.

I like Poeme, in small doses and on the right occasion, and I didn't expect that immediate "scent echo" from Jil Sander Style Pastels Soft Yellow. Does any other Basenotes reviewer find the same thing?

I've since seen that there are internet-supplied notes in common: orange blossom, freesia, vanilla, amber, but did anyone else get this experience too? It isn't just me is it?
15th July, 2010
Warum Show all reviews
United States
Poeme to me is all things yellow. A bright golden sunshine. A huge bouquet of yellow flowers -- yellow tea roses, narcissus, yellow tulips surrounded by European mimosa from all sides, baby breath looking yellow from all the liquid gold around. A jar of wildflower honey. That delicious fragrant stuff that bees collect on their legs after a day of flights in the fields.

In fact, this is what it smells most to me -- the flower pollen that is the first stage of making honey and the beeswax in the drydown. I generally don't like sweet perfumes, but the ones with honey notes are exception. I guess I've been called 'honey' so often that I don't mind smelling like one.

But fear not the thumbs down reviewers, I would not wear Poeme to work. To me, it's an evening affair.
04th April, 2010
Remember the Brill Creme ad? "A little dab'll do ya". Good grief! I smelled this briefly on someone, asked what it was, and then bought a big jug. I've worn it twice. During the second and final wearing, I was in a car with two men, one of whom rolled down the window. He would have jumped had the car not been moving. Pretty much that sums it up. It can clear out a packed stadium. Lovely, but only for the briefest of moments. Nice bottle.
11th August, 2009
A truly terrifying concoction. Overly sweet and cloying. I have found the only wearers of this are overbearing, loud office managers who feel they need to put their stamp on everything- including everyone elses sinuses. Sorry, but Poeme wearers scare me!!!!!!!!!
19th February, 2009
I remember the first time I smelled this in a department store in Clapham Junction the winter I first arrived in London. A huge blast of freesia, tuberose, jasmine, mimosa and mandarin, this one fairly skipped past the tope notes on me and landed smack bang in the middle of a very loud and insanely sweet, some might say obnoxious white and yellow vanilla floral cacophony. I bought it straight away. Reminds me of going out clubbing in freezing cold weather at 10pm, freshly scrubbed, dressed up in a beautiful coat or just having a hot denso in a cafe in Soho. Longevity is insane, I'm talking overnight on me without reapplying. Sillage is powerful, this stuff could kill if oversprayed but I can't help but absolutely love it for all its screeching, sunny (with a musky vanilla dry down) magnificence.
14th December, 2008 (last edited: 20th November, 2016)
i bought this when i was 13, loved it ever since, powerful, unique frag, best for evening wear, id wear this on a date
22nd November, 2008 (last edited: 30th March, 2019)
DawnLady Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I think that this is a lovely fragrance, but I cannot wear it. It makes my eyes run, my nose prickle, and makes me sneeze. Such a shame! I find this with a lot of perfumes (including all the ones I have tried by Lancome), and I can't seem to figure out which ingredients cause the problem - it is just a case of trial and (expensive) error! I am giving Poeme a thumbs-up anyway, because it smells so nice.
07th October, 2008
Romantic is the perfect definition for this scent. Be careful though it is not very easy to wear. It is strong!
a little goes a long way.. First of all it is definitely sweet scent, but although I don't enjoy sweet scents this is one of the perfumes that I enjoy most.. It is not sweet like Angel, or Hypnose, sweet in a different way that I cannot describe.. It feels like you are smelling a honey jar, lovely, also mimosa is very dominant, but better used comparing to Champs Elysees which is another famous mimosa scent.. I apply this in the morning and when I come back in the evening room still smells Poeme, so a great staying power. Perfect for evening and romantic occasions..
04th September, 2008
I rate Poême neutral, as it is so potent so it is a little bit difficult to wear, and as it makes my husband allergic. He starts sneezing as soon as I wear it. But as it is a truly beautiful perfume it is not getting a thumbs down from me. It absolutley deserves a neutral!
30th August, 2008
I love this perfume, maybe it was the right time in my life, I was 30 an things looked up for me. On the other hand, I always liked roses, vanilla,mimosas. Very uplifting scent.
27th July, 2008
For me this is what to wear when feeling a bit down and needing an olafactory hug. Its ups confidence, is strongly feminine and creates a beautiful fruity floral aura around you that lasts for the whole day. Its not for someone who likes to remain in the background - its heady and strong, but comforting and warm.
23rd June, 2008