Reviews of Mille et Une Roses / 2000 Et Une Rose by Lancôme

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United States
Ooh! Quite rosy! I like it very much! It actually smells a lot like Le Labo Rose 31 to me, only minus the cumin, and with some kind of added baby oil smell that Rose 31 doesn't have. Definitely roses. I do prefer the greener drydown of Rose 31, however. Mille et Une Roses dries down to a more musky baby oil smell, which some people might feel is more feminine. Sillage is minimal on me. Longevity of the sharp roses is poor, and it leaves way too quickly. But while it lasts, it's gorgeous! And like Rose 31, Mille et Une Roses is whoppingly expensive. Oh well.
31st August, 2008
elegant, neat and wellbehaving,
it is so much a lady, it might be even too smooth for my character to wear it every day...but it is definitely beautiful, cristal sweet soft roses and honey
30th August, 2008
Elegant & enchanting, this rose scented elixir is radiant! Damask rose, Turkish rose, Dune rose, Musk rose, Bulgarian rose, Tea rose, Apricot rose all combined and glorified into the most beautiful rose fragrance I've ever encountered. Like soft cool petals quietly in bloom, with a breeze to carry the sweetness gently passed your nose, tempting you to smell the flower just one more time. Addictive. Classy too! The amber/musk/woods base of this creation is intricately woven ~ seamlessly interfaced with the fragrant silken petals of rose. I'm so completely taken with this scent, I will be on a mission to add it to my wardrobe! Perfumer Christine Nagel ~ who already has quite a repetoir of successes under her belt ~ has created a real treasure here. I'm also shocked it's not been mentioned by more reviewers. This is a niche quality parfum, well worth the effort to find! The bottle is fantastic too. IMO it is also worth the hefty price tag! Two thumbs waaaaaaaaaaay up!
11th July, 2007
This is very elegant, pretty rose scent. Not grandma or hippie rose oil. Starts out as very fresh and light rose but weighed down beautifully by sandalwood in a drydown. The best rose smell I have ever smelled.
15th September, 2006 (last edited: 20th March, 2012)