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Positive Reviews of Crescendo by Lanvin

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Typical floral chypre of the 1940s - only this is from 1965, not 1960 as stated above.

It is ambery and spicy and quite lovely. There is a slight menthol aspect to its background, which does not displease. I could see how it would have failed in the 1960s, being a throw back to when perfume was of high quality and complex.

Notes include iris, carnation, hyacinth, tuberose, frankincense, amber and unidentified spices.

Barbara Herman gets a tinge of leather and tobacco, but I sadly do not.

In any case it is quite beautiful and worth trying to find. It's only negative aspect is poor longevity. I sampled the pure parfum extract - it fades within an hour.
25th June, 2014
Androgynous. Mysterious. Completely in the Lanvin's tradition.Crescendo is an amazing scent, classified as a soliflore tuberose, but rather a spicy ambery floral with leather undertones. The only problem of Crescendo: it's not a 60's frag at all, but rather a 30's and that's why it was not successful. For example it smells like Weil Noir. A beautiful vintage.
15th January, 2011
loved this way back in the mid-60's. wish I could find it again.
22nd April, 2008
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