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Neutral Reviews of Liz Claiborne by Liz Claiborne

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If you've longed for this "discontinued" 80's staple, it's back, and that's good news. But the bad news is:

1. you'll have to wade through that bug-spray opening (I know this phrase is over-used, but it really is applicable here) for a good 15- 20 minutes to get to anything that approaches the old fruity, slightly minty, marigold/ patchouli mix;

2. the bottle which looks like the red triangle original (from a distance) is so lightweight and cheaply made that the top likely doesn't fit properly; and finally

3. like so many reformulations, it's more of an "eau de" than a true representation of the original. If you think of it that way, it's more amenable, I suppose, to us old-timers. (If you're new to this one, though, your only hurdles will be #1 and #2).

I still like this scent because it truly is unique, but haven't decided if it's worth pursuing in its current form.
28th April, 2016
We all bought this in the 80s (I think mine was yellow) to go with our plastic Liz Claiborne purses, huge hair, and shaker sweaters. It was a clean and bright fragrance, but I could catch a bit of toothpaste in it. Does anybody out there know what the notes were? I wore it even though I didn't like it, but I gave it a neutral due to the nostalgia.
04th September, 2012
I whould descibe this as Flowers and Grease it was to sweet and Oily but i love the falcon shape triangles are my favotite
Shapes but i hate the scent
14th December, 2010
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