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Thumbs up for nostalgia. This takes me back to the eighties, Molly Ringwald, The Cure, and big hair. I loved the smell of this b/c every girl I fell for wore it.
18th July, 2017
I just found a big bottle of the cologne version of this at an outlet store. I had forgotten about it, but now that the bright colors and flat shoes of the 80's have returned, so has this fragrance! This fragrance evokes every girl who ever got a tan in the summer and switched to super pale lipstick to show it off, it is the big hair of fragrances, the one everyone had to have sitting prominently on their dresser, the only question was which color was your flacon? I personally had red, and I intend to have another one just like it because the cologne is too watered, this scent is meant to be bold, only the parfum version will do, and it is the scent to wear during hot lovely summers by the pool!
15th April, 2012
Liz Claiborne's signature fragrance is from an era when fruity florals were lush and juicy - not the watery, peppery, pink, modern kind. Despite LC's former popularity, I'd been quite oblivious to its existence until my recent 'tour' of classic fragrances from the past (via blind purchase of minis and partial bottles online).

Another reviewer compared LC to the original Lauren, and I agree that they are both lush, sweet, green florals with a dash of ripe fruit (in LC's case, peach and citrus*). But where Lauren has a clean, almost shampoo-like quality to its freshness, LC's freshly cut flowers bring with them a waft of planty funk (perhaps due the marigold, ylang-ylang, jasmine and/or narcissus* notes?).

I like this kind of scent, but don't rate LC a favourite from the genre. I'm giving it a thumbs up, however if I could control the position of the thumb it would be pointing to 10 o'clock.

* notes as per Fragrantica
05th August, 2011
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Ah, this reminds me of high school! Good times:) I still wear this retro scent once in a while. It smells delish right from the first spray! Mellows into a lovely, fresh floral. Last all day. My daughter loves it also. Wears well on most ages IMHO. This is a good pick-me-up scent, makes me very happy:-) Also smells good sprayed into your purse lining.
26th May, 2007
I used to wear Liz Clairborne in the 80's. I had received a gift set that had a mini of the parfum with it, and that was very nice parfum - fruity, almost chypre'ish, and quite delicious. I'm not sure what happened to my old bottle of edt (it was the red triangle). It was a very pleasant fruity-floral scent. I don't like the newer Liz Clairborne scents. Just this one.
14th October, 2006
Recently Liz Claiborne had more success with her male fragrances, no wonder they stopped making good female fragrances after Vivid. Their first fragrance is still the best imho. Though strong compaired to todays fruity floral, Liz Claiborne was soft when launch in an age of "power" scents like Giorgio, Poison, Obsession, Bijan... The marketing campaign wasn't about 80s luxurious decadence but more about being yourself.I can imagine a working girl wearing this. It reminds me of a more full blossomed Lauren by Ralph Lauren, both are florals and share green and fruity topnotes. Too bad it has been discountinued, but there is still plenty available on Ebay.
16th February, 2006
Eighties flashback alert! Another fragrance, in addition to Cinnabar and Paris, that I "borrowed" liberally from my sister's stash back when we were both in high school and I did not "officially" wear fragrance (because it doesn't count if it's someone else's, you know.) This is a fairly uncomplicated melange of lots and lots of varied florals, some green notes and a dash of spice. Funny, though, as romantic and dramatic as it should be with all its flowers, this really comes across as a very approachable, head-on and kind of easy fragrance, feminine in a comfortable, contemporary way. It's in a somewhat similar vein as Bill Blass signature, but more accessible, a little less high-end boutique than the Blass is (although the Blass is very easy to wear in its own way.) I still keep a bottle on hand - the stuff is dirt-cheap and widely available - because just looking at the triangular primary-colors motif on the box it comes in always makes me smile and also because the bottle shape makes it fun to apply (which is why I think I was drawn to it in the first place!) This is/was the olfactory embodiment of Liz Claiborne, the brand, at its height, before it became sort of more loose and diluted in its identity. Again, a very, very Eighties thing.
22nd September, 2005