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Neutral Reviews of Realities (original) by Liz Claiborne

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Argh! Such a beautiful waste of a good sage note. Realities is just enough floral to count as one, just enough herbal as well. It's barely a scent, it's so meek. It's like spotting an impossible beauty from all the way across an airport terminal, falling in love, and never seeing that person again; It's torture how good this could have been, and how weak they made it in the end. I suppose it could be used as a functional gym bag or room scent but after smelling it as it unfolds I just want more.
A single rose, a sprig of sage, and a slice of fresh peach in a glass of warm water. Recommended for anyone that is bothered by or allergic to heavier scents and feels they are missing out.
14th April, 2014
A nice fresh, light, airy peach/floral, with a really soft drydown. Totally unoffensive, but not very memorable.

What I do remember about this fragrance is whenever I wore it around my horses I always got bitten. I mean ears back, bared teeth bitten! After this happened a few times I gave up and gave the bottle to a co-worker. Didn't have any problems with the horses after that.

Wear with caution around animals, thus the neutral rating.
04th September, 2012
A slightly green floral, not too sweet (to my nose) but it does have a minty edge, a bit casual, a good for the work (as opposed to office) scent for a young woman. Also sporty enough for a picnic or just a day out. For the woman who would rather not say anything about her sensuality.
07th November, 2009
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Sickly sweet to me. My sis wore it and same thing. A bit nauseating. I really don't care for Liz Claiborne's perfumes/colognes. They're cheap smelling to me.
21st April, 2008
Day Wedding scent. Delicate light floral that would offend no one and smells like pastel formals. Would maybe work for a tea party, but is more dressed up than that, yet strangely plain. Mother of the Bride perhaps.
27th May, 2007