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Positive Reviews of Realities (original) by Liz Claiborne

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Realties is a lovely powdery fresh floral. A soft chamomile rose scent, perfect for the office or casual wear.

I don't think it smells cheap at all, despite it's reasonable price.

23rd August, 2012
i bought Realities cause it's warm, sweet, casual, calm - all the things i wanted for my everyday perfume. actually, i was preoccupied for a long time with finding my "perfect" scent, and when i found this one it served me longest. i don't wear it anymore, cause now i know: there isn't perfect fragrance for me (or there are a lot of them ;) ), but i sniff it from time to time, it's just "doing me good".. who knows, may be i'll give it another chance one day... btw, Versace's Metal Jeans scent is very similar and the two has almost the same ingredients, but M.J. less harmonic, it's like Realities is "rounded" and Metal J. has one or two "edges" (if i could draw them :))...
12th October, 2006