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Reviews of Curve for Women by Liz Claiborne

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Floral; a bit sweet. I love wearing the womens' Curve for some reason. I smell a lot of heavy notes of a white floral resembling jasmine (I think this is lily of the valley) with a hint of lemon and lavender; fairly strong longevity and sillage on my skin. Overall a very pleasant floral perfume which I enjoy even though I'm a male.
04th March, 2018
An aquatic fresh floral. Stays vibrantly aquatic throughout to the drydown of musk. A very straight forward fragrance.
17th January, 2010
I think this fragrance paved the way for the fruity/aquatic florals that are so popular today- it's ok, but I found myself getting tired of it rather quickly-
04th December, 2009
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On me, curve smells like a boquet of fresh cut flowers. It is very acquatic and fresh. It smells good on me and I feel like I am in a garden surrounded by beautiful flowers. I used to wear this perfume all the time and I loved it, but now I don't seem to like it as much. I don't know why because it is very wearable, but for some reason I seem to over look it when I'm choosing a fragrance to wear. There are other scents by Clairborne that are a little less floral and smell better on me like Vivid ( my favorite) and Curve Crush.
16th November, 2008
This one is pretty decent for one of the many Curve iterations over the past few years. I really couldn't distinguish many of the notes, but the magnolia stood out a bit. My wife was a little indifferent towards it, so I suppose its ok, but nothing really special.
At least it wasn't a complete turn off.
03rd September, 2008
This is a nice floral aquatic scent. Hints of water lily are prevelent with this one. Good scent if you just want to relax.
14th August, 2008
Curve dries down to a citrusy, cool aquatic on me. It's nice, but I prefer less citrus. Crush or Chill are much nicer and seem more layered.
29th April, 2007
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United States
I personally love this scent. It changes on my skin, and smells pretty darn good. My husband on the other hand, hates it, because it reminds him of all the trashy women he had to deal with when he worked at a movie theater. I guess that's because it was so darn popular back then. Needless to say, I haven't worn it since.
03rd September, 2006
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United States
What is wrong with me? Or, what ingredient are perfumers using today that causes me to conclude that SJP's Lovely, Estee Lauder's Beautiful Sheer, and LC's Curve all smell the same on me--like pretty lemons?!?!?! [She shakes her head and logs off murmurring ...]
09th August, 2006
Curve for women is very consumer popular and it is sold almost everywhere! I'm not one to 'poo-poo' any scent ~ even the most mass marketed drugstore brands! So, I tried it. Curve (on me) smells like windex. I've admired it on a friend, but on me it's not the same. When I read the list of fragrance notes I was very suprised; as I don't detect any complexity or much harmonic blending in this scent. On a more positive note - I also tried "Curve Crush" and LOVED IT! Crush has a very dominant lavender/vanilla note that I find very lovely! Claiborne has created several versions/spin-offs of Curve - Including a scent for the men - there might be one just right for you, basically inexpensive, so go ahead and try them! {By the way, Claiborne's packaging is so 1990's, and the script on the bottle is catchy!}
13th March, 2006