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I wonder what all the fuss is about.

There are dozens of Angel rip-offs out there and this is simply one more. It does have to its benefit the fact that rather than being loud and over the top, LL is soft and powdery, but it doesn't alter the fact that there is very little creativity here, just less of Angel's volumes in its ingredients and a bit more emphasis on tonka, vanilla and musk.

I don't get any of the anise or licorice notes others seem to find. Tania Sanchez gave it her top rating-five stars- yet, in her two word category admits that it is an "herbal Angel."

I would advise that if you love Angel, but don't love its strength, this can be a much quieter and inexpensive alternative. Neutral rating due to lack of originality.

05th December, 2015
Aniseed Balls

They take the seed of the rapeseed plant and coat it layer by layer in aniseed flavoured candy, finishing with a dark brown coating of gobstopper lustre. This was one of the most common sweets of my childhood and probably explains why I associate the herbal influence of LL with the seed and the sweetness of the concoction with layers of aniseed balls.

Cadbury's Milk Chocolate is wrapped in a glossy overwrap of thickly coated 'Cadbury's' Purple (Pantone 2685C) over a tightly stretched foil layer. There's a fragrance when the packet is opened that is only vaguely chocolate because it's heavily masked by the covering, the indigo smell of purple and the zinc of the foil. This is the second element of LL to my nose.

I don't know if I consider Lolita Lempicka a fragrance because sometimes I smell Christmas Ham.

The bottle could indeed double as a Christmas tree decoration and if it was musical it would sing 'When you wish upon a Star'

Gourmand anyone?

Pros: Easily unisex, quirky, Clever
Cons: Unwanted Christmas Gift?"

25th August, 2013
Not really comparable to Angel. Angel is truly magnificently disgusting and gorgeous at the same time; it's also equal parts aggressively feminine and masculine. Lolita Lempicka goes for contradiction but isn't in your face, certainly much more wearable than Angel.

If you love the smell of licorice or star anise, this could be the gourmand for you. Those notes ruin many perfumes for me (even those that apparently do not contain them) including Yohji Homme, Hypnotic Poison, Jesus del Pozo In Black, Mandragore, and Aimez Moi. Licorice is a very dominant note naturally, and how front and center it is blended for novelty's sake here in Lolita Lempicka only gives me a burnt rubber tire stench, and not in the charming way that Bvlgari Black (also by the same nose--Menardo) pulls that off with contrast and clear intent. Weirdly, something in Lolita Lempicka smells of a car mirror air freshener from the 90s, but that's actually a very interesting accord, leave it to Menardo to weave all of these car and candy references into a classic perfume.

The bottle is cute. This is a very well-blended and high quality perfume for the price and is gratifyingly at odds with the frou frou presentation though plenty sweet. The opening has a glittering smell like a slightly gothic fairy dust. A very subtle tobacco sublimated beneath dominant vanilla drydown marks this as a masterwork.

Still, I never feel like wearing Lolita Lempicka. Everything I've tried from this brand is just too foody and, though fully formed perfumes all, too naive to be enjoyable. They remind me of Mandy Moore when she did that covers album to show she wasn't just bubblegum, but she still sang like a breathy choir girl. If you're bubblegum, do pop proud!

Objectively: absolutely the whole Lempicka line is miles ahead of other department store teen girl offerings, and these scents are actually suitable for all ages too, so I still appreciate that Lo is out there despite not falling for her charms.
15th September, 2012
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I SO badly wanted to love Lolita Lempicka. But all I got was a strong "insect spray" vibe at first. The licorice was there, but majorly overpowered by the 'poison'. I waited for something sweet and warm to reveal itself - but I was disappointed. The lasting lingering note was an acidic musty moss that sort of reminded me of lawn fertilizer. Perhaps my brand new .17oz mini had turned before I applied it? Or the EDP sprays are different? Maybe I need to go to a store and test a fresh tester before I make a final decision.

13th August, 2012
I recall having a strong dislke for lolita as a teen .I just tried it from a tester in Ulta and it seems my tastes may have changed or expanded .Lolita is a peppery sweet wood scent on me .I can't say I love it or hate it now --it is on the maybe list to buy (if cheap enough)althogh for pepper I like Pleasures and for wood notes With Love is higher up on my to buy list for the wood/warm amber blend.Lolita is a definite unisex fragrance in a feminine lavender apple bottle! (Another reason it is on the maybe list ---buy for cute bottle!)
18th April, 2010
Can't remember what the specific notes in this are, but a friend of mine wears it and it smells nice on her. Lolita Lempicka's caveats, however, are that it smells rather cheap and synthetic. It's really easy to overdose on this, meaning a few sprays too much can turn into headaches and complaints from those around you. Nice enough, but if you must wear something heavy, sexy and modern, I'd rather smell something a little more classy like Chance by Chanel.

23rd November, 2009
Too sharp a fragrance for me, but the bottle is beautiful!
24th February, 2009
Wow! I really like this one. The fragrance is sweet, but the ivy & anise add great balance to that sweetness. The bottle is sexy. The name is melodious. My reaction to this is very visceral as opposed to my usually cerebral approach to perfume. The weather is so cold here today, but I am warmed and comforted. I will be adding "Lolita Lempicka" to my ever growing collection. P.S. Not for those who dislike black licorice...PS After a short while of wearing, I developed a real adversion. It's too, too much and not for the faint of heart.
31st January, 2009 (last edited: 23rd December, 2010)
I tried hard to love this one. It's so weird, smells like licorice in the basement...or licorice and pipe tobacco. The overall sweetness is overpowering for me. Somehow it doesn't dry down right, and wound up giving me the worst headache. I sold my bottle on ebay!
15th September, 2008
There seems to be a fine balance of the woodsy and gourmand smell of this perfume on me. I am not crazy about it but I would wear it occassionally.
09th December, 2007
I bought this unsmelled just on the scent breakdown. I was disappointed when it hit my skin. It smells like watery, vanilla soaked violets, which would be great if there was personality. It has none on me. This dries down to pleasant, mediocre mall-scent on me. Oh well.
29th April, 2007
I had to have a bottle because the bottle was so darned cute!
Not for me however. Way too sweet. Too overwhelming. Swapped it away.
13th January, 2007
This is a truly frustrating fragrance. On a strip it smelled powdery (not a favourite of mine) and a bit generic, but I detected liquorice-y notes and other not-quite-identifiables. I like liquorice, and frankly, I loved the bottle.

On my skin, a liquorice vodka accord quicly gives way to a powdery heavy liquorice with a faint suggestion of the soapy violet sweets I used to eat as a kid. A caramel-scented detergent-like note briefly muscled its way to the front, then faded after several hours to... fried chicken wrapped in the paper that had previously lined a box of violet and liquorice bon-bons.

Incidentally, unlike other fragrances I've tried, LL smells different when sprayed on different parts of my body (e.g. front and back of wrist; it smells worse on the front of my wrist, over the pulse).

I still have to give this points for having something different on offer, and for lasting all day.

04th October, 2006
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Wish it worked on me, but can't say that it did. Gave both me and my b.f. terrible headaches -- we had to give our bottle away. The friend we gave it to -- guess what? -- started getting awful headaches himself.

Giving this one a "neutral," as all three of us got compliments on the scent, but -- alas -- had to put up with splitting headaches between the compliments.
06th September, 2006
A friend of mine used to wear this, the bottle was beautiful and I was disappointed that it did not smell so good.
08th August, 2006
Well, it's definitely not an Angel clone and that's a good thing, though they are certainly cousins. The anise/licorice is lovely but overall it is just too sweet and cloying after awhile. If you can carry off gourmands like Angel, you would probably like this one, though. It would be lovely on the right person. Great bottle, too!
27th July, 2006
Unfortunately, my personal chemistry makes sweet fragrances go VERY sweet (with a few exceptions). I cannot wear Chopard Wish at all, I've never tried Angel (because I know for sure I won't be able to wear it), and, to be honest, I don't really like sweet fragrances all that much (again, with a few exceptions).

This one, though, is actually kind of nice. The opening is a bit too sweet for me, but it doesn't take long before it settles in and the anise/licorice really kicks in with a nice spicy sort of sweet instead of just the sugary/syrupy sweet that I so dislike.

I love the licorice/anise note(s). I think that's what gives this fragrance depth and character, and it's what kept me from dismissing it as yet another sweety-sweet candy sugar fragrance.

As the fragrance developed, I really got to where I liked it, which is a bit shocking as it is quite sweet and outside my usual perfume style. It really becomes quite delicious as it goes on.

I'm still undecided as to whether or not I'll buy this in a full bottle. I may have to test it a couple more times to decide. But in any event, I don't hate it, and I'm actually pretty impressed with the depth and character, which is saying a lot from me, who generally hates sweet perfumes.
20th March, 2006
I would love this fragrance too, but the anise ruins it for me. If it weren't for that discordant note, this would be a delicious, sweet, comfort scent.
15th November, 2005