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i saw the bottle, i had never heard of the frag and wanted to try it, smells like a florist, but i liked it, not as good as anais anais, but if you like the really floral stuff, give it a try
27th March, 2010
Pretty, albiet screechy strong floral. Smells a bit at first like a florist's shop times one hundred, then sort of disappears. Adorable bottle.
09th October, 2008
I own the shower gel and I do not like it at all.
Of course the shower gel is different than the perfume, but the only nice part of the perfume (if you ask me) is the beginning (that part is really nice but too quick)
09th August, 2006
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*** CORRECTION *** Please note my previous commentary is actually for the fragrance "Cast A Spell" by Lulu Guiness - Currently not listed in Basenotes directory. Sorry for any confusion.
26th April, 2006 (last edited: 02nd May, 2006)
Lulu Guinness is very pretty, nothing at all wrong with it, but after wearing it a few times I found myself bored by it. I'm a floral lover, maybe even a fanatic, but this one just isn't all that distinctive on me. It's just eh, rather bland. Life is too short to wear fragrances you aren't gaga over.
17th March, 2006
Lulu Guinness is one of my favorite floral blends ... fresh, sweet and feminine. Obviously a blend of many florals, lily is the star in this. I was walking through a greenhouse last spring wearing this, looking for fragrant flowers to plant in the garden, and kept getting a whiff of something wonderful ... searching for the flowers, but realizing it was this perfume. Very pretty, very girly, beautiful blend. Lasting power is excellent.
20th August, 2005