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Positive Reviews of Lulu Guinness by Lulu Guinness

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i saw the bottle, i had never heard of the frag and wanted to try it, smells like a florist, but i liked it, not as good as anais anais, but if you like the really floral stuff, give it a try
27th March, 2010
Pretty, albiet screechy strong floral. Smells a bit at first like a florist's shop times one hundred, then sort of disappears. Adorable bottle.
09th October, 2008
*** CORRECTION *** Please note my previous commentary is actually for the fragrance "Cast A Spell" by Lulu Guiness - Currently not listed in Basenotes directory. Sorry for any confusion.
26th April, 2006 (last edited: 02nd May, 2006)
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Lulu Guinness is one of my favorite floral blends ... fresh, sweet and feminine. Obviously a blend of many florals, lily is the star in this. I was walking through a greenhouse last spring wearing this, looking for fragrant flowers to plant in the garden, and kept getting a whiff of something wonderful ... searching for the flowers, but realizing it was this perfume. Very pretty, very girly, beautiful blend. Lasting power is excellent.
20th August, 2005