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This is a beautiful scent but difficult to find now. I have been searching and searching. No luck.
05th December, 2014

Gorgeous musky-animalic and aldehydic fruity-floral. The juice is obscure (violet, muguet, rose, patchouli) and extremely changeful and sophisticated. I catch the bright  hesperidic and the aldehydic beginning, the complexity of the powdery floral tornado, the taste of the edible fruits, the velvet of the balsams and the shadowy mossy-animalic, ambery and powdery (tonka) dry down. I smell effectively some reminiscence of N. 5 ( with olfactory deja vu about the brewing character of Diva Ungaro) but this scent is less projecting and aldehydic and surely more complex, hesperidic and mysterious (more fruity vanilla and benzoin) than the Chanel one.  A work of art unfortunately hard to find.
15th May, 2012
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United States
I started wearing MB many years ago when it first came out and when I was living in Portland OR. The fragrance always makes me think of beautiful sunny PAC NW summers... MB is supremely wearable, sunny, happy "classic" style aldehyde floral with a wonderfully warm base. I do smell the connection to No 5 which does indeed seem uptight in comparison. And I love No 5 in perfume form, and also No 5 eau Premier. MB is kissing cousins to the relatively sunny and more floral No 5 eau Premier. MB is like No 5 took a villa in Italy for the summer, broke out the sundress, forgot the sunscreen, and ran around barefoot in an ancient garden.

The opening is a burst of sunny aldhydes, citrus, and bergamot. There is definitely a prominent herbal characteristic in the development which gives the fragrance an outdoorsy, natural feeling - probably the geranium, but I swear there is a dash of lavender in there too. The fragrance develops over many hours - it lasts forever - and the sillage is perfect. The dry down is a long slow descent into plush warm vanilla and woods and it really is great. The heart and base are so "dry" and well blended it is hard to pick apart - it just becomes radiant and warmer as time passes. MB is the perfect fragrance - it is wonderful and slightly different during each of its stages of development. It is definitely there and very cheery. It is a beautiful composition.

I highly recommend it to aldehyde lovers and lovers of classic style fragrances. It would be a great gateway aldehyde for those who have troubles with aldehydes in general and think they are too cold. MB shows how aldehydes can certainly be warm and amp up a fragrance. I liked it many years before I got over my fear of aldehydes, not realizing how aldehydic it was, and well before I discovered my love for No 5 parfum which just happened relatively recently for me. And the wonderful floral-herbal composition reminds me of some restrained, natural Goutals. If someone poured this into a Goutal bottle, no one would be surprised how beautiful it smells.
06th April, 2010
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i agree with renids me of Chanel 5 a lot!i like chanel very much ,but i prefer Mariella more because there is a citrus note in it that makes the perfum lighter .i just loved it from the first sniff
19th February, 2009
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United States
I have worn this for many years, always receiving compliments from men an women alike. Funny you mention YSL because that was one of my alternate favorites.
24th October, 2007
I received a small vial of this obscure fragrance in a lot of samples I won on E-bay. I LOVE every note within this stunning scent! [and there are many!] As I take a whiff off my 'test wrist' I want to jump up and down on the couch (ala Tom Cruise) and declare my love for this superb juice!!! It is completely intoxicating - in the same vein as Chanel's no.5! I know, you're rolling your eyes, but honestly, if you enjoy #5 or even Rive Gauche by YSL this is a MUST TRY SCENT!
28th April, 2006