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The (only) perfect Gourmand

Smooth and very surprising milky-creamy confection of (sandal)woody-caramel- and bubblegum notes. Seems there`s a big dose of wonderful cashmeran in it that gives the scent its velvety feel and its outstandingly unusual performance. Aria opens with a dried fruit effect and goes through many stages where the fruit, the cream and the woods are popping up - and backwards. This it does in a linear way, reminding a little of Kenzo Jungle Elephant. Aria`s longevity is outstanding. Finally there are hints of patchouli and some dried cherries effect when it`s turning to a Skin scent. Could be a gourmand gold standard. The pictured extrait with the fruits slightly turned down and stronger focus on the woody-floral is terrific. Sadly discontinued. It`s getting harder to purchase it in recent days.

Pros: Very unusual
Cons: Discontinued"

17th September, 2013

The name Aria is inappropriate in my opinion since the fragrances that more than others remind me this one are Diva Ungaro, Magot Etro and original Fendi (with reminiscences of Aromatics Elixir) that aren't properly airy or ozonic scents.  The smell is classy, rich and a bit stuffy with a strong fruity floral presence (mellow fruits as apricots, peaches and raspberries and floral notes as tuberose, rose and jasmine), bergamot, a touch of patchouli, animal notes, musk and a woody-vanillic-honeyed  base. The scent is a bit retro and decidedly fruity-floral, slightly mellow and i would write stale rather than airy. It conjures at me the dreadful aura of the mature women of the 90's. A golden fragrance.
22nd March, 2012
Missoni Aria is like a first cousin to Dior's original Poison! They are both a spiced fruity floral, with Aria's dominant trait being the floral, Poison's is more fruity. I'm shocked at the resemblance! Sure would like to know the nose behind this one. Pure 1980's big & bold.
27th May, 2009
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