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A traditional Eau de Cologne. Nicely done. Better than many out there.
As mentioned by others longevity is EdC type so dont expect it to last a work day
At the price it is going for ($5/oz vintage) a no brainer.
26th October, 2016
This is a superb "Aqua de Colonia", it puts 4711 to shame, better than either Extra Vieille or Acqua di Parma, it even replaced Borsari Acqua Classica as my favorite Eau de Cologne.
A clearly unisex fragrance, even more masculine than any of the Eau de Cologne I just mentioned.
Sillage and logevity are better than any Eau de Cologne I know, but do not expect much, it is just an Eau de Cologne after all.
My most enthusiastic thumbd up.
11th June, 2012
'1916' evokes very dear childhood memories to me, since it was the 'eau de cologne' of choice for my beloved grandmother. It is most definitely a unisex fragrance, and several (young) friends of mine use it in Madrid. It is fresh, citric and not cloying. Most definitely thumbs up from Oscar.
07th August, 2008
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Agua di Colonia is the full name of this wonderful classical citrus. It has more longevity than is usual in this family which isn't primarily meant to perfume. I am partly reminded of Roger & Gallet's Extra Vielle, an Acqua di Parma without the rose! It would be an ideal travel companion in warmer climates.
18th April, 2008