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Neutral Reviews of L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

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The opening is very strong with carnation and cloves and it smells very synthetic to me. I was amost scared off and wondered how this can be named 'l'Air du Temps'.

All I had to do is wait. The strong irritating scents mellow in to a warm powdery, yet oddly, fresh scent. I can feel some sweet flowers and some soft spices. The whole mixture is in fact cozy, but unusual. It lives up to its name, l'Air du Temps.

I still don't like the opening. However, the drydown is lovely enough to encouraging me to wear it again and again. Who knows? I might actually love it after going through my mini.

Originally written in 2013.
26th January, 2018
I used to wear this as a teenager in the 70's . Absolutley loved it and was one of my favourites. Sadly I found it just too sweet last time I tried it about 5 years ago, unless it was just the old reformulation trick.
31st August, 2017
The opening of L'Air du Temps is a creamy floral, springlike, optimistic and girlish but not too light or insubstantial, nor too sweet. Old fashioned, (I love that there isn't even the faintest hint of fruit in this) but not old lady. I do not have a very sophisticated nose so the only flower I can detect for sure is carnation, the other florals seem to be there to brighten and lift this rather distinctive, spicy bloom.

Unfortunately as the fragrance develops, the carnation wilts - quite explicitly. On me, the smell of decay after a few hours is quite extraordinary. Halitosis, unwashed body and stagnant vase water - luckily this stuff is easy to remove and sillage is not expansive. Every so often I give it another chance, hoping that maybe my body chemistry has changed, but no such luck. I sometimes spray it on my clothes where it retains its freshness better.

I never smelt the original, so I cannot compare. But I find this fragrance so close to being beautiful that I have to wonder what went missing in reformulation, or wether perhaps this was never going to work on me.
03rd November, 2015
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A classic spicy floral that comes across to me as generic. L’Air du Temps one is centered on the “spiciness” of the carnation note. I don’t get the wood or fruit that are supposed to be involved in the opening; I get “carnation” and an ordinary jasmine. The middle goes more floral and begins to take on a rather powdery feel, the uninteresting jasmine remains strong to my nose, and there is a clove note in the background of the florals. The moss, wood, and amber come through for me in the base, and the base seems to me to be unclassically generic. I don’t think that the recent version of L’Air du Temps that I’m smelling now is the wonderful classic of all the positive reviews (Some of the appreciation of this scent seems more nostalgia than love for the fragrance.) Luca Turin gives the explanation of why this version isn’t as good as the vintage fragrance: restriction of an important ingredient. Unfortunately, this downward direction has likely hit more fragrances than this. It’s too bad that these reductions in quality happen, because I can see a very real potential in this fragrance… potential but not actual excellence with this present version.

31st October, 2009
My mum has worn L'Air du Temps for as long as I can remember. On her, it is a gorgeous, comforting floral. Just smelling it makes me feel like I am 8 years old again, being hugged by my mum after falling over. A few months ago, I tried it out on myself and unfortunately it did not work. On me, L'Air du Temps smells heavy and cloying and gives me an instant headache.
29th July, 2009
I agree, the formula has been tweaked. I remember this as a warm and spicy romantic fragrance. I sampled it in it's new formulation and it's just generic.
28th May, 2009
This is a nice, light inoffensive floral...not as terrible as "The Guide" states but not very inspiring, either. The new formula lacks some of the more subtle fragrance notes that I could never quite define but were obviously important. Those notes made a "little" fragrance much more interesting. Another problem...this fragrance does not last! It seems to evaporate before any kind of drydown. If you are looking for a nice, light floral, save your money and buy Tommy Girl instead.
07th September, 2008
I am one of those few people for whom L'Air du Temps fails to work its magic. I have tried it repeatedly through the years. On me, the carnation stands out, and it is a cool, spicy note which does not blend smoothly with my skin. (Even the venerable Caron Bellodgia is difficult for me to wear sometimes. Etro Dianthus has probably been the best carnation on me because of its warm, sunny, orange undertones.) L'Air du Temps has a breezy, light floral quality that doesn't project on me. I can completely understand its charm, though. For myself, I need more strength, warmth, and woodiness.
15th December, 2007
Never got the point of this one - for me it had something too synthetic about it, which reminded me of the smell of musty old nylon "net curtains"...
03rd October, 2006