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I love this cologne. I don't wear it often enough. Very feminine, but not cloying or overly floral. I wish the notes were available. I would love to know what they are!
10th August, 2006
Many years ago I wore L'air du Temps pretty much exclusively, in all of its formulations. It was my signature scent - before I became this fragrance lunatic that had to experience multitudinous fragrances. I received compliments on L'air du Temps just about everywhere I went. It suited my chemistry to a "T" and dried down soft, lovely, slightly musky, spicy and floral. Can't quite describe the scent but it was haunting. I understand the formula has been tweaked, so I'm afraid to revisit my old love. I'd rather have fond memories than see another old love ruined for me.
20th March, 2006
I can't really wear this, too many elderly women I know wear it and it just makes me feel like a grandma. However, the interesting thing about the powder in this is the salty aspect. Many powders are sugar-sweet or floral-sweet, but the powder here is not sweet at all. It's almost...mineral. The florals maintain their own character separate from the powder, rather than playing second-fiddle to it. It's almost like two separate melodies playing at once, complimentary and cooperative but independent. I'm holding onto my bottle for a decade or so...perhaps I will have grown into it by then, or perhaps my mindset will have changed enough to allow me to feel good in it. It's certainly a beautiful fragrance, despite the cultural insinuations.
19th March, 2006
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A very beautiful, powdery floral fragrance. Timeless and elegant.
27th December, 2005
Great bottle. Is this a good scent? YES! I guess it's cause it remids me of my mother and of a perfect weather in a spring afternoon in a valley of flowers. Light? nop it's not very light and the logevity is good too. It's very much a classic and hasn't lost the allure it draws on some people.It might be a bit heady for some too. But I just love it. Unmistakable fragrance.
10th December, 2005
I love this fragrance. To me it smells really sophisticated and fresh. On me the drydown is incredibly soft and sweet.
07th December, 2005
Very time I wear this I received compliments of how nice I smell. My husband asks me to wear this; it is his favorite of all my collection.
23rd November, 2005
Smells ok on others, but in contact with my skin it transforms to a sickening chemical mix of soap and hair-spray.
15th October, 2005
Apparently the good Baron de Charlus finds L'Air du Temps angelic. Well if this is the aroma of angels, then please send me to hell right away! If anyone wants to describe that nasty smell of old ladies OD-ing on their perfume - just remember the name of this atrocity. This is really terrible and should be forbidden ASAP. Powder overload with ghastly florals, get it away from me!
26th September, 2005
A timeless masterpiece. One of my first perfumes and it's surely a good beginning. Starts with the notes of jasmin, develops with rose and carnation, ends with iris, chrysanthemum, sandalwood and musk.
10th August, 2005
Another classic, very romantic. Still one of my favorites!
21st August, 2004
19th December, 2003