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This is for the original 1967 Mademoiselle Ricci (not the 2012 version).

This fragrance is a total mystery for me. I bought a bottle in Paris back in the early 80's and I still have it. I wear Mademoiselle Ricci occasionally in the summer and nobody thinks it is feminine fragrance. Why? Because it is a carbon copy of Signoricci (the 1965 original). What puzzles me is that, according to the Perfume Intelligence website (The Encyclopaedia of Perfume), these two fragrances have rather different compositions. Here is what they wrote:


A classical citrus edt with notes of sage, fig leaves, mandarin, Provencal hay, lemon seed, exotic woods, Alpine lavender, vetiver, rock moss and lichen.

Mademoiselle Ricci:

A green floral edt with notes of bergamot, iris, royal lily, violet leaf, galbanum, rose, honeysuckle, patouchli, aok moss and sandalwood.

I have both fragrances here and they smell the same. The only difference is that Mademoiselle Ricci is slightly more powdery in the dry-down (but I may be imagining things). I have always suspected that someone at the factory had put Signoricci in the Mademoiselle Ricci bottle by mistake. If anyone here can shed some light on this, it would be much appreciated. This has been puzzling me for almost 30 years!
02nd August, 2012 (last edited: 08th September, 2012)