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Reviews of Les Belles de Ricci - Liberté Acidulée / Liberty Fizz by Nina Ricci

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It was a b day gift. Super juicy tomato leaves that can drive the senses crazy, for the few minutes that they last. It's more like a refreshment water, than a perfume. The bottle was gone in few weeks. The other one in two and than, it just didn't make sense any more.
31st August, 2014
This is my summer scent. It's very light and fresh and reminds me of greenhouses. The raspberry comes out quite strongly when I wear it. It's a fresh, fun scent.
05th January, 2007
I love, love , LOVED this when I first got it in 1996.The tomato leaf smells fresh on the skin, and the berry notes appealed to me at the time. That said, I now tire of the synthetic fruit notes and the minimal staying power. So I would have given in a thumbs up 10 years ago, but it's neutral for me now.
If you're through with vanilla, ocean and citrus perfumes, however, this is decidedly different. I'd recommend trying before buying.
27th March, 2006
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Liberty Fizz (green bottle): a delicious composition based on the leaf, flower and fruit of the tomato.- This isn't bad at all, but it isn't me. An orange leafy note comes through very nicely at first, but as with all of Nina Ricci's perfumes (the exceptions are Deci Dela & L'Air du Temps) this falls flat very quickly on me.
04th December, 2005
The green one smells very good. I really love it. It's so sweet and feminine.
12th September, 2004