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This is probably the perfume that gets me the most compliments. It's so soft, comforting and pretty that it usually ends up being the crowd-pleaser. I use it often as hair fragrance, in combination with other perfumes as it may become a bit boring by itself.

To me, this is the equivalent of how one behaves when on a first date or when meeting the partner's parents for the first time. Polite and subdued, biding time to get to know the other party first.
29th December, 2016


First I Expected a strong overpowering scent,instead I was pleasantly surprised by PREMIER JOUR as I found it Soft in a Nice way.Playfully Attractive and Irresistibly Seductive. It is not as Special as PURE POISON. Romantic,Cute, Luminous,Delicious,Floral,Feminine and Fresh.

Joyful notes of Sweet Pea and Mandarin Orange leading to an Romantic heart of Orchid and Especially Gardenia and these are brought into a Feminine and Soft base of Creamy Musk,Vanilla and Sandalwood and Evokes a feeling of Serenity and Beauty.Middle notes are the best for me.

In fact The white floral notes make it fresh and at the same time Romantic.It is not sharp or overwhelming.A nice Feminine scent you could use it for most Seasons and Occasions.Ideal for a Blithe Lady who likes a Refined yet Romantic scent. Totally it is not a Extraordinary floral but Simply LOVELY.


Longevity?Average on my skin.

23rd April, 2015
For me this is a shy and rather everyday sister of Coco Mademoiselle; it is smooth, pinky feel in the beginning. The middle notes fade to make way to the loud daffodil - which is playful, cheerful, this is why I like how it makes me feel in cold weather. The drydown is an imprecise mixture that loses the daffodil and fades quickly. Still, the lasting power is somewhere over 4 hours.
31st October, 2011
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This is my most favorite fragrence ever! I get so many compliments on it when I wear it. Problem is... it's hard to find. It isn"t overpowering. just subtle and beautiful!
15th August, 2011
This scent was fairly linear on me and I thought it was a mens fragrance. Starts woody citrus and then the wood dies down and couple light flowers bloom where it was standing, it is spring! Somehow the Citrus and woodyness finds its way back smothering the delicate flowers.

Like Spring in Michigan, It is not meant for my skin.
05th April, 2011
Modern and sexy and if bland i'm not a fan of skin
scents but this seems to be alright, opens green
and woody with clean etchings of white gardenia. dries down sweet with vanilla and sweet pea I don't smell
any orchids nor detect them but it has a beautiful musk
drydown Basically there's not alot to say about this
these are one of the self explanatory fragrances with
the No Fuss No Muss kind of altitude with modern
Perfumery nothing that screams out individuality.
29th December, 2010
i really like premier jour on my wife. so much so that i wouldnt mind wearing it myself. smells of refined pink rose with touch of vanilla, fruits and amber. smells elegant all the way to the drydown. and the best part? doesnt smell like fruit candy. i dont find anything in it thats repulsive. only elegance.
13th October, 2009
I thought Allure was bad until I tried this ugly fruity floral. I cannnot give a further assessment, because I ran to the faucet to scrub off this wretched stuff.
10th October, 2009
I was determined to buy this fragrance but I thought I should try a sample first and see how long it lasted on my skin.After 1 hour, it was gone.I was very dissapointed because I found it at a good price and it has a pretty smell,perfect for daytime use.Unfortunately,not worth the money.
16th June, 2009
Soft, pretty, fruity, nice. I give it an Eh!
28th July, 2008
It's ok, nothing special, but it has something that makes me want to sneeze! I can not wear it at all...
10th January, 2008
I haven't worn this one enough to give a fair assessment. It is light, a nice gardenia, citrus floral blend. Possibly a little almond in there. The drydown comes quickly, anice musky vanilla, a little sandalwood, and it is gone. I haven't tried this at all in winter, or in multiple dabs, but the previous reviews put it back on my list.
13th October, 2006
I think I smell sweet pea in this, and sweet pea is one of my favorite floral notes. it's a soft scent, this one, and I love it in the hot summers of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. soft, fresh, gentle... it's perfect for the times you want to wear a sun dress or just a gentle camisole that covers only what needs to be covered. beautiful.
29th December, 2005
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The notes are supposed to be musk, vanilla and mandarin. It starts out mildly pretty, but it lacks a real depth on my skin. The drydown ends flat and watery on my skin. Another barely there scent.
04th December, 2005
19th December, 2003