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Neutral Reviews of Premier Jour by Nina Ricci

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Modern and sexy and if bland i'm not a fan of skin
scents but this seems to be alright, opens green
and woody with clean etchings of white gardenia. dries down sweet with vanilla and sweet pea I don't smell
any orchids nor detect them but it has a beautiful musk
drydown Basically there's not alot to say about this
these are one of the self explanatory fragrances with
the No Fuss No Muss kind of altitude with modern
Perfumery nothing that screams out individuality.
29th December, 2010
Soft, pretty, fruity, nice. I give it an Eh!
28th July, 2008
I haven't worn this one enough to give a fair assessment. It is light, a nice gardenia, citrus floral blend. Possibly a little almond in there. The drydown comes quickly, anice musky vanilla, a little sandalwood, and it is gone. I haven't tried this at all in winter, or in multiple dabs, but the previous reviews put it back on my list.
13th October, 2006
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