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Reviews of OP Juice for Women by Ocean Pacific

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Synthetic Juice

This smells amazing on some people, but I am not one of those people. Strangely, musk is my thing, but not this musk. The opening smells like fly spray on me, and develops into something that is neither fruity, floral nor musky. The final result is very synthetic with my body chemistry.

Pros: Smells great on some folks.
Cons: Smells like fly spray on me!"</p>
21st October, 2013 (last edited: 27th April, 2014)

OP Juice is nowhere near as good as OP Blend.

OP Juice is OK but nothing special. It's light, quite watery, slightly fruity and smells slightly synthetic. It has pretty good staying power.

It's not bad but not a perfume from my collection that I wear too often. I have other perfumes (including OP Blend) that are so much better!

18th February, 2011
Very youthfu, like 16-21? Not for the 30, 40 crowd if you are trying to be sophisticated, with a fresh touch. But if you want to feel young again, reminiscent to your first over the counter cologne, this is it. The notes all run together giving it a powdery scent in the end.
31st October, 2007
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It isn´t a bad fragrance, but the top is simply awful and disgusting, full licoride and strange, but later changes to a more pleasant aroma no overpowered but super long-lasting.
29th May, 2007
Who came up with this piece of trash? Perfumer's member card withdrawn!
NO no and no!
01st August, 2006
Very unique and clean, with a touch of sweetness. Has a weird note in the dry-down that I can't put my finger on...same weird note as I Love Love. Would have been my HG if it weren't for that note. Still like it, though.
26th August, 2005