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Neutral Reviews of Ginger Essence by Origins

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United Kingdom
Ginger ale with lemonade and a helping of fizzy cola bottles on the side. Some days this feels like too much to take in and some days the space-dust like buzzing of this fragrance is just right. Prepare to be refreshed! I'd avoid it on headache-y days; it's too sweet for those and if you're looking for a more true Ginger scent without all the faff, go for the original Ginger perfume by Lush instead (Origins version came after).
03rd August, 2008
This zesty concoction will satisfy your thirst for a refreshing cup of ginger and lemon tea, sweetened with honey!
It is as simple as that – fresh, balsamic citrus notes of lemon and a hint of lime, the fresh and pungent yet warm spiciness of ginger sweetened with honey and sparkled with green tea undertones. There may be some trace amounts of vetiver and elemi – there is a hint of woodiness at the base, but overall this is a one-dimensional synergy with one aroma therapeutic goal: to refresh you while keeping you calm and confident.
It is quite long lasting as well – a lot more than you would expect from such a fresh citrus perfume.
It smells very natural and young: no synthetic chemical notes disturbed my enjoyment of this uplifting juice!
If you like ginger and citrus and need a pick-me-up fragrance for those sleepy afternoon at the office – that would be a great choice.

30th April, 2007