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I'm an unabashed ginger fan, so when I first heard this was coming out I couldn't wait to try it...and I've continuously owned some ever since. I can understand it could be a little too much for some, butI absolutely love it and it seems to suit me.

I also own some of their Ginger with a Twist, but only use this *very* sparingly, when I might need waking up. It's really quite startling, which isn't always what you look for!
28th March, 2013 (last edited: 30th March, 2013)
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United Kingdom
The one to go to for a wake-up call. Fresh ginger, freshly grated so it has the sharp lemony tang - wow! So refreshing.
26th May, 2010
I rather like this one.

It's light enough for everyday wear and not too complicated, while still being interesting.
24th December, 2008
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Love it! I wear it most of the time. It's ginger, lemon/lime scent is casual but seductive. It's invigorating and awakens the senses. I get many compliments on it.
17th September, 2008
Imagine Happy with more ginger and less grapefruit, all on a bed of amber and light sandalwood. The ginger is strong and zesty, but not strong enough to keep the longevity where it needs to be. (Expect fairly frequent re-applications with this one.)

Beautifully blended, yes, but (again) the longevity sucks. Moderate sillage. Easily unisex, but leans just a hair toward the feminine.

Thumbs up, but with the things above duly noted.
18th January, 2008
I like this but wish it would last longer. It smells like Hansens Ginger Ale Soda, with a splash of orange. It even smells a little fizzy.
It's very light and clean smelling, so would be great for work.
23rd April, 2006
Love this one. It's my tried-and-true fallback fragrance. Warm, sparkling, gingery and citrusy without being sharp. Light enough to wear to work. Pair it with the Ginger Souffle body cream, also from Origins, for an even warmer overall scent.
18th October, 2005 (last edited: 08th November, 2005)
Every so often, I just go mad for this fragrance because it's got such a healthy, invigorating sense of aliveness to it. I associate ginger itself with healthy things - it's supposed to be very good for you - and the Origins fragrance rendition of this zingy root is the best one there is, I believe. Ginger Essence combines an array of citrus notes, heavy on the lemon and lime, with ginger (of course) as well as several other spice notes and a soothing jasmine-vanilla-amber finish that keep the "starring note" form getting too harsh. The opening accords of this scent can be a bit abrupt - I remember trying this on for the first time at an Origins store and thinking, "Um, no thanks," but the drydown comes around fairly quickly and then the composition becomes very pleasing. A little Seven-Up-like but less bland, more complete and sophisticated. I like wearing it most in the fall, when the ginger's natural warmth as a note becomes most apparent. I have both the Sensuous Skin Scent (lighter, EDT like) and the Intense (EDP like) versions and actaully prefer the Sensuous Skin Scent. The lasting power's not nearly as good but I think the overall composition is more balanced in this version.
26th September, 2005