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Negative Reviews of Bluebell by Penhaligon's

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Ok, let's stop for once playng the good boys and girls game.

Sometimes I forget how much a perfume can be ugly and annoying. Anytime it happens I reach for Bluebell as a reminder. Horrifying synthetic floral at its worst. Simply abominable.
08th August, 2011
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United Kingdom
Ok - bluebells have no smell, so they have represented a chemical dump instead -- really quite nasty. Cheers.
02nd December, 2009
Flower in a bottle!

To all of you who seem to want to liquify a flower and have the 'most natural smelling floral' in a bottle, this is it.

The top notes and mid notes have the same dense, natural, pungent aroma that you smell when you press your nose inside a flower. Very natural, but I don't think that's what most people are after, when it comes to it.

The drydown is better, with woods, white musk and a floral component.

I would rate it unisex to the feminine side.
30th November, 2009
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A meek and timid offering, redolent of long forgotten flower pressings. The insipid and unsatifying citric opening is dispensed with quickly, and the fragrance moves with similar haste through a badly assembled collection of poor quality floral ingredients. One is only thankful that this tedious experience is at least a brief one. This is not awful, just pointless
04th July, 2009
It reminds me of that fluorescent light of some public bathrooms (the light that shall make it impossible to find ones blood vessels), and it is the only scent that I have got sprayed on that I felt I had to scrub of as soon as possilble. I have onely one word for this: terrible!
26th November, 2008