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This fragrance makes me smile. It smells just like Hyacinths, and reminds me of Spring. It is not very sophisticated or clever; it is just lovely. Knowing how simple the formula is (I worked on the Bath Oil version when there was a technical problem ) I think it is clever to have achieved such an effect.
24th February, 2015
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United Kingdom
A nice floral

The main issue I have with this scent is a very synthetic initial top note, but after about fifteen minutes a nice hyacinth with lily of the valley and jasmine merge into a traditional floral composition. I do not get much development, but it is nicely done. Decent projection and nearly three hours if longevity. Not exciting, but traditional.

07th July, 2013
I found a used box of Penhaligon's samples on Ebay. I had read so much about this house and was anxious to try the perfumes. It contained a sample of Bluebell which, i understand, was one of Princess Diana's favorite scents. This turned out to be the only one of the lot which I liked. it doesn't turn to talcum powder, as many of the other Penhaligons do, and lasts a long time. You have to be sparing, though. It is rather heady. I like the combination of sweet and spice.
14th February, 2013
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Bluebell really captures what this fragrance house is all about. Unashamedly english, in the most charming, individual and nostalgic way, it is an unusual fragrance that certainly merits a try. It is quite extraordinary how it captures not just that hyacinth-like sweetness, but also an earthy and wet sense so reminiscent of woodlands and misty, dew soaked mornings. It is fresh and clean, yet it can go funny on skin and end up smelling like wet earth, but you won't find this kind of scent anywhere else. Its unique charm is undeniable, as is the bottle and packaging; a perfect take on vintage with a contemporary twist, which is what the brand should be aiming for.

18th November, 2009
When this first opens, the sweetness is almost gourmand ,then it gets greener and greener but the sweetness never really goes away on me. It becomes linear on my skin which I love. Although this is EDT , it does last for quite some time. Wonderful
01st September, 2009 (last edited: 16th September, 2009)
I liked it, but perhaps that's because I have an appreciation of more simple, natural fragrances. It you need a complicated, heavy-breathing scent, this won't be for you. It is crisp, cool. Like someone said before it reminds one of springtime, of fresh little buds poking up through thawing earth. The smell of flower bulbs and damp dirt. My only concern with the three penhaligon's I tried was that they do not have good longevity. They absolutely did not stay on my skin, they were gone in an instant. I have to apply to my clothing and run a little through my hair in order to make it stay with me for a few hours.
26th January, 2009
Lovely, fresh, sweet, crisp, hyacinths in spring. One of the 3 or 4 perfumes I wear when I have a hangover because the general aura of it makes me feel clearer-headed and freshly-showered.
29th September, 2008
The truest Hyacinth I've ever encountered, beautifully supported by Jasmine, Rose, and Lily of the Valley, resting on clove and cinnamon. This has none of the annoying "green" notes of this flower present in so many commercial products derived from hyacinth oil. It is as fresh as the day the flower opened, sweet and not cloying. A true masterpiece in its simplicity - smells like Easter morning!

9 Notes:

Top: Citrus
Middle: Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Rose
Base: Galbanum, Clove, Cinnamon
11th January, 2008 (last edited: 13th July, 2011)
The smell to end them all, if I could have only one I THINK...yeah, it'd probably be this. So very English and reeking of hyacinths and wet gardens, although I'm told no hyacinths were hurt during it's production, it's as blue-smelling as it's box. A smell to aspire to, it's fresh like bruised petals trodden on by a young girl, venerable and ageless on an older woman. Possibly a dandy and daring man could get away with it since there is almost a spicy jasmine hint towards the end of the first sniff you take. The bottle has a vintage style label and cute blue bow. You take it home and feel like it's something you earned. Ladylike and one for life.
24th February, 2007
Someone gave my mother a bottle of this when I was in my teens. She didn't get on with it (she was a Madame Rochas lady) but I loved it. Absolutely gorgeous - a really joyful fragrance. I would definitely buy some again.
24th January, 2007
Shycat Show all reviews
United States
Yes, it does make me smile! Over and over again through out the day.
top: galbanum

middle: cyclamen, muguet, jasmine, rose

base: clove, cinnamin

I hestitate to include the notes, but they are on the Pennhaligon's web page. It really brings nothing to mind except kneeling in the cool springtime to catch a whiff of the first bulbs of spring. The fresh greenness is uplifting and though there isn't a hyacinth note listed, that's exactly, and I mean Exactly, what it smells like...
29th January, 2006
Wet and green - a whole-plant smell with the crushed leaves and stems as well as the flower. Very evocative, long-lasting and unusual.
14th January, 2006
So sweet! Makes you smile's so audaciously simple and charming. Like walking through a carpet of spring bluebells in a wood. Light, femminine, moist.
11th June, 2005
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