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Positive Reviews of Beloved by Prince Matchabelli

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Beloved is a word that has always had a dark side to me.... as in "Come this way, my Beloved", as one is led into a dungeon.

Just like the word, Prince Matchabellli's "Beloved" of 1950 has an alter ego as well. It opens with bright, deep notes of orange oil and chamomile. These blend quickly and seamlessly into a jasmine-rose floral heart with undertones of sandal and smoke. These meld beautifully into the skin, but after a while Beloved does some shape-shifting into an undeniable animalistic note. The herbal notes meld with what must be some incredible and authentic animal-based fixatives, to leave the wearer certain she is in a horse barn. This naughty fragrance is certainly an ancestor of my all-time favorite dirty perfume, La Nuit by Paco Rabanne.

b.n. This review is from a 60s or 70s Cologne Spray (pre- flourocarbon ban, as this bottle has them). discoloration is minimal, with just a few seconds of "vintage oxidation to contend with. i rate it an 8 for freshness.

b.n. I have no idea what the official notes for this scent are; these are only my impressions.
27th September, 2009