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Negative Reviews of Safari by Ralph Lauren

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I was given this by a fleeting, or fleeing? love. A big deal since it'd recently been launched and was expensive for him as a perfume, or EDP. OI made a big fuss, then I took it home- thought it smelled like something used to deodorize the bathroom- hated it. Threw the big sucker away, but kept the guy- waaaay better than the perfume! Now I have a vintage purse size of it. Bad pennies always show up !Where's he now? Ha!

Ick on this frag!

Be Well!

29th October, 2012
I had great hopes for this but the green notes are sharp and horrible on my skin. The sillage sticks in my throat. I get a sour grassiness that hangs around for hours gradually drying down to something flat and decidedly vegetal.
This green isn't lush and verdant it's more like school uniform drabness.
13th May, 2010
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United Kingdom
Very concentrated, intensive, and strong perfume.
It is a Floral - Green type of perfume.
Smells powdery, woody, and citrusy with leather, moss and green notes.
There is something common between it and ‘English Leather’ perfume by Dana. I’m not sure which one of the above notes.
My husband thinks it is good, I don’t (sorry). It is just too strong for me.
For those who are sad that it is discontinued, you might find it in eBay at very expensive prices.
27th April, 2008
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Pretty, but too sweet smelling on me and you know what the sweet smelling juices do to me--stomach churning, not good! The men's is nice, though!
21st April, 2008
Um, how boring, how perfumey. Makes me wish I had my bottle of Bandit with me for a do-over.
14th October, 2006
In my opinion this is a would-be lovely scent completely ruined by the overuse of aldehydes. Could have been a winner, but quite an unpleasant drydown. A little heavy on the vetiver, and not one of the nicest vetivers, either.
31st July, 2006
Wow, I am totally in the minority here! This is not appealing to me in the least. Extremely dry chypre with too much vetiver and aldehydes for my taste. But, since so many people seem to love it, I can't help but think I'm missing something here...hmmm. Oh well.
11th June, 2006