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Neutral Reviews of Safari by Ralph Lauren

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Safari is what might be considered a transitional fragrance from the big green florals of the past such as, say, Givenchy III, YSL Y, No.19 and the more restrained floral style of the late 90's. Overall a good galbanum / floral driven composition with enough body to not result exactly *clean* but already devoided of the massive animalic presence of some of its similarly themed ancestors.

Honestly, I'm not crazy about it but put this juice in any of those modern *uber-luxury* niche packagings and you'll see…

12th January, 2015
I hadn’t known that this was discontinued until I started to write this reflection. I’m of a couple of minds about Safari, but I’m sorry it’s d/c’d. It’s an interesting alternative to other widely-available, mainstream florals. It starts crisp and grassy. It’s heavy on the galbanum, but the high-pitched green florals (especially hyacinth) keep it from seeming chalky. The midnotes categorize Safari: green, woody floral.

I do like Safari for its crisp coolness, but this snappiness slowly fades. It remains cool to the touch, a great feature in a hot climate, but gets a little sweeter over time. The sweetness works well with the grassy, somewhat fruity topnotes and gives that feeling in the nose of taking a shot of wheatgrass. Eventually, though, the sweetness leaves the drydown lacking the dimension of the top and heartnotes. Overall, Safari is an extremely coherent design and has remarkable longevity.

A note: I haven’t the least idea how this fragrance relates to a safari. The typical Ralph Lauren notion of surrounding yourself with the trappings of privilege from some distorted fictional past is particularly horrifying here. If what Africa provides for North America and Europe is a cheap vacation (“safari”) why not go whole hog, stay a bit, and call it Colonialism?
29th November, 2010 (last edited: 03rd May, 2012)
I can't make my mind up on this one. I used to love it, I think the bottle is exquisite, but honestly it smells kind of like church to me. Which can be nice, but...It has lost it's appeal over the years.
01st December, 2008
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