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Neutral Reviews of Romance by Ralph Lauren

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Ralph Lauren Romance is the number 1000 aqueous-mineral musky floral with hints of lychee, light woods, ginger and citronellol/galaxolide. Lotus and freesia provide the "enchanted pond" fluidy romantic vibe while the rose-violet presence is silent and nostalgic in the middle of the angular muskiness. Extremely floral. Nothing disturbing (on the contrary the aroma is bright and graceful) but frankly I find it generic and untemperamental.
05th April, 2015
Inoffensive, but nothing special.

This is not as strongly divisive as some more famous perfumes, but even individuals can have a love/hate relationship with it. On one hand, it's good for all sorts of various situations, from office to evening (although you might want something less "ladylike" for a nightclub); on the other hand, it's ALWAYS there. Though there is little sillage, it lasts a while on clothes. Doesn't develop much, and there's not much depth here. Rather one-note. Traditional in the American sense: more T-shirt than tailored. The best recommendation for it is its versatility. The strongest vote against it is that, unless you really love it, you will get tired of it quickly. Definitely try this before you buy it!

Pros: Light, good for hot weather, all-purpose
Cons: Very divisive scent"

28th August, 2013
It has a strange MO. It starts out bright, floral and luscious in a fresh sort of way, but then rather than deepening into warmer, broader and more muted notes it thins out and sours. Remind you of anything?
30th December, 2012
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Too light. Not enough florals. Too similar to many things offered these days. But then again, it's from 1991, who's to expect ingenuity? A man could wear this without too much suspicion.
18th December, 2012
I first smelled this on my sister in law and loved it. It's a very nice floral with a hint of rose, but it doesn't last long at all. After about thirty minutes, I can hardly smell it. I wouldn't give it away, but I don't wear it often just because of that.
26th December, 2011
I bought this because I needed a floral. I've worn it 2 or 3 times now. I feel like I'm wearing a man's scent but I can't figure out which one. Sort of wish I hasn't bought this.

It reminds me of Elizabeth Arden Splendor, which came out the same year, only this just isn't as nice.

it's not bad. it's okay. It's just not real good.
24th June, 2011
Romance is a pleasant, clean-smelling fruity floral, yet it is a little too soapy for my liking.

It tends to have that generic shampoo type scent, which although refreshing and no doubt attractive to the opposite sex, I feel that it has been done and re-done in fragrances way too many times.

Do I feel that Romance is a romantic fragrance? No, not really. A romantic scent in my opinion is something that smells intense, passionate and warm. Romance is more likely to make one feel conservative and reserved.

While Ralph Lauren does tend to produce some lovely and incredibly popular fruity floral scents, I feel that they've played it safe with this one.

However, I must add that Romance has great sillage and lasting power. Had it been given another name and been promoted as a bright, refreshing and Spring-like scent, I may have liked this fragrance a little better. Unfortunately, Romance has left me disappointed and underwhelmed.

04th June, 2011
It's not bad. My two friends did not like it though. I sort of did. To describe it, I would say it's sort of manly.. almost like it should be a cologne but it still retains a hint of femininity. So I wouldn't get it, unless I was a manly female.. which I am not.

note: I only smelled this through a tester strip, I am not sure it matters but I feel like its important information :).
18th March, 2010
I just have to add my voice to the throng. On me, this smells like lotion. I mean that completely -- the way that a lotion has the undertones of the chemicals and stuff that are there to moisturize, the stuff that the fragrance is there to mask? So it smells like THAT. Not a perfume at all. It's not horrible, but it's not anything I'd spend money on. In fact, I think I'll trade away my sample.
19th December, 2009
My wife got this a few years ago and I don't like it at all compared to the mens in which I got around the same time. Ive tried some on today & the base reminds me of when I was a kid running around wal mart's pet department after school while my mom was working in toys. The lady that worked in pets must have worn something similar from that era (like 1987-88') reminds me of her. She was in her 50s then. I'll stay neutral on it since I enjoyed my time in the pet dept. lol.
03rd November, 2009
I agree that this is an ordinary sort of fragrance. This was another one that was given to me as a tester at its debut, when I worked in a mall, and all the girls tried it. On most, it came out as a nice, though slightly synthetic fragrance, and on me it was tolerably floral but faded quickly. On all, however, it was well-blended, which I admire.
One girl, however, started working with me a few weeks later, and I was surprised to hear that her lovely fragrance was none other than RL's Romance. It was soft, and feminine, alluring without being especially sexy. A ladlylike perfume, that wafted off of her, and I envied her ability to make it turn out so nicely.
24th September, 2009
It is a nice clean floral but it is an "oridinary" fragrance to me. Romance is a feminine fragrance but it is missing something...the notes stay the same and it is one demensional (at least on me). I wear it on occasion but it is not my first choice. It strong at first but doesn't last very long on my skin, about 20 minutes and then a very faint trail of the perfume remains. For me it's neutral because it's nice but nothing special.
07th January, 2009
This a fragrance I would wear sometimes, even if it is too generally too light and floral for me.

I got it as a hand me down from my mother (evidently, she didn't like it) and my uneducated opinion of it was that it was "okay." Light and nice smelling, but a little alcoholic.

I given it a few goes since then and my big problems with Romance are first the super floral start - there's WAY too much going on with the topnotes at the start and the fact that it never really seems to settle into anything more interesting than an enormous bouquet of flowers. I would like it to settle into something a little more sultry and earthy after a few hours with some floral and a hint of sweetness. Instead, it's just powdery.

Final vote is a "meh." A good "meh," but a "meh" nonetheless.
24th December, 2008
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United States
I used to get a lot of compliments when I wore this, and when other people starting wearing it, I stopped.

For me, this is just an okay fragrance, but I know a lot of other people who love it.
18th January, 2007
Tink Show all reviews
United States
I really don't like this fragrances. It's too floral for me. But it's my biggest seller. I wore it to see if i get feedback or if it would grow on me. Neithr happend, but it didnt make me want to take a bath either.
14th January, 2007
I smelled it several years ago on some friends or known people, retained the name but no the aroma, maybe wasn't something special at these time. This week I had the opportunity of smell it again on two colleagues at work, both of them using it in the same day.

In the younger colleague, the fragrance felt very nice, with a citric-like top note according with her sporty and girly style, plus several floral notes and a freesia hint (due to this note, I confused this fragrance with Lancome's Miracle). Strange, on the older colleague with a more classic dressing style it didn't fit well and felt like something out of place.

The fragrance seems to be more suitable for a younger range of age, like 20-35 years old women. Didn't felt special at office, maybe it should have a better result as a daytime fragrance. Although the name is "Romance", the constant citric note didn't felt well for a romantic use.
13th October, 2006
It's not pink, but the box is. This seems to be one of the first of the many "pink floral" fragrances that came out on the market around the same time.

It's a pleasant fragrance, light, a bit sweet, definitely very floral. Nothing really distinguishes it for me, though. "Nice but nothing special" is how I'd characterise this one.
19th March, 2006
I wore this fragrance during my last pregnancy. It was the only scent that didn't sicken me. I found it very fresh and lasting. I think the marigold and lychee gave it a nice tang and kept the top & heart notes from being overly sweet and flowery. About a month or so after my son was born, I put some Romance on and was totally repulsed. It was waaaaaaaay too overpowering and went completely acidic on my skin. Boy oh boy, chemistry is everything! I enjoyed it for about 7 months.
02nd March, 2006
Sweet, soft floral with no offensive or terribly interesting notes on me. It's probably my chemistry. I just didn't feel the 'Romance' in this one.
13th February, 2006
Bought a bottle of this based on a review elsewhere and gave it away shortly thereafter. An undistinguished fragrance: not awful, but lacking grace and loveliness. I should have known; his clothing designs bore me, too.
09th November, 2005