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A sophisticated monument of "electric" cologne with a dominant brightly citric/herbal/floral minty accord. Neroli, bergamot, basil and rose-jasmine-carnation provide a supremely classic-naïf cologney vibe while an anisic/licoricey/lemony presence discloses a touch of cool "latin" aromatic exoticism. The juice is freshly tart and sparkling, recalling several Guerlain Aqua Allegoria or 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser. Dry down is muskier with an amber/patchouli dominant presence (and quite refined on subtle florals). A classic timeless concept. Stunning bottle from a left back glorious past.
12th October, 2017
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we are told. Rochas' startlingly original "sour" lemon scent for men, Moustache, from 1949, was the first to my knowledge, to introduce this unusual take on a citrus cologne. The note was referred to as a bit of animalic to anchor the citrus blend.

In 1966 Dior copied the formula with its Eau Sauvage, but balanced it differently, relegating the sour notes to the background.

In 1970 Rochas took its old formula for Moustache, and probably encouraged by the success of Dior's copy, polished it off, made it subtler, and re-introduced it as a feminine, Eau de Rochas.

All this is fascinating to me, and all three of these are hits in my book. Since Eau de Rochas was originally intended for women, the sour or dirty note is not as pronounced as it was in Moustache. Still i is to my nose a very light version of that great masculine.

The citrus blend of bergamot, lime, lemon, verbena, grapefruit and mandarin never fades, supported as it is by the patchouli and amber. A great summer scent in whichever of the three you decide to invest.
20th October, 2015
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United Kingdom
There's something about this wonderful scent that makes me want to wear a floaty, diaphanous dress and sit by a pool sipping a cocktail. It perks me up and relaxes me at the same time with its beautiful blend of lime, grapefruit, lemon, carnation, coriander a smidgen of patchouli, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood.

I really can't imagine a more suitable concoction to spritz on when the heat is on and the days are long.
As it melds with my skin it becomes very sensuous and could easily be unisex in the way the Eau Sauvage became in the 70's.

French chic at its very best!
30th June, 2015
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Genre: Citrus

This is wonderful! A very bright, tart lemon-grapefruit accord with an anise or black licorice grace note makes for a brilliantly original take on the traditional eau de Cologne formula. The effect is short-lived, but great fun while it lasts, and the brisk, natural-smelling woods and patchouli drydown is a gratifying exit.
13th June, 2014
Can hardly stand the immense citrus blast of the opening in my vintage bottle.. but when it settles its a hit! Settles warm, but without any sweetness.Mineral freshness, as unisex as it gets to my nose.
24th November, 2012
I know for a *fact* this was released originally as the Rochas 'house' Eau. A shared fragrance, though this was advertised as discreetly as the shared nature of Dior Eau de Cologne Fraiche (upon which moder Eau Fraiche EdT is designed, though somewhat different in smell).

The only people I've ever smelled this on are my grandfather and some of my uncles. I love it. I tend to avoid the vast majority of feminine fragrances not because I don't have the balls or the gall to wear them, or because I follow/swall marketing lines/intentions/hype, but because I feel they were created specifically with women in mind, and that's great, we should have less gender-bending these days, what's wrong in being a man if you're a man, a woman if you're a woman? Free country, but a different story.

Eau de Rochas and l'Heure Bleue (but the latter ONLY in EdP form) are the only two so-called "feminines" I wear; both appeal to me for different and various reason. But Eau de Rochas is something that I can't imagine NOT appealing to something in us all.

Its fresh. Its clean. It has this "warm-cool-crystaline-powdery-crisp-fresh" dynamic going on. Its versatile, but best in the heat of summer. Its great. I *love* spritzing this (decanted from a big splash bottle) one after a hot wet shave. I keep it on the bathroom display cabinet alongside SMN Colonia Russa, Hoyt's Cologne, Eau du Coq, all great fragrances epitomising the 'cologne water' of each house (except of course Hoyt's--not a house, but still smells gorgeous in its own way!).

In summation: thumbs way up.
23rd September, 2012
This fragrance reminds me of something or someone, but i can't put my finger on exactly what or whom just yet. Maybe it was a friend's signature scent?

It is light and crisp, very citrus - the notes that jump out to me from the top notes are lemon, lime and verbena gradually i feel the presence of discreet woody notes; on my skin the flowers are completely mute.
16th August, 2010
Very very popular in Spain, almost all my friends had it. When is hot you really love this kind of fragrances, makes you feel fresh and clean and alive like no other. For what I read we all draw the triangle with O Lancome and Eau Sauvage. This is I agree better than the others. Maybe I dare to say not as good as Hermes Orange Verte that is more fresh and thin.

Well I am no expert in Fragrances all i know is that I buy it 20 years later still and love it like the first time and everytime I see it on a shop I get a bottle. Is just part of me I guess
28th November, 2009
This must have been the inspiration behind 1993's exceptional Eau De Rochas Homme though I wonder why it has taken 23 years. The citrus opening is fresh, and the use of basil extends that crispness longer than is usually the case with topnotes. The heart notes are mostly 'white flower accord acting as a blank canvass' to the star citrus and I don't get that much patchouli either. A softly sweet drydown of amber, sandalwood and oakmoss completes this portrait of summer. Overall I find this a competent classic chypre done in the 'eau' style of the 1970s...light, refreshing and definitely unisex.
13th November, 2009
A delightfully refreshing fragrance with an outstanding take on the citrus and basil accord. Similar in style and spirit to Eau Sauvage's version, Rochas is sharper and decidedly more potent. It feels quite contained, with a modest projection, but these become its strengths when it is worn in warmer temperatures. This may not evolve a great deal, but it relies on its lightness and simplicity to win through. All in all, this is a winning formula
21st September, 2009
Eau De Rochas is a beautiful summery scent. Initially, when I sprayed it on the first 2 times, I didn't like it as the patchouli was too strong. When I continue to use the scent once or twice a week, the patchouli doesn;'t come across so strongly anymore. I see the rich harmonising of the citrus with the patchouli. Eau De Rochas is richer than O' de Lancome which is another scent I wear. I start to like Eau de Rochas more than O'de Lancome. Also, Eau De Rochas is nicer than Eau Sauvage, another scent I wear. Eau Sauvage has a 'male' drydown - it is a masculine scent. I live in the tropics and I wear

Eau de Rochas at least once a week to work. It has great longevity and lasts more than 8 hours. Also, I managed to get it cheap at one of the stores I frequent...imagine 100 ml tester for only US$8. So, I have stocked up on this...such a great buy! :-))
11th September, 2009
One of the ultimate chypre "eau fraiche" of the '70s, together with Ö de Lancôme, Eau de Guerlain and Chanels Cristalle. Eau de Rochas is the most refreshing of the lot, with just a touch of patchouli.

Unisex 20 years before CKone.
08th September, 2009
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United States
I absolutely love this stuff! I splash it on right
after a shower while my skin is still slightly damp. It's perfect for summer.
The problem now is finding it in any large quantity.
I had the 14 ounce bottle but that is almost gone.
Where can I buy the Larger sizes?. Even the
3.4 ounce size seems to have vanished!
17th April, 2009
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Eau de Rochas has long been one of my favorite Eau de Colognes. It starts off with clean, green, citrusy notes and then becomes slightly more grounded in the middle and base with the very slight addition of patchouli whilst keeping the citrus notes dominant. Eau de Rochas is something I could envision wearing poolside at the Eden Roc Hotel in the South of France, should I ever have the opportunity! Also, in case the thought of patchouli alarms any “light” fragrance lovers, let me just say that I am generally not a fan of patchouli but it is what make Eau de Rochas unique and gives it that touch of pizzazz.
29th April, 2008
Perfect for summer! The first time I smelt this I was 15 and I remember thinking "it´s the best thing I have ever smelt",When I was older I bought it with my first salary , and soon, it became a favourite at home .My sister and my mum used to borrow it.It brings wonderful memories.
03rd April, 2008
Quite a beautiful opening – of course I’d say that about anything that opens with verbena. But it does set the character of the scent – light, clean, citrus, basil: You can’t get any more pristine than this opening. The verbena is gone almost immediately, unfortunately, but the citrus / basil lasts for a good long run before giving away to the floral middle. The heart notes are as light and clean as the opening, but they are not very apparent to my nose. The base is excellent, especially for an eau – it has a definite oakmoss and sandalwood, giving it the feeling of something with a little more presence than an eau. This is a wonderful scent. I don’t see anything especially feminine about it, and I believe that if it had been introduced in 1995 instead of 1970, it would have been labeled “unisex.” A wonderfully refreshing fragrance for hot and humid weather.
10th March, 2008
This is my favourite summer scent, perfect for hot and humid days. It's light but sophisticated.
30th July, 2006
I'm generally not a fan of scents with predominant citrus notes, but Eau de Rochas is a beautiful exception because of its complexity and balance. (Scenteur7 summed it up perfectly.) This is an exquisite fragrance, and a particularly sophisticated option for warm weather.
06th December, 2005
A crisp, green, Eau Savage/Imperiale/4711 type scent that is a delight to wear! Its longevity is not great on me, but it has freshness to it which I find appealing while it lasts. Give it a try if you like watery, green, fresh scents! :-)
06th December, 2005
This is a bright, magnificent citrus, but differs from most Eaux in the drydown of oakmoss and amber combined with earthy sandalwood, giving this an almost incense-like drydown.

Eau de Rochas opens with sweet and watery notes of bright and zingy (and very cooling for hot summer weather) mandarin and grapefruit, with a standout note of lime on my skin, but only for a moment before the slightly floral middle notes open and give way to a slightly powdery, slightly bitter middle - but absolutely in a good way. The rose and narcissus are not pronounced as flroal notes, but offer a soft mellow segue to the surprising warmer powdery notes of the amber, woods and oakmoss. A note about these basenotes: The top notes never completely disappear, and so this scent never really becomes a true amber scent. The amber is there in the base as an anchor, holding this scent together with a warm almost powdery drydown.

The scent has inappropriately garnered the misnomer of Eau de Rochas pour Femme, though when it was launched, it was simply Eau de Rochas. The launch of Eau de Rochas pour Homme (to be reviewed later this week) perhaps explain the change in driection of this original masterpeice. Don't deprive yourself from owning an enchanting masterpeice of 70's perfumery just because of the name or concept. If you are looking for bright fresh, not too sweet citrus with a twist for the summer heat, give Eau de Rochas a try!
10th September, 2005