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Neutral Reviews of Mystère by Rochas

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I have a little vintage mini, not sure of it's condition. On me, a very dry cooking-spice note dominates the top and hangs on into the heart. Coriander is listed; I would have guessed cumin. No other note makes it through the fog. I smell like a sink full of dishes at a noodle house.

Eventually, some florals worm their way into the mix and soften the cooking-spice a little bit, but by this time the scent as a whole is fading. Remains dry, and would make a decent masculine. I don't smell enough moss to identify this as a chypre.

Overall, not a favorite. I was surprised to see it compared to Magie Noire in "Perfumes: The Guide" as that is scent that sends me straight over the moon. Perhaps my sample has aged ungracefully or maybe coriander is just too difficult a note for me.
16th June, 2010
I was prepared to love this classic chypre, but after three tries I'm only guardedly positive. There are just so many other chypres out there I like more. The main drawback for me was nose fatigue - after five minutes I couldn't smell it anymore. I could detect the sillage wafting around from time to time, so I knew it was still there. While that meant others could still smell it, I like to be able to smell my own fragrance - it's part of the enjoyment for me.
On me it was a somewhat dry and non-sweet chypre, not at all objectionable, but I had a hard time wrapping my feelings around it, or feeling too much of anything, really. I have a mental ranking system that puts this in my category of "Would wear this if gifted with a bottle, but wouldn't buy it".
18th January, 2007