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If someone had told me I would LOVE a perfume with vanilla and roses, I would have laughed. But on me this is pure oriental and a dry one at that. I honestly don't smell the vanilla in the dry down at all. On me the dry down is a dry spicy scent, not sweet at all. I LOVE this perfume and I don't think you can easily get this much quality for this little money in many scents.
21st November, 2014
Genre: Floral Oriental

The intense candied citrus and floral notes that open Tocade are accompanied by some disturbing ethanol fumes, but these subside quickly to reveal a rich vanilla custard accord with sharp rosy accents. Tocade’s vanilla could easily have become cloying, but it is rescued by a vaguely medicinal bitter edge on its floral components. The overall effect winds up more soapy than foody, which is fine by me. If pressed, I’d guess that the bitterness stems from some galbanum in the mix, and that this, in concert with the rose and a clear, dry cedar in the base, creates the soapy accord that offsets all the vanilla.

Tocade remains relatively linear for some time once the vanilla-soap accord settles into place, though a sweet, fruity amber eventually gains some prominence in the base. The drydown is smooth cedar and vanilla, with just a hint of the tangy amber deep in the background. I think Tocade is a very pleasant scent – safe, easy to wear, and perky without ever being silly or trite.
05th July, 2014
Feminine and sultry

I LOVE Tocade. I get more compliments on this perfume than any other. I love the sultry side, which I would say has Amber notes and slight Woodsy tones.....and the softer side, which is mixed with Vanilla.....maybe a tiny bit of is just dynamite! It is so appealing too, as it dries down. PERFECT for me, as I love to be able to smell a perfume as I wear it, and the scent lingers just enough to remind me that I am WOMAN! I never get tired of Tocade. I just ordered another bottle to be sure I never run out!!

Pros: This perfume is soft, luscious, vanilla with amber.....LOVE IT. And the bottle is so pretty!
Cons: none

27th May, 2013
Tocade smells like turkish delight without being too sugary. The rose is lush and candied and the vanilla is deep and sensual. This fragrance is a classic, one that transcends its time. It doesn't smell like other 90s scents, nor does it smell like any of today's sugar-patchouli behemoths.
Luscious, delicious, sexy, and about $40 for 100ml. Proof there is a perfume god and that he loves us.
08th November, 2012
"Tocade" means 'whim;' the perfect name for this little dreamboat. Cartoonish yet satisfying big, big rose. A non-candy, deep and delicious vanilla. Powder that isn't baby or demure; more ... disco festive. If you don't like amped amber and vanilla or a classic rose and patchouli accord, skip this. I love rose/patch more than anything, and Tocade's take is easygoing. Created in 1994, Tocade is primary colors and madcap fun like Sassy Magazine, not the beige and black sophisticate 90s of Issey & co.

If you can find it, get the version with the gold design still on the box. It smells a lot better than the reformulation, whose box is entirely red. I do actually like the reformulation in spite of others saying it's terrible: more chemical than the older, yes, but don't sniff right at the skin and wait until ten minutes into drydown, and the chemical haze fades.

Heeding charges of "bugspray:" citronella is listed as an ingredient in the new Tocade (also in countless other reforms), and it is discernable but also strangely pleasant. Citronella is derived from lemongrass, and plenty find that a nice enough smell, but here the chemical called citronellol gives Tocade its distinctive geranium note. I wore Tocade all this summer while outside, and the one-two punch of the naturally insect-repellant patchouli and citronella banished mosquitos.

Often times perfumer Roucel's magnolia+freesia accord goes watery, but the vanilla, rose, and clean patchouli overdose of Tocade throw the usually dominant Roucel signature into a supporting role. This is a sillage beast, and you needn't spray more than once, especially if you're not into strong scents, but since Tocade is also vanilla-soft and very pleasing, I sometimes spray four+ times and nobody complains (in fact this one gets a lot of compliments, not that I wear perfume to please others, but it's a small mercy on others that this doesn't terrorize either).

Tocade is a classic oriental of very high quality available for super cheap. Bonus: there's a plasticky note in here that puts niche attempts at synthetic irony to shame by referencing non-perfumey smells but staying incredibly charming and wearable. If CDG did this one in a line called TOY or something, it'd be worn more by guys, too. But Tocade has more than enough fans as-is.
15th September, 2012
Scented-eraser rose and vanilla sugar cloaked in an odd, ozonic, rubbed vinyl kind of smell (probably an iris note). What hidden part of the reptilian brain this tickles, I don't know, but it often seems just right for evenings at home or on days when other perfumes seem a bit shrieky. What it lacks in refinement, it makes up in comfort and approachability. According to J-C Ellena, the first perfume to use Magnolia leaf eo, whatever that smells like.
29th June, 2012
Hats off to the oriental bottle design - attractive and seductive on its own.

The juice itself is very Shalimar/Jicky with a dry down that includes a subtle hint of rich dark chocolate.

Smoky, dark, with a subtle, almost undetectable sweetness - this is a fine dry oriental.
18th March, 2012
Well, once again I agree with Awsomeness, makes me heave just even thinking about it... nothing else to say.
11th March, 2012
Soon as I tested this one, I had to buy it, even though I had to go shorton money for the kind of fragrance, a sweet, warm vanillary. The kind of frags you either love or hate. Reminds me of a stronger, warmer Narcisse by Chloe
03rd March, 2012
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United Kingdom
Wierd on me. The notes this says it contains just do not appear on my skin. It's like a childs cough medicine at first, almost a hint of liquorice with fruit. Then like a new plastic doll, one of those with vanilla in the plastic. Then it just smells like a plastic bag for a while, then morphs into something like slightly unwashed cheesy feet. I think one of the oddest smells to call a perfume. I would like to smell this on someone else whom it suits. I didn't get a single waft of any flowers from this on me. Seriously strange.
03rd September, 2011
Maurice Roucel’s preposterously-bottled, deliciously-priced, Tocade is a floral-oriental gem. A rose-‘n’-vanilla scent, Tocade is sweet as a marshmallow and light as a bauble, with freesia and geranium up top, and a clever cedar base that sobers up the whole thing and delivers it from giggly prettiness. With a peculiar ‘plastic’ note woven between the rose and vanilla, Roucel also manages to pull off a witty reference to that contemporaneous (1994) icon, the Troll doll. Humour aside, Tocade is seriously good.
02nd August, 2011 (last edited: 29th September, 2011)
The first time I smelt Tocade was from the bottle, and let me tell you it was not a pleasant experience. My first impression was that it smelt strong and medicinal, not at all sweet or feminine. A friend of mine sent me a decant of Tocade a few months ago and it took me this long to be game enough to try it on the skin.

How glad I am that I gave this fragrance a chance. On the skin, Tocade becomes a warm and powdery vanilla, soft and delicate.

I find similarities between this fragrance, Hypnotic Poison by Dior and L'eau par Kenzo eau Indigo, which I love.

Tocade's baby-powdery softness is surprisingly light and clean on the skin. The loud, outrageous bottle design and the dark, richness of the liquid seemed to suggest otherwise. The word pretty actually comes to mind as I smell this wonderous fragrance.

It's difficult to pinpoint any particular notes in Tocade, they all seem to blend together quite well. Obviously the vanilla is the most dominant note, however I guess there are subtle hints of the white florals and patchouli every now and then.

The drydown is lovely; musky woods and creamy vanilla. The sillage is actually very intimate so this is not a fragrance sure to offend anyone. On that point however, I do wish that the scent was that little bit stronger. I wanted to share the scent with the people around me.

05th July, 2011
I am thinking Tocade for June. June makes me think of weddings. Weddings make me think of roses. Roses make me think of Tocade! Although Nahema is more grand of a rose perfume. Tocade is a friendly rose scent with a cozy vanilla drydown. Luca Turin said the vanilla in Tocade reminded him of a butter cookie, and darn if he's not exactly on the button!
29th April, 2011
I get A LOT of Jasmin and LOV. This lasts Forever, and I mean FOREVER! I hope you planning on wearing this for two days. Like if you want to go on a camping trip and can't shower over night this will last you for two days! I put it on at 2 and worked till 9 and I could smell it as strong as if I had just put it on at nine. Too bad I dont like it.

The cool sharp powderyness of it reminds me of Gucci Rush or Guerlain My Insolence without the sweetness. This does not smell dated to me AT ALL!
08th April, 2011
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United States
Candied citrus peel with geranium green edges
Cedar whispers
Plastic dolls
Magnolia creamsicle
Outdoor vendor roasting sugar coated nuts- wafting smokey vanilla
Powder, waxy rose
Pillowy musk
Proffered innocence

I feel so jaded smelling this perfume, like sniggering at Snow White.

20th March, 2011
(Review Edt)

Rose and vanilla are the two main notes, and i feel Tocade smell like a Rose version of Chopard Casmir. It's a boozy liqueur-like rose, and I get a lot of amber in it.

Maybe some people don't pick up on the plastic smell, but on me, this didn't work. Not unique, not pleasant, certainly not worth buying.
26th January, 2011
Tocade it may look simple but it's a complex perfume
to describe it does have an powdery opening mainly due
to the Freesia note, Tocade is sort of a dead ringer to
Chloe's Eau de Parfume with it's spicy freesia opening
but it's less soapier and more of an sweet gourmand
drydown there's a greenish opening which i'm not a
fan of green notes but i love the spicy Geranium scent
adds to the fiery flavor The florals in the middle section is hard to detect drowned out from the dominate
notes of Freesia Amber and Vanilla but if you smell it
a lot closer you can just find a little bit of Rose and
Magnolias, The drying is the dominate part of the fragrance it starts with Amber just an overbearing
sweetness might put you off a bit musk serves the basis nice as if a passive partner strangely enough
i notice a sweet scent of Praline a foody drydown?
is it just me or the perfume because i notice it
but anyway ends with powdery Vanilla.

These are one of the scents that are in the abyss
of deciding is this just a commoner trying to be an sophisticated aristocrat trying to please the masses
or the buyer it's fancy Flacon design tries to impress
but to me it fails the test.
05th January, 2011
Rose and vanilla together. A classic combo. So how on earth does it come to smell like sweet newspaper and acetone? And who would have thought that would be comfort food for the nose? I adore this.
29th November, 2010
This was a gift from the wonderful Doctor Mod.

Tocade is a very refined and classy fragrance which has good sillage and excellent staying power.

It may probably be the most powdery fragrance i have tried.

This powdery characteristic is to be distinguished from the " powdery soapiness" that is so common today, instead tocade smells like a powdered, musky rose and fruits.

Interestingly, from the notes it does not seem like a fruity perfume at all but the fruits are certainly there, infact they are very prominent.

But Please do note that this is by no means a fruity tutty light weight, this is a gem that i appreciate more every time i wear.
16th August, 2010
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United Kingdom
Pleasent sweet fragrance with a touch of fruit. Was expecting something more complex after reading Luca Turins review. I had been searching for this for ages and it was a real disapointment. Ah well, my mum is going to have one helluva Christmas! I think my record gift to her was 13 fragrances. She is nearly as mad on fragrances as me!
22nd July, 2010
I am afraid hat Tocade is one of the worst smells I ever had to endure, a wholly artificial, a plasticy, industrial waste smell (can't call it scent as it just makes me wither away)
And very unfair, but I never even tried it on my skin. I can't: open a bottle and it will send me running!

Frankly I am amazed so many people like it so much. I wanted to be fair in my review and tried to get a sample but the shop didn't have it on their shelves anymore.
I am sorry for the people who love it, but a great relief for me, never having to smell it again!
21st June, 2010

This is a very pretty fragrance. The combination of florals and greens in the opening is quite charming and there’s a little bit of dissonance that adds an awful lot of interest to the accord. I think it’s the green note that creates the dissonance and if it were stronger, I would find it off-putting, but it stays within acceptable range. The floral heart is soft and replete with balance and femininity – very nicely done. Soft, ambery sweet drydown with a noticeable musk – I don’t smell the cedar, but its character is present. Good sillage and longevity.

Tocade is a pleasant fragrance with excellent performance characteristics and a noticeable degree of depth. Very nice.

05th April, 2010
I picked up a bottle of Tocade at Marshall's for $11.99 and thought, "What a steal!" Unfortunately for me, as VintageVogue mentioned, it is incredibly strong on me, shrieking of orange-scented window cleaner. People wither under the sillage and I just cannot seem to scrub it off. Although the vanilla note is seductive with amber undertones, and bergamot eventually apears, on me it is simply obnoxious and a slap in the face.
02nd March, 2010
Beautiful - more than beautiful - beyond beautiful.

Rich floral vanilla - a perfume to wrap yourself in when the world's not being kind.
24th January, 2010 (last edited: 26th February, 2010)
This has been on my "to try" list for some time. I found this fragrance at TJ Maxx for under $15, so my "to try" turned into "to buy". What a beauty! This is the first fruity floral that I can embrace. It starts out with a blast of bergamot which quickly fades to a citrus vanilla rose. The cedarwood bottom notes make this yummy concoction work well for women of all ages. In fact, it worked so well for me (an anti floral, anti gourmand consumer) that I went back to TJ's the next day to buy another bottle. Grab some while they last...I suspect that the selloff at TJ's means that this fragrance joins the ranks of the "endangered species". PS I just "scored" some pure parfum which gets right to the point. This is a warm, good-natured rose who is at home at the ball or the ballgame. I love this stuff...
07th November, 2009 (last edited: 20th January, 2010)
This scent reminds me of the twin to Chloe Narcisse but with it's own kick! Very sweet. Lingers all day.
29th October, 2009
I find this fragrance smell a lot like Cabotine.
It's very rich and sweet, the sweetness of candied pedals. But anyway, can not wear it, I'd smell like a mid-age woman if I do.
06th October, 2009
Oh YIKES. This HURTS. Yes, it's vanilla and rose. That's it. But imagine the most searingly powerful of both, melded to create the most eye poppingly strong Turkish Delight accord. Luca Turin may be right about all the qualities of this perfume, and I'm glad it exists as concept and even (holding my heart) in fact, but please don't EVER make me wear it or wear it near me! Cute bottle.
17th August, 2009 (last edited: 06th October, 2009)
The only "rose" I get here is a watery, acetone-like note at the top. It fades in and out for a while, but dries down pretty quickly into a greasy, smoky vanilla that to me is a dead ringer for Vanilla Fields. VF came out a year earlier and was my first perfume, in 9th grade. I loved it, but outgrew it within a year. The blast of nostalgia from Tocade was fun, but I'd never wear this because, well, that was a long time ago and my tastes have changed.
05th August, 2009 (last edited: 17th August, 2009)
A bury-you-face-in whoever is wearing this frag.....mmm!!! voluptuous oriental vanilla that dries down to a sexy sugar powder. i had smelled this years ago and admit put off by it. there is a uniqueness to this juice. i hate the taste but LOVE the smell of jordan almonds and tocade reminds me of this only amplified. I agreed with the comparison to budoir but to me this is much more hanae mori without the strawberry. BTW the price of this can't be beat, I find a 3.4 oz bottle for about 25$ at discount retail chains. longevity and sillage are both a 5/5.
16th May, 2009