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Negative Reviews of Tocade by Rochas

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Well, once again I agree with Awsomeness, makes me heave just even thinking about it... nothing else to say.
11th March, 2012
mumsy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Wierd on me. The notes this says it contains just do not appear on my skin. It's like a childs cough medicine at first, almost a hint of liquorice with fruit. Then like a new plastic doll, one of those with vanilla in the plastic. Then it just smells like a plastic bag for a while, then morphs into something like slightly unwashed cheesy feet. I think one of the oddest smells to call a perfume. I would like to smell this on someone else whom it suits. I didn't get a single waft of any flowers from this on me. Seriously strange.
03rd September, 2011
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Rose and vanilla are the two main notes, and i feel Tocade smell like a Rose version of Chopard Casmir. It's a boozy liqueur-like rose, and I get a lot of amber in it.

Maybe some people don't pick up on the plastic smell, but on me, this didn't work. Not unique, not pleasant, certainly not worth buying.
26th January, 2011
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I am afraid hat Tocade is one of the worst smells I ever had to endure, a wholly artificial, a plasticy, industrial waste smell (can't call it scent as it just makes me wither away)
And very unfair, but I never even tried it on my skin. I can't: open a bottle and it will send me running!

Frankly I am amazed so many people like it so much. I wanted to be fair in my review and tried to get a sample but the shop didn't have it on their shelves anymore.
I am sorry for the people who love it, but a great relief for me, never having to smell it again!
21st June, 2010
I picked up a bottle of Tocade at Marshall's for $11.99 and thought, "What a steal!" Unfortunately for me, as VintageVogue mentioned, it is incredibly strong on me, shrieking of orange-scented window cleaner. People wither under the sillage and I just cannot seem to scrub it off. Although the vanilla note is seductive with amber undertones, and bergamot eventually apears, on me it is simply obnoxious and a slap in the face.
02nd March, 2010
Oh YIKES. This HURTS. Yes, it's vanilla and rose. That's it. But imagine the most searingly powerful of both, melded to create the most eye poppingly strong Turkish Delight accord. Luca Turin may be right about all the qualities of this perfume, and I'm glad it exists as concept and even (holding my heart) in fact, but please don't EVER make me wear it or wear it near me! Cute bottle.
17th August, 2009 (last edited: 06th October, 2009)
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United States
I'm missing something, because Tocade smells like old Prell shampoo on me. I thought I'd never get it scrubbed off my skin.
02nd July, 2008
Luca Turin gives Tocade a “heart” in his perfume guide, but oh, my, I can’t tolerate this one at all. On my skin it smells like something you might clean your floors with. An orange-scented floor cleaner with an extra helping of ammonia because you need to scrub those scuff marks your son's shoes left on the linoleum. And the bad thing is is that Tocade just doesn’t fade on my skin. After hours of wearing it, it’s still hanging in there, as strong and obnoxious as ever. I will say that the bottle is nice and cute. I know Tocade has its devotees, and that’s the way it should be. If we all liked the same things, the fragrance buffet would be awfully small, and what fun is that.
06th August, 2005