Positive Reviews of Absolu by Rochas

Genre: Oriental

Absolu smells initially of vanilla, powdery sweet amber, and a lush orange note, which blend into a soft, pretty accord that has precedents in scents as far-removed as Kenzo’s Ça Sent Beau and Piguet’s Baghari. The foundation supporting this luminous vanilla-citrus accord is neither the dark chypre of Baghari nor the peculiar musk bouquet of Ça Sent Beau, but rather something akin to the classic oriental structure of Guerlain’s Shalimar and Habit Rouge, or even Nicolaï’s New York.

The orange, amber, and vanilla persist, but as Absolu develops discreet sweet spices, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and a touch of orange blossom add depth and substance to the composition. Absolu eschews the smoke and civet that darken the vanilla-citrus motif in Shalimar and shuns the leather that distinguishes its brother Habit Rouge, instead establishing simpler, sunnier mood. I also smell some parallels with Fendi’s fruity floral oriental Palazzo, which arrived a few years after Absolu, but Palazzo is a less spicy, more conspicuously floral composition.

Absolu’s drydown depends largely on its sweet, benzoin-rich amber and vanilla, warmed and enlivened by a seductive, yet never lewd, animalic musk. Absolu is potent and projects some distance from its wearer for several hours before gradually fading into a musky, ambery skin scent. While I can’t say it’s terribly original, Absolu is certainly a well-executed example of a popular style, and would make a fine everyday scent on those occasions where heavier orientals like Shalimar, Coco, or Arabie feel like a little bit too much.
08th June, 2014
Absolu is not really a mirror to its name, but it is a special fragrance that, thank Goodness, walks boldly away from all the over-sweet orientals available now. Instead, this is like rich dark, addictive molasses. It has a bit of sweetness to it, enough to make it warm, feminine, dark, smoky, intense, without being an obviously available (read easy to encounter on others) scent. The rich resinous smell is addictive for me - I love the smell as it says 'I'm not easy to find, I'm not everywhere, I'm not common'. I love to wear it, and seemingly so so the others around me. I bought it expecting something else, the classical vanilla--excessively sweet-drowned oriental fragrance, but am I glad it was not that - it is a tiny bit resinous and bitterish, but this is what makes it stand apart. I do like Kenzo-Jungle Elephant, D&G-The One, Dior-Dune, Chanel-Allure (to mention a few I thought this resembled according to reviews), but I far more love Absolu for its darkness, richness and distinctiveness. I am glad I have it, I enjoy it and I shall but it again and again.
14th August, 2011 (last edited: 21st August, 2011)
Beautiful unisex scent with amber, spices and vanilla notes...comforting and long lasting...

Big thumbs up...!
07th March, 2011
A very nice oriental ambery scent, not really flowery for me. Absolu is rich but not cloying. Amber and myrrh plasy in the base that lasts for hours and hours. I think it's also quite unisex. A quality fragrance ideal for special nights. A big thumb up!
01st January, 2011
I find this a very comfortable amber scent. It is rich and warm and makes me feel good but it's not complicated. It doesn't develop much or go anywhere particularly interesting - it just hangs around being comforting and lovely and some days that's all you need. Perfect for a cold grey day - or any time when you need an olfactory cuddle.
17th May, 2010
I don't find this flowery at all. I find it almost gourmand. It isn't for the aquatic lover. It's heavy & dark but I wouldn't toss it in the ''older woman" pile. I picture this on a beautiful young Spanish woman wearing next to nothing and red lipstick. It's that type of woman that will get away with wearing Absolu on any night. I say night because the daylight is too harsh. It will only carry its mystique at night. It's quite bold at first, but after a few hours its edges soften to a lovely warm, sexy, welcoming aura.
25th November, 2008
When I put this on it instantly reminded me of another perfume; Jean Paul Clasique.

I don't find it too flowery at all.
It says it has orange flower and spices.
I like it and will consider buying a bottle; it is easily found online at very low cost.
29th April, 2007