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United Kingdom
A nice traditional lavender

From a vintage EdT sample:

The lavender in the opening is beautiful and balanced; really nice. A touch of orange is also present. After about thirty minutes it changes quite dramatically to a mildly spicy wood/musk scent, but interestingly after another half hour the lavender re-emerges in a deeper and slightly darker form that lasts until the end, fading out over time and close to my skin at the end. Silage and projection are adequate, longevity acceptable - over three hours.

14th July, 2013
I agree with awesomeness...this is all man, and not really feminine, but it can be unisex. I scored 2 bottles of the 6.8ox on eBay and I have been in love since. My first impression of it was terrible: thick dusty, sneezy. But I have come to love it. It really needs time and the right atmosphere to rock it. I layer it a lot...almost daily. It has successfully pulled me head on into the Eau De Cologne craze. Definitely worth a try, if you have time to allow it to be what it is: a fantastic EdC that doesn't start out that way.
12th August, 2011
A very nice fragrance from Roger et Gallet. Be sure and use the EDC (spectacular!) and not the EDT (too heavy!) which is what I suspect some of the folks with negative comments here may have tried. Unlike the sweet compound lavender of L'Occitane that adds marigold and peach making it impossible for a man to wear this is essential lavender at its best. Raw, light and bracing. No, it doesn't last forever but R&G eau de colognes aren't supposed to send people running from the room. If you like a basic lavender cologne, this one is hot!
25th January, 2009 (last edited: 26th June, 2009)
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